Big Ten Conference, Ohio State Buckeyes football, Penn State Nittany Lions football, 2021, Michigan State Spartans football, Michigan Wolverines football 49 lBS: #2 Sammy Sasso (Ohio State) vs. Beau Bartlett (Penn State) | 2021 B1G Wrestling

Yet at penn state and coach sanderson, giving different wrestlers the opportunity and probably at the end of the day, it’ll be a coach’s decision on who they think can get her done at the big tens yeah. You look at penn state at this weight class terrell beracloth luke gardner jared for clearing here’s beau bartlett. They have some great depth at this 149 pound weight class bartlett out of tempe arizona wrestled at wyoming seminary in pennsylvania was a four time national prep champion for coach scott green iron man champion won the powerade a couple of times, but up against one tough customer And sami sasso undefeated at 8 0. This season out of nazareth pennsylvania nazareth in that lehigh valley such great and you know: there’s mecca’s around the united states, that’s a wrestling mecca there, easton and and uh bethlehem and uh nazareth, it’s, just a great great place for wrestling and uh. The lehigh valley certainly proud of uh sammy sasso. Here he has really. He came. Coach ryan was saying he showed up on october 26, prepared you were either better or you were worse from the the the uh the time they had off because of covid and sammy sasso came in because he’s so self motivated great, take down there, and there i Mean we talk again about the the freshman uh of penn state and the and the pen of stallions that they have what a tremendous quick take down. This is an extremely young team, penn state, a ton of freshmen loaded with talent.

They are coming these nittany lions it’s, the next chapter in penn state wrestling yeah. I was gon na say this would be a tough task for bartlett, but uh. You know coming out of high school et cetera and he comes in with great credentials. Um. You know you’ll see how he stacks up. Well, i guess he showed what uh what he thinks out there he’s uh, ready to scrap and get after it sasso a perfect 17 and owen big 10 duels one minute remains opening period. You look at the success of ohio state tj. The buckeyes have had a big ten champion nine straight years, eight of those years, multiple big, ten champions, of course, in 2017 and 2018, four, each and they’ll rely on sami sasso. To add to those numbers add to that history: one of the leaders on this team, tom ryan always speaks so highly said: he’s he’s, a savage but he’s a team. First guy teammates love him. He loves his teammates, just a real pleasure to be around bartlett. Doing a nice job of digging in and not letting sammy sasso control completely the inside ties like he does so easily with many of his opponents short time. During this first period, great takedown at the end of the period, looks like he’ll be able to ride him out there. What an answer by sasso, exactly three unanswered, bartlett strikes. First and then cecil closes his strike from space in on the single leg drove through the hips for the two great execution and then sasso in there drops in comes out the back door, scoops up the leg and covers the hips for two.

I get jacked up over great matt returns and right there. Next to that is short time scoring one win in the final 10 seconds get that escape. Get that right get a turn until you win big matches. Sasso four unanswered now doubling up bartlett four to two early second period that’s. Who will wear you out uh with those stamps there? You you, if you don’t, know how to prevent it. He’S gon na wear you down put a bruise on the back of your head. Sasso this season, a couple of pins stuck mike carr of illinois and max miron of iowa, both guys ranked top ten he’s dangerous working, an underhook on the right side able to square up is bartlett exciting match here. At 149. sasso big, ten finalists fell to pat lugo of iowa. He beat logo and carver hawkeye in the duel against the hawkeyes at a great road weekend, lugo and carver hawkeye, and then break lean minneapolis that garnered him big ten wrestler of the week honors nwca. First team, all american sami sanso right now. The reason sasso’s in the position he’s in right here with that take down at the end of the period and that that’s, what the best do they score and then without an answer, that’s a advantage sasso if it even remains 4 2 going in and bartlett getting His opportunity, underneath top three all four years in high school, two time state champion he won it all super 32.

The iron man beast of the east, one in fargo, a lot of success and the second period sasso, with the advantage to the third and bartlett, takes a peek over at his corner. You know, i think, about the lehigh valley about every morning right now, because one of the best friends in the world of mine over the last 40 years greg strobel. We lost him um in uh september and i’m participating in a uh. A greg strobel make a weight challenge over the next 30 days and uh greg was going to assist jody karam at easton this year and he was looking forward to that and uh. Unfortunately, he passed away in september, but his daughter jen is along with chris ayers princeton’s coach, former wrestler tremendous uh thing. The greg strobel make a weight challenge and we’re trying to raise funds for the beyond the mat leadership academy that usa wrestling is forming uh. In tribute to greg strobel, one of the great great people in wrestling and uh so i’m, i think of greg. Every morning i think a lehigh and former head coach there and now pat center toro there at lehigh doing a great job, great area, so sammy sasso. Stepping it up for the lehigh valley, just digging those toes into the resolite keeping weight forward on bartlett’s, been able to ride him for almost a minute here in this third period. This is classic sammy sasso just hard gritty, tough wrestling that late takedown in the first.

He gets the quick escape and another takedown in the seconds and now he’s going to work and then the freshman here in the third and you know, he’s hunting too. I mean when he’s on top you better not get your chin too close to your knee, because he’ll slap up a crate, i mean he pinned michael carr. He pinned murren. He can pin anyone in from whether it’s a scoot in a corner on a defense on the takedown or whether it’s on top but uh you’re right he’s got a lot of pressure knees. Aren’T down toes, are driving he’s doing a nice job with his knee there. As well, trying to stretch out barbara bartlett doing a nice job of staying on his base, giving himself an opportunity, but you got to get the hip separation bartlett to his feet. He’S been here a couple of times, but sasso’s been able to bring him back down to the resolute yeah champions, do what sasso did scoring at the end of a period and riding, and you are not going to win a national championship if you can’t get out. So you got to be able to get out if you’re going to win and bartlett did, but a little too little too late. With that riding time point it’s, a 5 3 decision for sammy says so improves to 18 0 in his career in big ten duels, and he steps up big time for ohio state tonight as they close.

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