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They are going to train today, pick for the yesterday trained and it was okay. We check again today and if he’s available he’s going to play and what of alain as well is he in contention al aslani is in conception. His feet is good. He had the control on monday and the control was okay so available to play and on dominic calvin. How long do you see him being unavailable? I think he is a matter of days and we hope that it will be available on saturday. Well, that’s good news for sure um well now, you’ve had time to look back at that fulham game. Is it one that you look back on with disappointment or frustration, or is it the case that this team has exceeded expectations to an extent that we in the media perhaps look at games like fulham and expect you to win? So, as i said, a lot of times unpredictable season that the game that seems uh easier than than others, it became more and more difficult. We had experience against newcastle. We had experience against fulham it’s this kind of season. We are not the only team that lost a tomb um, this kind of games, united lost liverpool lost, and so the only thing that didn’t lose. This kind of game was manchester city. This is the game that we are going to play tomorrow. Of course, we are frustrated, we are disappointed. We we lost opportunity to climb the table with this game and we have to find another solution to to try to have to to get points we don’t have.

I have to say we don’t have a lot of chance against man city, but we have chance. I don’t know how many charges we have to to fight and to try to win, but we have chance because usually this kind of way, we did well really well, and so i i have confidence. Of course. Yesterday was not a good day because we were disappointed through frustrated. Today is the date of the confidence of of the belief, and i believe that we can. We can play completely diff different game. I have to say also that we didn’t have yeah go ahead, go when you talk about trying to find a solution. How difficult is that against a team like manchester city who are on this unbelievable run at the moment and seems to be, as you say, that, step above we have to find a solution, try to prepare the right strategy to to play against them. Of course we have to defend. This is absolutely normal. We have to use our chance our quality, to play an efficient football. I think that we have to play. I don’t know, so i know that we have to play with efficiency when we have the ball. Most of the time city are going to have the ball, but sometimes i think that we have to use quality when the the time that we have the ball final question from me. If i can, carlo, in your opinion, what what, if manchester city and pep guardiola doing differently over this run of 16 games, because they’ve played without strikers, they’ve won the game kevin de bruyne, their best player has been injured.

They still win the game, so what’s changed. Well, i think that uh, the the results coming from the quality of the player from the organization of the team, for the fact that guardiola is working on with this team for a long time, and so they have a lot of confidence. In this moment they have a real, clear idea of football, and so it’s, not only one things, there are a lot of things all together. That means that is really is. It is really top team. Is that the first candidate for to win for sure? Thank you. Steven from premier league productions, please, carlo just wanted to go back to dominic albert lewin. Briefly, how important is he to the way that you play and how difficult will it be for you to play your preferred way without him against a team as strong as manchester city? Okay, carver lewis is really important because give us the opportunity to play in different way, because we can play long ball without him. We lose some opportunities to play, but i have to say that we played really well again without him. Also, we played very well against walls when we were without richarlison, when we were without calvert lewin and so i’m, not worried for the player that are not going to play. I have to be worried for the player that are going to play tomorrow. I know you’ve spoken about your excellent home form in the past this season, carlo.

How concerned are you about about the home form and the impact it might have on your ability to finish in the top six? Now, of course, we have to improve. We have to prove we are still in a good position on the table, not because what we did at home, because at home was not good enough. We lost a lot of game at home, but the deposition on the table. We deserve this position because what we did away away with it really really uh well, but the best game that we played the tone were against top team, like arsenal like uh chelsea, where we won and where we were really focused. I hope i will be the same and the fact that tomorrow now play the two most recent champions in successive games, liverpool and manchester city. How good a guide might this be for you as to where your team are and what you can go on to achieve? If you can get good results against such strong opposition, well, we have to try to do our best in this two kind of game. We have to try to compete with them against these top teams. We competed really well in the past in the past game against the united, we competed against tottenham in the cup, and so our goal is to compete and after that the season is so long, and so we have still possibility to be to reach our target. No, no doubt uh for this also, but i have confidence.

These two games are going well for us. Okay, if we go to ian abrahams, please how are you i’m fine. Thank you good um. I spoke the other day to michael arteta and arsenal you and he took charge at arsenal and everton. I think that’s exactly the same weekend. Just over a a year ago, um. He says it is still taking time to change arsenal and move also into what he wants. Can i ask you if it’s the same everything with you if the pace of change has been as quick as you would have liked, or how you expect it? I i think that we are in the in the right way. If i have to say, i think that in one year the the squad improve, we have more stability, we have more uh knowledge and, of course we have to we have to improve. We are not at the the same level of the top team, but we are in the right way to work on this. How long it takes i don’t know, but the in one year the work that was done was good. I think in every aspect, because we signed a good player, we signed a good player uh in summer that they perform and they are performing in this period and and step by step. This team is going to improve again you’ve got your old club. Chelsea you’ve got liverpool, you’ve got city twice in the next month.

