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Should the chance come his or her way and field is the menu i’m derek ray and joining me in the commentary position is the former england defender lee dixon and it’s. All about action from the premier league, in this case it is liverpool facing everton – cheers derek yes excited about this one interesting match up for me. We should get a good game here, hopefully an easy one to cut out really, and this is how liverpool start the game alisson begins in goal. Andrew robertson starts with trent alexander arnold in the pullback positions. Sadio mane starts with mohamed salah out wide, and the idea is to have just the one striker up there trying to pose problems for the opposition. Applause, excellent assessment of the situation at the back and here’s. How everton line up jordan pickford begins in goal alain starts. Alongside abdullah dukury in central midfield, and they line up with just the one striker looking to do a bit of damage Applause. Well, whatever way you slice it lee mo salah is a man. You just cannot take your eyes off well pace, just look how fast he runs absolute nightmare for defenders to defend against when the player has that weapon and the cross is very much on nabby cater. Now the attack fizzled out effective pressure to regain possession thiago. Now what’s he going to do from this position and back with framino excellent, defending that’s, a lovely ball and the right place to cut out the pass Applause navigator, not but especially strong challenge, filmmino.

Well, the threat was very real marvelous defending Applause and that shot from seemingly miles out close well, he got too much space and he thought why not? Why not shoot from here Applause, thiago Applause and the ball’s gone now? Can they create something for room to roam on the wing james well offside here such a pity, for them chance was on by naldum, is thiago firmino and here’s finaldom. This is thiago pressing high to win the ball, possession one manny and there it is the opening guard on the derby from liverpool and just listen to the fans. That tells you the story. Well, here we see it again: derek he’s, just unaware there’s people around him and he loses it too easily, then it’s capsule and they can’t recover terrible goal to concede: Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, calvin, lewin and taken away Applause andrew robertson. The referee has let the advantage accrue to liverpool here’s robertson, henderson, ronaldo, now navigator Applause tiago, it might be perfectly set up for the counter attack. You know, will it be sufficiently imaginative an excellent example of counter attacking football and almost a goal? Well, they broke at speed and looked like they were going to capitalize, not far off target chance for liverpool to use width to good effect. Well, it could be on for him here. It’S opened up for him what a vital intervention Applause, the pass from james rodriguez, not quite accurate enough and it’s a quality pass mohamed, salah now that’s, how to blunt the edge of the opposing attack, Applause bernard and they are on the move again and the referee Felt he had to blow the whistle a free kick and the keeper took it cleanly well derek when the chances are few and far between it’s very important.

The forwards stay focused, not many chances out there. Can they get one of those chances to get them back. In the game, intercepting it intelligently, hamas rodriguez, the measured ball from james rodriguez – oh keeper dealt with it, well trailing, but plenty of time left and a corner coming up and the keeper showing tremendous command played into the center of the box. Well, the danger is still there and i think the threat has been averted. Navigator Applause, lovely bowled over the top, a master of keeping his composure, what a genuine opportunity, but it was squandered goal, kick Applause, Applause, crucial intervention. Just then, amid impending danger – and that brings to an end the first half here – Applause – the teams are ready to have a go at each other again, as the second half commences, moving the ball effectively Applause and then with a real chance could be, and it goes The leveler throwing stuff here well here we can take another look at it. You’Ve got to ask questions about the keeper’s positioning, that’s half of his job. You can put the best keeper in the world wrong side of the goal and he won’t save anything. Even steven won a piece on this match and they’ll get ready for the throw in Applause and it crossed the by line. A goal kick as a result by naldum Applause. Well, that’s, a really good, authoritative, tackle throw in here on and on. He goes takes on the shots.

Goalkeepers have to be mindful that long shots like that can come in yeah. I always look at goalies and say: do your job keep the ball out the net good job? We didn’t, let that one in useful, looking ball. He’S just got to continue his run and not cleared away properly. Thierry may a golden chance missed. It might come back to haunt him. Well, you learn the script time and time again and he’s now just gone and fluffed his lines over the touch line for a throw in see some progress with the ball at his feet. Applause, oh nice work to get past his opponents cuts it back and a goal to re establish their advantage. Just look at the celebrations. Well here’s. The replay he’s done really well to get his head up and pick out a teammate and, in the end, it’s an easy finish: lovely goal: everton having shipped a goal now have work to do going forward. Number: nine Applause rodriguez, an awful lot of green space to run into, and the decision offside here, many an important interception and that pass could be troublesome. Oh, that is a moment of pure quality, a goal for football lovers: to enjoy the world over well derek, as we see it again, it’s a big mistake: you try to teach youngsters not to get caught in possession and be aware of what’s around you. He has no clue and he pays the price well it’s, a tale of four goals in this match.

Now: three one it is joshua king gaba and now king and he’s allowed his opponent to get past him. Applause jones well, liverpool’s, certainly enjoying the lion’s share of possession and all of their team are enjoying this performance that’s. Why they’re, winning and that’s? Why they’re one of the best teams go tackle, take it away and he read it well james rodriguez. Now this could really lift spirits, a goal just what they needed still plenty of life in this match. Well, so often or not, the post can be the goalie’s friend not on this occasion. So close, but it’s in you, can’t really say defenses are on top three. Two one so 20 minutes to go Applause, alexander arnold it’s, a good liverpool move in the making shakiri that ball was put into the right area, but no one able to capitalize jones pass after pass keeping their opponents moving Applause. Is this the moment it’s opened up for him just what the liverpool fans wanted to see as they extend their lead to two goals? Applause? Well, you can see it coming derek. They did a great job of moving the ball, pulling players out of position and eventually found the space to finish it off Applause, so the current scoreline, 4, 2 and it’s a matter of what occurs in the final 15 minutes Applause, a sloppy pass rodriguez. I was showing excellent vision and the alarm bells are ringing, but it can’t get through Applause.

This looks promising. Oh lovely ball. Can he finish and foiled only by the crossbar and given away? Well, he thought he’d done everything right, he’d really did but not to be and able to close down the shots. Well, they might well be scoped for them to counter attack here, but he shot this on. He’S had to go, for it wins the ball and then the second half here and it’s, almost lee a case of whatever they’ve touched, has turned to goals. Well, i can tell you creating and scoring goals is the hardest thing to do in football. Liverpool have ticked all the boxes in that department for me, lovely to watch the players have all got smiles on the face. We’D like to see that now the attack will peter out keepers ball, good visualization and execution he’s, given it straight to the opposition, could reduce the deficit and in it goes, and you never know in this game they might yet be able to level it well. Here is the replay it’s a good goal: isn’t it. It gives them a glimmer of hope, but you have to say they haven’t been good enough today. I think it’s too little too late, derek well. How about this? Four: three Applause: alexander arnold, oh that’s, a passive high quality and a textbook interception and very deftly cut out.

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