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It is the messy side darby at the weekend, liverpool fresh off the two, no victory in the champions league against rb leipzig, and we are here to predict jaeger klopp’s starting 11. For this massive massive merseyside derby at anfield. It’S jaeger klopp, going up against carlo ancelotti it’s liverpool it’s evident it’s, a premier league it’s saturday, 5, 30 kickoff, yes, and the goalkeeper on the day will be alison. Beckham he’s had a game with ultimate stake, which is crazy. He’S got a game with a big save, which is great. I have a feeling full of confidence and full of life headed into this one. The back four, i think, is going to be andy robertson. I can hear people already don’t put jordan in the back. Don’T put jordan in the back i’m sorry i’m, putting jordan in the back and i’m going to put him alongside cabac and we’ll have the conversation about fabinho and whether he’s going to start in this one and whether you’d mess around with the centre back partnerships. We’Re going to do that on the build up and we’ll also do that i’m sure at the comments uh at the end of this video as well turns alexander arnold off the back of one of his better performances of the season against i’ll. Be later goes in. At right back, he looked like he had a little bit of chemistry with kabak. He looked like he had the freedom to barge forward against leipzig.

Four key passes on the day as well: brilliant performance from saint alexander arnold. I do think it’s gon na be genuine. Album in the middle, i do think it’s gon na be kate jones and i do think it’s going to be thiago now. Obviously, if fabinho’s backing do you drop him in at dm? Do you drop him in at center off all questions that we discuss at length on the building? We will do, of course later in the comment section. The front three is, of course, just the front three then, and then we’ll do substitute, and this this is tasty. Uh, to be honest with you, keller makes the bench in the champions league, so i think keller who’s going to be the only goalkeeper on the bench in the premier league. I think it’s going to be costas timber cast as the back up left back i’m gon na go ben davies, i’m gon na put fabinho on the bench and i’m gon na put james milner on the bench as well. I’M gon na go with alex oxlade chamberlain, jaden shakiri, navi keita who’s, been back in training now should be available, at least from the bench in this one. If we need him and divakarigi is our striking option, so you can look at that and you go. You know what what would you do? Would you play for being your wig cap back there and would you then maybe move jordan anderson back into the midfield? Could we see something like that? Could that be the midfield that we see i’d love to see thiago and jordan henderson in the eighth, but kate jones had a belted performance, and i do therefore feel that he deserves his spot? Is the easiest thing to do not to actually mess up with the centre back partnership now they’ve had two games together: lovely uh on the bounce as well lovely.

Could you just throw fabinho in a dm and just have done, maybe put one album in for jones and play wine alderman tiago in this game? Um or you know, is it time that actually uh tiago gets a little bit of a rest. I think we saw one of his best performance of the season. Last time i was against leipzig, but obviously he was supposed to have had a little bit of a break against leicester and stuff, so maybe he’s just in need of a of a break but i’m sure we’ll discuss different formations and everything. When we get into the comments section a little bit but first i just want to tell you a little bit how our red men tv cup got on in our footstock competition last week. We’Ve got good news and bad news to be honest with you. Bad news is that we didn’t win our own redmen tv cup on footstock. The good news, though, is that one of you did most of you will already know this by now. That footage is a free app that lets you buy and sell footballers on a real market and use them to enter fantasy contest, there’s plenty of cash to be won. If you know your chance from your robbos, which let’s face it, we as liverpool fans we all do before. We crown our champion, though here’s a little look at how we did last week, yeah the redmond tv cup 337 entries into the competition, and you can see now that i came 35th out of 337, so well done to the 34 people who finished above me, i’m.

Going to take a little look at my team right now and i’m going to look at the points table because it’s just a little bit better. I said ilkey gundagon will get goals this week and i said that he was in great form uh and he did he backed it up big time 53.78 points. I also took a little bit of a chance on team movement. I said a fantasy to get a goal said i could see something with two shull and what he was trying to do with team of vayner, and he did. He backed me up and get a goal and get to win points as well. Six points for that. A total 33.9 points, marcus rashford, i said those successful dribbles would be part of it. You know when i was looking at it. He had five the previous week and he got ten points this time. He gets four and eight points just from that which bumped his points up to 14.7, but the big one that let me down was melia. I mean arsenal going: stick four past melies, um and aubameyang three past melies, which was the disappointment because he loses me. 1.25 points, but i must admit, i had real fun checking in on the app all weekend long. The contest was open from the 13th to the 15th and because i knew i had plays in all different sorts of days from the weekend, i was just checking it all the time seeing who was scoring, and it really did make it more interesting.