How much will that determine your ambitions, carlo for the season, those four games, but i think that are not the games against the city that are going to decide our ambition. Our ambition is still the same to reach europe at the end of the season and it doesn’t matter what happened against city? That is easier to think that we are going to lose against city, but in football uh you never, you never know. We have confidence to do well, but also we lose. Our target is not going to change that. We have time to reach the target in the next month and finally, a question: you’ve probably been asked a million times. Football fans and journalists always like to ask these. Where, in terms of premier league history and you’ve been successful in the premier league, which is why i’m asking you where, in terms of premier league history, would you rank pep guardiola? Do you think he’s one of the top coach we’ve had, or would you put him just below to alex ferguson? What would where would you put him it’s really difficult to compare? I can i can’t judge the work that guardiola is doing. I can judge the work that the guardiola did. I can i can judge his style of play, how we manage the teams, i think, for what he did. What for what he’s doing it can be considered one of the best manage in the world. This is no doubt uh.

No doubt for this. I have a lot of respect of what he’s able to do with his team, what he did in man city, what he did in bayern, what he did in barcelona, so he doesn’t have to Music. I think he reached the top without doubt my q’s radio merseyside hi there, carlo hi um. He hinted at it before everton had seemed to do better against the better teams this season. Do you think that possibly the burden of expectation when you’re coming up against the perceived lesser teams is something that weighs heavy on the shoulders of the players? Because you know the matches where you could have made progress and gone into the top four or moved higher at the table, it just hasn’t happened for you not just with the result, but with the performance as well. I think it depends it depends. I think that this kind of may uh are the signal that we have to improve for sure on the mental aspect. First of all, so, but every game has his own story. If against, when newcastle, we said that we were. Our mental aspect was not good uh to judge the game against fool, and there was also the feeling the the the physical aspect that affected us. But all this kind of thing means that for sure we have to improve and we have to work hard to improve – and we know in this season more than any other that there’s a a necessity to rotate the squad but defensively that solidity.

That you’ve had appears to have gone missing recently. Do you think you have to balance the rotation of the squad uh with looking for more defensive stability again because um the goals are beginning to go in with a bit too much regularity? But i i think that that the consistency that they had uh that we had in uh before i think it was determined by the the strategy of the game. When we, when we have to defend when we think that uh and and and we are and when we are forced to to defend, we, we did well when we decided to to to play an open game, it was more difficult to to have balance. This was the reason because in the last game of true, we considered goal, but we wanted to play open games against united against uh against tottenham and against fulham. We wanted to play an open game and we had problem defensively it’s, true that apart fulham, we scored eight goals against tottenham and against united and so tomorrow. I think that most of the part you have to defend this is for sure, and i think that there we can have more consistency, louie resterapo, please hello, carlo hello, hi hi. How are you fine uh? We we have seen jamie rodriguez going out from the field with knocks in the last games and with problems i mean because of fouls and stuff. Do you think the referees are not protecting him enough or the rivals are targeting him to knock him in the game? In order to take him out from the game, no, i don’t think so.

I don’t i don’t think so is the intensity of the game and the intensity of the premier league. There are a lot of contact, unfortunately suffered contact against fulham, but i think it was nothing wrong. It was a normal contact and uh is available to play tomorrow. Well, what he can do then, to to try to avoid this kind of of knowledge, because he had what we jojo shelby went with fred, and now we pulled him and he always end up the game. I mean like suffering. He has to improve in some way or what he has to do. He has nothing to do. I don’t know to avoid the white contact is impossible in football. So if you want to avoid contact, you don’t have to play football, but this is not the case. There – and so he has nothing to do – he has just to accept this. It was unfortunate because he had the knock in two games, but uh how many players had done f. Denorque is absolutely normal. We cannot change the rules of the game. We can take one more question in the open section. So if you want to ask a question, if you can put your hand up now, please simon peach, hi, carlo hi hi um josh king’s we’ve, only seen from the bench a bit so far. Obviously, he was a late arrival in the window. What what are you expecting from him from now until the end of the season and is his fitness levels up as high as you’d like them? No, his fitness level is okay.

No, no, no, no problem, also because he trained uh when he was in bourbon it rained normally and properly was out only for a few weeks. His physical condition is good. He has to adapt to the to the team to the to the to the knowledge of the team. Tactically but honestly, i am happy for what he’s doing because he’s working hard and he played all the games, not not from the in the first 11, but he gave us all uh um his quality, als all his belief and for sure he’s going to start uh In the future, he’s a is a player that can play with us without problem for the quality that there’s that he has for the physicality that he has. Okay, thanks, very much that’s the end of the open section.

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