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You know a lot of rudy gobert’s, you know impact and the conversation around him largely goes to his defense. But you know what kind of pressure does he put on you guys offensively and other teams around the league offensively the way they’ve been shooting the ball this year. The best three point: shooting team in the league shooting the most threes as well. So the way they’ve been shooting, like i said, and spraying the ball around sharing. It makes it tough, and then you have a big guy like that. Who’S gon na finish up the rim has good hands and who can get you second chance points. Um it’s tough, it’s, tough. You can try to take away three and then he’s, coming rolling down um with speed and he’s a great screen roller or a great screen setter, and then roller so he’s coming fast and just the i’m at their brand of basketball. Right now, just um difficult to guard, so i think we did pretty good for the most part, but started to go back and watch film and figure out ways to share some things up. Thanks james go to claudia, hey reggie, you guys had a lot of turnovers in that first half uh. What do you guys feel what’s the main cause of that uh? I feel like they did a good job of pressure, but really we felt like we just had some um careless mistakes. We know we have to go.

Watch film figure out how to take care of the ball better. Our playmakers we’re gon na be better with it um too many costly turnovers. I mean myself had three so got to be better with the ball, but from there i mean they did a great job of pressuring us and uh, forcing us into some spots that we didn’t want to be in that we were uncomfortable being in and we’re going To go back, like i said, watch film try to figure out a way to show things up, offensively and defensively. Thank you. Thanks to miriam, hey, reggie, um, hey so number one. How are your shoulders and then also um, when you guys are depleted like this um? Does i mean, do you get tired of the last few games? You guys been so undermanned um? Does it catch up to you at all i’m feeling good i’m feeling good fortunate enough to be able to play today um great training staff? I feel great be ready to go again on friday, i’m happy to get a chance to play this team again. I’M, the best team in the west right now, so we really want to test ourselves and figure out where we’re at uh being depleted is always tough. I think you know you want to have your main guys out there. You know, listen missing everybody who’s out missing, paul, missing, nick missing kawhi for sure. Certainly um. I mean 60 points on 50, 40, 90 splits.

So two all stars is always tough to play without, but um next man up, we have to step up. We have to continue to figure out a way to do this collectively and we have to hold them down because nine at night out they hold us down. So you know we can’t wait to get our three starters back. We’Ve been playing with some makeshift lineups um, you know getting pad backs been big for us, so we just want to get everybody healthy and then kind of figure out where we’re at we feel like we’re playing a nice brand basketball, but uh sooner we can get Everybody back and start figuring ourselves out and now we’re going to play will be great, but, most importantly, we just want to get everybody healthy. All right. Thanks man thanks mario go over to andrew, hey, reggie um. You know, obviously you guys have been short. Some starters for several games now, but you guys have come out and played really hard with the intensity it’s just noticeable. Do you feel like at the start of these games, the last few since the really the cleveland game? You guys the one was taking teams by surprise by how you know you’re down, maybe three or four starters: um you still let after the first quarter or played extremely hard, did you sense that in other teams um i mean if they’re caught off guard that’s that’s Their business, i think we think we’re highly capable.

Honestly, we have guys who’ve been service in this league um on other teams. We just feel like we got players and we can throw out there. We got a bunch of lineups that are out there. Coaches, very confident in this um, you know coach, t, luke, does a great job instilling confidence in us, allowing us to go play and play in our roles. So and then, ever since we’ve been kind of defining our roles, we all hold each other accountable and we’re, enjoying this process we’re enjoying each and every game like. I said, it’s difficult, of course, to be missing, multiple starters. But if you want to be there, where we want to be at the end of the year, then it’s always the next man up attitude and we’re going to keep the wheels turned until we get everybody back on the bus healthy. So we feel good, we’re, very confident team and, like i said, we’re taking guys off we’re catching them off guard that’s on them. But we feel like we’re uh, no matter who’s on the court. We feel like we got to compete for all 48 minutes and we feel like we give ourselves a great chance to win each and every night, no matter who we’re playing thanks. Reggie thanks. We have time for a couple more go to tomare, hey reggie. This is the i believe, the third game now that you guys started with you lou and pat um.

Obviously, the first two games were pretty good for you guys tonight, not so much. You know shooting wise and turnovers i’m curious. What do you think um has been the what has been the best part about this three guard lineup, for you guys what have been some of the challenges or struggles that you guys have had uh so far. I think the best part is pride. Honestly, we have a lot of pride um. I think each and every guy really believes themselves and then we look at each other. We believe in the next guy beside each other, so um. I know we write each other as three we’re really harping on each other. About being the best that we can be, but that that kind of just um it goes throughout the whole team honestly is we’re, always talking about be the best. We can be be great and uh hold yourself accountable and then, as a teammate hold the next man accountable as well um tonight, no probably feel like we probably just ran out a little gas. We played a great team, they they came out and they figured out some things. They made some adjustments in the second half, so you got ta. Take your hats off to them. They’Ve been the number one team in the league for a reason and uh in this tough west um, but most people probably say link is tough for us, but we’re scrappy we’re, just grabbing group um.

We all, like, i said we believe in each other and we always feel like we have a great chance to win. So i love playing beside any of my teammates, but definitely being out there with pat and lou. I got cops on those guys and they’re going to back down from nothing and they’re going to bring their best each and every day. Thank you. Thanks. We’Ll, take one last question from home: hey what up reggie um, i noticed as utah was making the run during timeouts you guys. A lot of the vets were trying to talk things out, figure things out. Defensive assignments stuff, like that i’m wondering how is that involved from last year, maybe how different it was from last season to this season, where ty does give you guys a chance to talk things out, but it really looks like you guys are trying to figure things Out and communicate with each other yeah uh. I agree with you all. I think that’s been the best thing um. I wasn’t here all of last year so being here for a nice stretch and coming after the buyout um, getting a chance to get another guys during that time and then being here for uh the whole time this year is yeah. I think we’ve definitely been more vocal and we’ve been lying. More guys have stepped up um, honestly just being leaders in their own aspect, and i think team has really given us a chance to grow as players and he’s really been listening to us and our input on how we feel like we can go out there and Come back what’s going on whether it be defensively offensively, but the best part of just being part of this group is really despite um losses or wins, and really more so durham wins is we’re we’re, never satisfied, honestly, we’re, never satisfied.

We always want to find ways to get better um. I mean we know that there’s other great players in this league too, and they get paid to play they’re gon na make great plays but um. We have this hunger about ourselves and we have this greediness about ourselves, which is really great to be around um being its atmosphere. Is we never want to give up any play? We want to be perfect each and every play, so we may get a stop and it may be wrong rotations, but we come back and we’re discussing it. We’Re, trying to figure out ways to you know, keep the ball out of the guy out of the hot man’s hand, out of the guy ahead of the snake and um each and every day, it’s been pretty interesting. That i mean the coach is coming with their game plan, but the players as well get a lot of input on how we feel like we should compete, and now we should go out there and play and it’s just been i’m, never a fan of vacuum thinking. So i think uh, our coaching staff they they’re not as well and teal, is always open, so that’s been the best part.

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