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We have out uh, gabaman and jeremina. The other players dominic calverlow in his back and also alan, is back great to have those two, particularly in the squad and for alan it’s been a long time. So how much are you looking forward to having him return? Oh, i think for the fact that we have a lot of game in this period, it’s important to have all the squad aware uh available uh. We are close to have all the players feed, so this is important. We can rotate a little bit and uh keep the the squad. Uh more more fresh alan allan was out for two months to have him back is really important for us. Above all, in this period, is everybody happy at the moment there is a story doing the rounds that james rodriguez, maybe is a little bit homesick and he’s. Considering returning i mean, how does he seem to you? Oh he’s, okay, he has no problem. I talk to him every day, he’s happy here, confident motivated. He had a little problem in in the last few games with this calf, but now he’s in a good condition. He really feels good here, because everyone take care of him and that’s it. If i don’t know if he complains about the weather but the weather, we know that is not the best weather ever, but there are a lot of things good in this area. As far as this game is concerned, there will be a lot of interest in the goalkeepers.

In particular, jordan pickford has come back and he still seems to get some criticism and alison has made a few mistakes recently. Do you think it’s difficult? Do you think it’s unfair, sometimes that the criticism that goalkeepers sometimes get when they do make mistakes? I think that the criticism is part of our job, and so alison knows this. Pickford knows this. Everyone knows this when you guys mistakes and who doesn’t do mistakes? No one – and so you have to accept sometimes but you don’t, have to put in discussion the quality of alizon and the quality of pickford and as far as jordan’s mentality is concerned. Obviously people will remember the collision with van dijk in the game earlier in this season. Do you worry at all that that’s, something like that might be in the back of his mind, i don’t think so i don’t think so. He is focused to prepare the game. Of course he was not happy when this injured happened, but i think that now he is focused on the game and only on the game. Thank you for now keller. Thank you mark scott from premier league productions. Please hi, carlo um. It was a tough game for you against manchester city, but can it be helpful to face such good opposition when you’re going to come up against another side of such high quality at the weekend? Oh yes, of course, it was a really difficult game against city.

It will be a difficult game against against liverpool. It will be a different game. I think because every team has his own quality his own characteristic and it will be different. But what doesn’t change is the difficulties of the game that we know. But the motivation is really high because we want to compete against our neighbors neighbors here and is a derby and it is a special game. Much has been made of liverpool struggles in defending the title, having won so many championships yourself as a manager, you must know how difficult it is to go again and defend the title, especially when they’ve been hit by injuries to key players yeah. This is true. It’S really difficult, but because i think it was more difficult for liverpool because they lost a lot of player in the same position. They lost a lot of central defender and they not always. You are able to um to cover the problem that you had all all that um all in one time in that position. So i think that that was the problem that liverpool had in in this period, but they are still, they are still there because they did really well against leipzig. In the champions league. They won important games in this period. They are up and down like all the team apart from manchester city in this season, yeah just finally, for me i was going to say the leipzig game. It looked like liverpool were maybe a bit more like their old selves in in that game in midweek.

Yes, of course, i said they have more confidence, they had a good result in champions league. They are close to move on, to move forward and and if he’s there before us is there be also for them. So the motivation on the pitch will be high for both teams. My cues from radio merseyside, please hi, carlo hi, uh messy side derbies, as you know, fiercely passionate occasions. But what can you do to try and ensure that the players stay within the boundaries and aren’t? Overly aggressive because it’s it’s tough enough playing liverpool with 11 players, let alone 10. yeah. It is important to be focused on what we are going to do on the on the game on the the it’s important to be focused on the strategy of the game. To be brave and to be confident and after that, and to try and two things to play football, because at the end we are going to play football and liverpool will will do the same. You’Ve, matched that well with liverpool. On the last two occasions that you’ve played them and they’ve been, you know one of the two best teams in the country over the last sort of two or three seasons. How have you been able to do that and what’s it going to take to get to those sort of levels again for this weekend? Well, we have, i think, to play against liverpool. You have to compete on the intensity level that they are used to use in the games, and you have to try to find the um solution in front, because you cannot, you can only you cannot only defend against them.

You have to try to propose something and we are going to try to perform something tomorrow, because you you haven’t, had anybody like alan with that profile since he’s been injured? Can his return be the key to to you playing it with with a bit more of a progressive style on a regular basis and allowing the other midfielders to advance further up the pitch can add more intensity, more concentration defensively. But i have to say that tom davis that replaced him most of the time he did really well in this situation and so happy to have a land back, but because i think that the consistency of the team is going to improve james savandra from talk sport. Please hello, it’s, obviously great news to have alan and dominic cowbell backfit. Are they in a position where they’re ready to start the match tomorrow? If required, all the player available can start the game, because if players cannot start the game, we will not be available. How destructive have the injuries been this season in terms of developing this squad and getting something close to your best 11.? How disruptive have the injuries been this season? Yeah, in terms of you guessing, i think you have to manage the injuries because uh above all this season, when you didn’t, have a proper precision you had and all the teams had more injury. You know you have to manage this kind of things and, of course, you you, you would like to have all the players available, but this is not impossible.

I think that the progress of the team, also with the injury in my opinion, was good. How big a moment would it be for everton to beat liverpool tomorrow? Is this the best chance you’ve had since you’ve been the everton manager every derby, every game you play against liverpool for everton? You want to win, of course, it’s a long time that um everton was not able to win there be and can be the right time tomorrow. Uh could be the the the right time depends on what we are able to do on the piece tomorrow. Only this jim van wyk, please hi, carlo hi um, has anfield lost its fear factor this season, with the results unexpected that you’ve seen, but for sure they lost the supporter of their fans. In this sense, anfield was was one of the most difficult stadium to play against, and the fact that the supporters are not, there can be an advantage for the way teams is all the same. What happened to us all the same? What happened to others team in this particular season, where you don’t you you don’t, can you you cannot have the support of your fan. Do we make too much of the history that everton haven’t beaten liverpool at anfield? For so long? Does that add unnecessary pressure onto this fixture? No, for this we don’t have uh pressure, because at the worst can happen, won’t happen a lot of time in the past.

I think that we are better compared the past, and so i think we can have more opportunity to get a result. I would like to ask you a little bit more details about the german in urian. How long is going to be out, because, obviously in south america, there is a lot of interest because of the world of qualifying? I have the problem on this. Coffee will be out for three at least three or four weeks, three or four weeks. Okay and my second question it’s about how you took him out in the last game because of tactical reasons – and it was practical reason why why you, starting with him in the band because he had the knock, he had the knock and he was not fit. 100 percent, okay and for tomorrow, he’s 100, no it’s, not 100, but it’s. 99.

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