Naomi Osaka, Australian Open, Serena Williams, Tennis, Jennifer Brady Make It to Australian Open Final Round

When they don’t love, you back let’s take a listen. Kavitha thanks so much for joining me thanks for having me, so we just saw two of the biggest names in tennis. Have this epic semi final match up and we haven’t seen them compete in a major since the infamous 2018 u.s open? Is this the rematch that the world’s been waiting for? I think it really is um it bore out in the ratings. Certainly i mean that 2018 match that you referenced in the u.s open was the second most watched, u.s open in espn’s, broadcast history, um and this past australian, open semi final was also the second most watched australian, open, semi australian, open match um in in espn broadcast History, um 806 000 people tuned in at 10 p.m, eastern for the whole four hour broadcast and interestingly, if you isolate just the osaka williams match uh, it was about 1.4 million people um, so the numbers are are insane and just anecdotally, i mean i’m sure you Saw on twitter, there were people watching this match who had never watched tennis before, and it was just because of these two women who were playing um. So this was definitely the rematch. We were all waiting for. Yes, a hundred percent and i’d love to talk about that more social media was blowing up that night and people were really saying that they didn’t really know who they wanted to win. You know because they have so much respect for both of these women.

How much of an impact does that have like that? They’Re, not just tuning in just to watch serena, but that they are rooting for these young stars as well? I mean it’s, a huge it’s, a huge boon for the sport. Obviously the question for years now has been: how does tennis and in particular american tennis, obviously um survive in a post, serena world we’ve seen the serena bump for the last five six years, at least that whenever she’s in a match, the ratings are going to be Bonkers and people are going to be tuning in um, but naomi osaka is arguably the most marketable woman athlete in the world right now. She actually out earned serena last year, um and the fact that you had these two women, two black women, um, really driving tennis for for people who haven’t always watched tennis or never always thought tennis was for them. Um has been remarkable to see and and is is a positive thing for the future of at least the women’s game in in in the uh in the us, and let’s talk a little bit more about you said osaka, you know she was the biggest earner last Year and she, you know, uh during social media people were saying like these two legends and she was like i’m, not a legend, yet um, but you know she’s already taken her money and she’s reinvested it into the nwsl becoming a part owner of the north carolina Courage, maybe she’s not a legend yet, but how big of a star is she and how much does it say that she’s already now investing her money into other female sports? Well, she’s, a gigantic star and her investment in the nwsl is obviously huge for that league.

You also saw alexis ohanian serena’s husband in an angel city. Fc t shirt cheering her on in the sidelines, so there is buy in for women’s soccer there’s buy in from other women athletes who see their own worth and their own earning potential um and and want that to trickle down to other women, but what’s so fascinating. About naomi osaka is, if you’ve witnessed the last couple of years of her activation, her brand activation and her political activation she’s really come into her own of who she is as a public persona and it’s. So genuine. The future is extremely bright, with naomi osaka and quite a few other, quite a few american stars who were going to paint that way for sure – and you know naomi osaka, like you said not so much of passing of the torch, because you said serena’s playing amazing And she’s not ready to retire, yet i don’t want to see her retire. Yet tom brady won a super bowl. This year at 43., lebron james won a title at 35. This year, serena is ‘ years old she’s competing at such a high level in multiple finals. Over the last few years, do you think she’s not getting enough credit for the level she’s playing at at her age? I think she’s, absolutely not getting enough credit for that and, frankly, she’s not getting enough credit for this even being a conversation. There was a time not very long ago where the age of 30 was the end of your career.

In tennis, tennis has always been a young person. Sport serena has won 10 grand slams since turning 30., and she is doing this at a very high level. At ‘ she was moving better than we’ve seen her move in recent years. She was playing defense to a level that we don’t really ever see serena needing to play frankly, um, so yeah it has been it’s it’s been incredible to see. I don’t think that we can ever count her out i’m excited to see what happens in in the next year. Um of grand slams and you know september. The us open is her favorite tournament and i’m excited to see that in hopefully, what will be more of a normal tournament situation than what we saw last year with kovid, i tend to agree with uh serena’s husband’s shirt greatest athlete of all time, um kavitha thanks. So much for joining me thanks for having me the biggest story is the moment they happen from around the globe subscribe to bloomberg.

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Naomi Osaka, Australian Open, Serena Williams, Tennis, Jennifer Brady vs Naomi Osaka (大坂なおみ) Highlights (Final) Australian Open 2021 (Full Set 1)

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