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My probably think i do a lot of jazz games, but they have a lot of good games and they’re a good team, so i’m gon na keep doing them let’s get into it. Oh yeah screen royals royce, bang, bang, yes, sir. Yes, sir let’s get into it. Pat bev, hey y’all, know pat bib averaged 34 points a game in high school that’s, crazy to me like, given that, like he don’t score that much in the nba. Now that was a bucket 37 that’s, a lot of money, that’s a point that’s a lot of points, reggie, jackson, bobby schmurder, one more joey yeah. He knew that is going. You see him walk off. Yes, sir louisville double back there. That back screen was pretty good by ibaka their favorite three three three two three, i don’t know not their favorite morris d mitch. What a pass look at rolls royce. Look at rose versus the iq he’s like i know he can’t make this pass. Let me flash to the corner bang. Yes, sir rolls royce. I like it in you buddy. I like it in you bobby shmurda, serge ibaka, that’s, a good floater. I like bobby schmidt, he’s, solid dude, he’s, a solid player, yeah that’s, a pick six angle front. That’S, a good good, good, good steal by pat bev through the lane bobby schmurder for the corner, two hoes like a blue whale. Yes, sir wheel, wheel d mitch, oh that’s, a deep one! Yeah you got to come up on that zubot spiderman, he winked.

He said, yeah come on, yeah, come on wink and uh back screen, two screens that’s a good ass play. If you think about it, look it gets past the first screen right, but when you get past that first screen you’re angled like completely different. Like your angle, like so like say, this is a screen you’re going around you’re trying to go under the screen. So you’ll angle for running your momentum is carrying you this way, so zubat gets more zubats can get square and find out which way he’s going and hit him again and that frees up lou will for the past that’s a beautiful play. I ain’t go front. That’S that’s, beautiful basketball, that’s, a real good basketball right there bobby shmurda come on yes, sir off the back off the glass clark said no he’s making that yeah. He that boy is on another level, no kids out if he’s, not six man, i’m gon na start a riot jordan. Oh my god, please, oh okay, go bear no double screen. Double screen. Look put forces momentum! The other way i ain’t gon na lie. Clarkson. You probably could have scored this on your own. You definitely could have scored that on your own. He went down to him, but both sharing is caring. Goldberger having nice fades his barber, barbara cold, the will yeah so clifford’s got a lot of players out man, but all in all bruh you can’t really get mad at it.

Playmaking joey you can’t, really get mad at it, because paul george and quite late. The way there their offense is set up, they’re they’re, the primary scorers right, and so when you got them scoring like and they’re, not there it’s kind of hard to like you know, get that back right, but all in all, i think, it’ll. I think it’ll help lu will get a lot more of his confidence back because uh i mean he’s a volume scorer, so when he has less shots, it’s hard for him to be in the games, he’s averaging like 10, so i mean i think this will get His confidence back a little bit but that’s, not their offense. You know their offense is paul, george and kawhi leonard and rightfully so they’re the best players on the team. I just think they need more uh like they need to have a set where, like the six man where lou will is on the court by himself with no other stars out there, just the shooters but that’s. Just me, your screen – oh yeah, yeah, yeah, spiderman, oh that’s, boggy morris, come on show me some terence man. Oh he got his plastered. I like how the clippers are the way without kawhi and pg. They still look kind of like they still fight hard people. Don’T realize that’s: this is the same team that no it’s not it’s, not the same thing: okay, i’m stupid. Oh, my god that was a nice move.

That’S classically will right there but, like i said, he’s a volume score. He needs more shots, which is, i mean, that’s, how a lot of people play bardona. Yes, sir bobby schmurder screen taken to the lane might not be a foul that’s, a good. Take though they weren’t in the zone. They got that’s a good shot d mitch, but rudy gobert had pat bev on him and, although it’s his own, ah yeah ibaka probably could have stole that smart play. They’Ll bite it down they down by one saying, but clippers is real dude those are jazz. You get a tune beautiful play. Oh my god. Look at that so that’s. The screen double screen right. Joe angle, is a playmaker, you’re, honestly gon na throw it right here. But what happens to the best of us go very long as bro you could stand up and dunk that’s when you were a different human. He not i’m me and him not the same type of human he’s like a different, be a different evolution. Demon is really good at just getting to the paint bro. I, like it, come on blue wheel screen, damn zooby, oh hi screen, oh joey, the little pocket pass and one clippers clippers is still in it, though one point game now that he missed again come on rudy. This is that’s money time. Oh, oh joey! He knew us in yes, sir joe joe joe ingles, oh my god. If i was that tall just be dunking i’m, not shooting no jump shots, rightfully so i’m sick.

As hell, i ain’t go going jordan, clarkson bruh. His shot is so like that blizz clip and oh joey. He knew that is going there. Oh, my god, joe joe joe and one more, oh, my god, he’s he’s, so slow and fast. At the same time, boy y’all, better yeah, better getting tuned zubotch hat pat pat pat peter pat pete one screen i like number seven game. Anybody who left left handed place move. Oh my god, oh jordan, clarkson that boy got flame coming through his fingers. Look at this d mitch spider man you’re, damn he is slamming jay clarkson! Oh my god, please. What is this? Oh bruh! He must put some in his wheaties: oh pat, bev you’re. Yes, sir pat bev carter, that’s sleeping, oh, my. I thought he’s gon na make that, oh, my god, jordan, my god, jordan, come on man. Terence man screen face screen. Yeah their offense becomes a lot more picky. I mean it was pick and roll orientated oriented with uh pg and kawaii it’s. Just uh. You got ta adapt, oh my god that has that was it. Oh yeah, bobby schmurder of the screen yeah i like how they’re they’re really pick and roll oriented, which is, i mean, it’s, not like an old thing to do in the nba but like in nba. Today, it’s a lot of off ball, so you know it’s hard to get a read on a lot of that.

Oh yeah, good, three, bang, bang! Damn i don’t know how long kawaii’s gon na be out fam, oh batum, not even playing either damn. I got a whole army of out shout out to the utah jazz for that dub man, uh clippers, fought hard. I think i just at the end the jazz kind of heated up, especially jordan, clarkson i’m, a it that just caught on fire. I don’t know what the he on, but he going crazy shout out to jazz man what’s that 21 1 in the last 22 games, good stuff clippers, the clippers play really. Well honestly, i mean it happens. You know at the end of the games. Nba is about again nba’s a game of sparks bruh could beat you at the end. You have the engine on them the whole game, but i mean i wouldn’t worry too much. I think they still getting their kinks out and kauai and pg are going to be out for a while. So a lot of get their confidence in there. You know terence man, lou will pep bed, they all get their confidence and when kauai and pg come back, they’ll be a well old machine.

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