For me this weekend, so i hope you’ve enjoyed it if you’ve played along as well the app combines player trading and your managerial knowledge help. You really put your money where your mouth is, buy and sell, plays with other users on the footstock market or nab. Some of the world’s biggest players in the apps blind auctions use your team to enter a load of exciting fantasy contests with seriously huge cash prizes. Nothing says you’re the best manager amongst your mates and having the cash to back it up. So as a reminder, the redmen cup was our first contest with footstock that had 200 pounds and an actual trophy yes, a trophy to win. Well, congratulations to sam is missing for being the best jaeger club out there. This week on, footstock foottalk will be reaching out to you to get your trophy. So please place with pride on your mantle piece. I personally created a bit of a space on mine for that one, but i will not hold it against you, sam. Thank you once again to footstock for setting this up for us, but the fun does not stop there. There are loads of contests, live each and every day on the app. Please do check them out if you haven’t already via the link below you’ll, get 10 free bonus cards right off the bat using the code redmen thanks again for supporting us and them. It means a lot to us. Both remember.

You must be 18 plus and always gamble responsibly anyway, into the comments, and i told you we’d be coming back to comments and comments. We are coming back to indeed, i’ll start us off with a super chat. Is manive agarwal? Why not start with nabi uh, tiago and genie in midfield nabi has had a full chain and well let’s. Look at it first of all, nabi uh genie and tiago. So i suppose it would be something like that wouldn’t it man have um and look. I like navigator, i think, he’s, a really good player. I think we’ve missed him actually and because this is probably the longest spell he’s been out for uh. But you know after missing so much football you’re, not throwing him back into amazing sides arbi at least i don’t think jagan will throw him back into a messy side. Derby, i should say, and but we know what he can do, he can change the game. He changes the field, he stops, he waits for players to move, he goes and players move around him and then he gets his head up and he dribbles with his head up all the time and we’ve massively missed that haven’t we from nabi keita, but for me It’S, just a little bit too much too soon for nabi keita i’d love to see him get some minutes off the bench. I really would and let’s not forget as well, while he’s been insane and the team hasn’t been there for a portion of this time.

You know they’ve, obviously flown out to budapest. They played the champions league game who’s, he actually training with um. So there we go endo, tiago and fab, says liverpool, you’ll, never walk alone, hendo, thiago and fab, and i suppose that does mean like what we went back to before. Uh is maybe fabinho if fabinho’s not ready and available for this one. Maybe it’s ben davies, along with ozan cabach um but yeah again i’d, like i said it before and i’d, probably personally, if fabinho’s ready i’d go with, maybe that and take your pick of who plays ahead of him. Maybe it’s wine album and thiago, maybe thiago jones, but i i think we’re missing a lot from this having fabinho players at center haven. I think fabinho is the better center for the two players here by the way, but in this one i just want to make sure that they’ve had a couple of games together now so let’s not make it our 17th centre back partnership of the season, let’s throw A ladding who knows this position like to the best of his ability and better than anybody else in the squad, keep that the same for now and then, when you’ve had a little bit more training time, then you can go back to this and then i think You’Ve got a decision to be made or you’ve got a decision to make. I should say about who’s going to be your six.

Is it going to be jordan henderson or is it going to be uh genie, wine, alden and then therefore who’s playing the eights from it? I think that’s probably likely to be our centre back partnership after this weekend, um, but yeah right now. I think they’ve played together so let’s keep it like that and, of course, there’s still james milner’s to throw into the midfield. If you want um everton, never heard of them says dickie or dad yeah um, hopefully, hopefully, pickford does a pickford this weekend. Hendo should play the eight as a pool you’ll, never walk alone, again harvey wanted to ride this isn’t the game to swap and have completely new partnership at centre back fab and kabak. Wouldn’T have worked together for long exactly that’s exactly my point as well. Harvey completely agree with that now nazi phillips would come back at the back says harrison rice, i don’t think now phillips has done anything wrong. He’S not beat himself this season, we’ve seen reese williams, make a couple of mistakes, beat himself not well now phillips hasn’t done that, but again 17th new centre back partnership. If you are to do that, play the lads i think you’re going to play the lads that have played together, even if it’s, only just for two games jones, deserves the start versus ever 100 says jh, what a performance, what a performance in the champions league, this Isn’T, just a young lad. Now this is a first teamer that happens to be young in the same way, the chance alexander know there’s a first teamer that happens to be young, and he deserves that’s that i truly believe that completely loads of people talking about uh diogo jotte earlier on in The video when i was putting my team up, i could see them coming in.

