Naomi Osaka, Australian Open, Serena Williams, Tennis, Jennifer Brady vs Naomi Osaka (大坂なおみ) Highlights (Final) Australian Open 2021 (Full Set 1)

I suspect jennifer brady and uh, just modest breeze, 17 kilometers an hour and uh. Ladies and gentlemen, if we can just have a photograph a little bit, this way a little bit more me big mother there for young hannah holmes from fitzroy tennis club, one of the anc seated number 22 she’s 25 years of age that’s been on display, is one Of energy, enthusiasm, 18, the australian open 2019 and the earth’s open again in 2014 in new braunfels, it was an itf event. The most recent was charles it’s really going to be a serving contest and brady backhand is when it’s that in that hip pocket she can do absolutely. You can see jen brady jump she’s. Looking good let’s see how jen brady responds out yeah. It was a really good return from osaka 175 knows: oh that’s, quick, osaka lake expected we’ll, see what josh has got to. I really out. You can see there. She was jumping around trying to get rid of the nerves quite openly. Double faults coming just such is this well it’s very clear: the intent from brady off the set out no advantage brady good stuff from brady aggressive, very flat on the backhand for a sucker that’s. A really good she’s always got this just who’s on a 20 match. Winning streak at the moment we saw making some uncharacteristic unforced errors 182. out at the mind of the server. Oh she’ll be annoyed with that. Oh it’s good.

She recognizes it’s over so great court coverage. Terrific, oh well played osaka, refused that’s wide, still struggling what an atmosphere here, it’s fabulous, really rescuing naomi osaka. Is it concerned out? Oh beforehand, this has been a very competitive first set. Osaka’S is 42.

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Naomi Osaka, Australian Open, Serena Williams, Tennis, Jennifer Brady (大坂なおみ) vs Jennifer Brady Full Highlights (Final) Australian Open 2021

Naomi Osaka, Australian Open, Serena Williams, Tennis, Jennifer Brady Make It to Australian Open Final Round