Liverpool F.C., Everton FC, Premier League, Merseyside derby, Jürgen Klopp, Anfield, UEFA Champions League Vs Everton Match Preview | Merseyside Derby TOP 10 FACTS. EVERTON HAVEN'T BEAT LFC SINCE..

It didn’t really go well for us, because virgil van dijk, our savior picked up an injury because of pickford’s rash actions and then later on in the game. A foul on tiago alcantara by richarlison ended in a red card for richarlison, but tiago also got injured. In that the game ended 2 2 and the reds only walked away with one point, which is quite surprising, considering our record against the blues. Despite how the last motorcycle derby went, klopp says nothing will be carried over and he says, but that is long ago now. We just don’t need to think about it, but it’s still a derby, and that is enough to be motivated and klopp. I completely agree with you here: we go with the game. Facts fact number one, and this comes as no surprise in their last 23 meetings with the blues. Liverpool have not lost a single game. They have gone unbeaten for 23 games. That is our longest unbeaten run against any team in the league, that is with 11 wins and 12 draws against the blues fact number two and i suppose this one comes as no surprise either in their last 20. Meetings against liverpool. Everton have not won a single game with 12 draws and eight losses. In fact, liverpool versus everton is the most drawn game in premier league history fact number three: the merseyside derby has seen more red cars than any other fixture with 22 red cards, the last one being in our last meeting, and that was richarlison on his tackle against Tiago alcantara fact number four, the last time everton beat liverpool was not this year, not this decade, not this century, not even this millennium.

The last time everton beat liverpool was in 1999. Can you believe that? Can you believe that i mean i can fact number five liverpool haven’t lost four consecutive premier league games since 2002, and that was under gerard julia fact, number six. Now this one is quite difficult to read: liverpool have lost five of their eight premier league matches in 2021. That is as many losses as we had in the 72 matches before that between the years of 9, 2019 and 2020. fact number seven. Now we have recently had a really really poor home record. Liverpool have only ever once lost four consecutive games at home, and that was all the way in 1923 fact number eight and i’m hoping we can bring an end to this. One everton have gone unbeaten in their last seven away. Premier league games fact number nine liverpool’s number one goal: scorer mohamed salah has scored in his last two premier league appearances for liverpool and on both games. He has been on the losing side fact number 10 to wrap it up. Dominic calvert lewin has scored 808 goals. Already this premier league season the last everton player to do this was romelu lukaku, who did nine away goals in one season? Everton have confirmed that their top goal – scorer dominic calvert lewin – is fit for the merseyside derby. On the other hand, jurgen klopp has confirmed that navigator will be joining the reds for the derby as well, but we still see fabinho, jotta and milner out for this game.

Now i think this is going to be a particularly interesting game, despite klopp saying that no hard feelings have been held i’m sure some of the players will be holding grudges coming into this game. Considering what happened earlier on this season with liverpool losing our best defender? Virgil van dijk, now, if you look at the premier league table, everton are only three points behind liverpool, with a game in hand and liver will come into this game in quite a bad form. If everton ever had a chance of beating liverpool at anfield, it will be this saturday, so everything are gon na come with full force, and liverpool are gon na attack on full force. Now, with some sort of confirmation that fabinho will not be returning to the side. I think our two center backs are most likely going to be henderson and cabec, considering their incredible performance against rb leipzig, our two of fullbacks, obviously robertson and trent in the middle. I think we’ll start with thiago curtis jones and jeannie ronaldo and upfront. Your standard money, firmino and salah, i think, we’re, going to score two goals: we’re going to focus on not letting everton score at anfield um, and hopefully we can focus our attacks with dominick covert lewinback it’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be coax. Only second taste of premier league football, but but this guy is like six foot something built like shaqiri and he seems like he’s got it all going on in there, and my hopes are quite high for this game.

Come on you redman. I would love to hear your predictions in the comments down below. I hope you guys enjoyed that video make sure you guys like subscribe and drop a comment down below that said.

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