Big Ten Conference, Ohio State Buckeyes football, Penn State Nittany Lions football, 2021, Michigan State Spartans football, Michigan Wolverines football 57 LBS: Elijah Cleary (Ohio State) vs. #9 Brady Berge (Penn State) | 2021 B1G Wrestling

The senior for ohio state cleary comes in four and five winter park. Florida lake highland prep two time florida champion bergy with a nice 3 1 victory over, will luana michigan to help the nittany lions beat the wolverines yeah bergy stepped up against michigan there, but i’ll tell ya: cleary had a really good match, uh against michigan and stepped Up took a step forward for him as a wrestler he’s had some slow starts, not pulling the trigger uh like uh. The coach was like him too, but he put himself in a position to win and lost in that uh double overtime on on riding time in overtime and uh willa juan was able to have the writing time advantage. A couple of big returns to solidify that riding time and you look at clearly tj’s, never won or lost three straight. This season, it’s it’s back and forth and he’s in some tight ones. Six of his nine matches are one point matches a couple of sudden victory matches it’s super tight with elijah cleary and looking to break through and and get over the hump and find a way to get his arm raised in victory in those close ones. He’S shown that he has a gas tank, no with the match, with luan and uh yeah, you uh have to come out, ready to go and sometimes he’s come out and looked like. He was warming up on the mat right here, nice shot by bergy in trying to come out the back door cleary’s going to have to show his flexibility believe he’s got that whizzer in and that is a stall call.

I believe on cleary his first one believe i saw him just hit with the stall bergie out of manor of the minnesota wrestle that cass and manor, though, was a three time. Minnesota state champion was sixth, as a redshirt freshman at the big tens qualified for the tournament was two and two, but he’s battled some injuries and he’s looking to get back on track and find his rhythm here in 2021 yeah. I really like that about burglary. He bergy he is looking to get back on track. He’S, a gutsy wrestler he’s had concussion problems, etc and injuries, and yet here he is saying: hey i’m not done i’m ready to go and go to the next level, so he’s stepped in there and taken this position at 157 and has given penn state a win. Every time out, he’s really a great talent but uh, the concussions and injuries have you know crushed him and yet he’s come back from the crush really impressed with his uh resilience, we’re late first period: zero, zero on the scoreboard. Let him go, let him go. Berkey. U23 world team member in 2019 unfortunately suffered an injury at that event, zero second period again getting closer and closer to our big announcement, intermission that, regarding the coverage of the upcoming big ten championships, perhaps tj the best words ever uttered on the big ten network. This is going to be awesome. Stick around for that. You don’t want to miss it.

It will be the buzz of the weekend. Shane you’re such a tease. It will be the buzz of the weekend in the college wrestling room. I Music good position. There got his feet under his hips separation, got away just a six second escape to me, tj and i’m. Probably over simplifying this. I understand that, but to me it’s, just such an attitude on the bottom on the top you got to commit to it. You can’t, you got to be able to keep a guy down a little bit return him to the mat, even if you ride him for 30 seconds, but take something out of him. Don’T give those easy escapes Applause. Both these guys need to keep looking for the opening they’re not going to be able to you know, execute their uh their their take down efforts by just going straight on and they’ve got to keep moving their feet. What you’re seeing here is just two guys that are really good at staying squared up another hard fought, close battle for cleary in this position mentioned berkey when he was sixth at the big tents as a redshirt first, when he was 25 for penn state that year, A lot of talent, yeah and berkey sneaky. I mean that deck ankle pick that he had on luan uh the other day. Just was dark, quick and he was able to show that he can lower that level when he you know when he puts his mind to it.

It was a tremendous uh, real low ankle, uh pick there and settled in and anticipated the roll through on luan. It was really well executed and it was like he caught luann, you know flat footed and he was surprised and there now. This is where the belief comes in. You got ta finish when you’re here, he’s not been able to cleary he’s in really nice shot. He’S got ta, keep coming finding the angle, keep coming Applause. One point match now to the third solid attack there from the buckeye, but hesitated a little bit very nice shot there and yet that shin wizard and then the uh draped over and the hips started. Working and bergy was able to square up and uh keep cleary from finding the angles there and now clary gets to go underneath putting himself in a position here to uh to win this match. If he can get away like bergy, did now here’s a really important sequence right here, cleary’s to his feet, with a return here from bergy yeah nice job bergey with uh you’re. Looking nice job one point clear, he’s out, so here we go riding time at nine factory, one one here in the third: you look at this white class 157 in the big ten six of the top ten hail from the conference ryan deacon of northwestern ranked number One Applause and both of these guys have square stances it’s hard to find angles uh from there, but cleary was able to get the corner a little slight hesitation, good defense by bergy, kept him from getting the takedown good dual meets.

Each team has won two matches, but penn state bonus points from rby at 133 and nickley at 141 that’s. The difference, nittany lions up 9 6 big match in this duel, solid work here from bergy. Can he capitalize? He wants to pull him back on cover the legs. Try to get it nice fight by cleary, if you’re cleary here a stalemate, would be great. He’S got to hide his ankle that left ankle he’s got to keep it hidden, keep it out. I don’t see bergy improving his position and there’s the stalemates. You know there’s a belief factor here and it’s, a hump that cleary just needs to get over and i just feel like he’s starting to believe i. I really believe bergy feels strong. He believes in himself cleary trying to get there clearly trying to break through with a signature victory here in the big ten. If you’re clear you don’t want to be backing up, got ta circle back in stay in a good position: good low stance, wow.

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