I don’t know where we’re up to with diogo jotte to answer any of those questions um. Why do i see aurigi starting says? I don’t know mate, but i want some of whatever you’re having um akala vidushan says kata again i mentioned it before we’ve just spoken about. I don’t think this is the game for him. He’S not played a lot of football. Maybe he could get 2015 if the results going your way um towards the end of the game, something like that. Aj just says: riggy hatrick, tsm, noob, i’ve, missed nabi, so much jonah, two two zero five says why now them break that is allowed. Who probably does need a little bit of time off, but i do think the tiago was next in line because obviously james milner comes in against. Leicester goes off after 15 16 minutes thiago comes in. That was probably his rested game, so he probably needs a rest. He’S at that end, he’s come back and he’s played almost every minute, since admittedly, wine albums done the same, but we know he’s a bit of a monster and he can do that time and time again. This game will be won it right back and and and our right hand side. I think – and you know if mosal is able to support her and alexander arnold and exactly the way that he did against rb leipzig, then we could have and we could be on for a really big result mo with a two pound super chat.

We have three fit center backs, but only one playing i hear you know i hear you. Thank you so much for the super chat. I really do hear you um, i mean look. We’Ve got one on the bench um, but now look. I i get what you’re saying and again i’m i’m excited to see what ben davies can do i’m, just not excited for it, this game, um, we beat them with kids, said adam fitzgibbon. We did indeed we did. Indeed, do you see shaq playing in this game, says alexshakal11 uh, sorry about buttering that pronunciation there mate. Do i see shaqiri starting in this game? No. Can i see him coming on in this game? Yes, very much show a problem i have with shaqiri. I think he’s a really really good footballer. I don’t think that really shoots him playing there. I don’t think that really suits him playing there when he’s done his best work, he’s been in that sort of position, and we have to change the formation a little bit of that two three one so he’s just a bit of a square peg for a round Hole at the moment shakira, but he can still bring a lot. His vision’s still really good whenev when he was playing. Was it last season. It was the season before when we went to that four two: three one and salah through the nine and shakiri there like he can pick a pass house and we saw that show and pick a pass off with diogo jota earlier on the season that nobody else In our team can see so he’s got stuff, um adam fitzgibbon just says: curtis brace incoming.

I really hope you’re right mate. I really really hope you’re all right. Some virtual houses i’d rather see shaq in the nine. I hear obviously bobby in the nine personally uh, but i can understand that i understand there’s a lot of people wondering about firmino’s form at the moment. No doubt overcome no dcl. The game is ours to win um i’m, not sure. I i think that you know, speaking to barry from toffee tv we’ll have an opposition preview going out on the channel tomorrow um, and he thinks that dominic calvert lewin will be back for this one and there’s questions. How much rodriguez obviously comes on against manchester city? Last night there’s a potential that he’s going to be there their best defender, yetimina isn’t, going to be in the game and he’s an aerial threat set pieces as well, so hopefully, fingers crossed that helps us a little bit. Um joshua back for the next game. After ever and says, elliot bagshaw, i genuinely don’t, know haven’t heard anything really about the ogojota, but anyway, thank you so much for joining us. I could sit here and go through these comments all day enjoying myself, but we do have to call an end to it. There please help us um by downloading that footstock app enjoy the app as well. You can get that by clicking the link in the description and we’ll see tomorrow for the opposition preview, but most importantly saturday team news reaction hour before kickoff and then back 15 minutes before kickoff for the watch along itself.

Thank you very much drop a like on the video subscribe to the redmen tv and i’ll. See you soon! Thank you so much for watching the redmond tv youtube channel. Everything we do here is funded by our wonderful subscribers to the redmen get over.

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