Big Ten Conference, Ohio State Buckeyes football, Penn State Nittany Lions football, 2021, Michigan State Spartans football, Michigan Wolverines football 65 LBS: #8 Ethan Smith (Ohio State) vs. #13 Joe Lee (Penn state) | 2021 B1G Wrestling

The buckeyes need to find a way to win to stay in this duel. Well, ethan smith has been wrestling very well. He had a opening loss at illinois, came had come back from an injury was just getting back into the lineup and he has been on a roll won. A real, close one uh the other night against michigan, which was a really good win, come from behind win for him after having about four wins in a row with bonus points and joe lee uh coming off that loss at michigan, but showing us that he uh He’S ready for prime time at this weight, but smith really needs to turn it on his attack. Rate’S always good. He needs to keep it up and keep it going now. Smith. A two time maryland state champion wrestled at sparrows points in maryland. After spending two seasons wrestling at latrobe in pennsylvania, potentially dangerous smith, as you mentioned, lost his first match of the season. A one point match to danny bronegal of illinois. Then he rattled seven off in a row most recently that 4 3 win over cameron. Amin of michigan lee’s last match was also to cameron. He lost that one to 4 1 last sunday, joe lee out of evansville indiana modern day where he was a two time state champion. Of course, the brother of nickley, another young nittany lion here in this penn state, lineup we’re scoreless, just over a minute into this.

First period, smith and lee here at 165., i thought joe lee showed some really great reactions in scrambles against cam amin, the other night. He showed that he could scramble get out and uh there’s the low shot by smith. There and Applause knee pop grabbing. His right knee joe lee injury time for the nittany lion, hopefully he’s, okay, this sport at this level here in the big ten it is so physical. You can hear the collisions. You hear the hand fight the body’s banging the physicality. Another glance at that last sequence. In on the low shot there on the ankle and then as he yeah gosh, you just just hardly see what happened. They continue to work on the right knee of joe lee ranked 13th in the country. He’Ll bring him to his feet, hopefully he’s, okay and now because of that tj with the injury time smith will get choice. I’D expect him to go on bottom, so smith will get the opportunity here in the first period, go underneath score. First, as expected, smith will go on bottom. Smith is interesting. Tj because, as i mentioned in high school, won a couple of state titles, he was up at 182 a couple of years ago, 174, nice return there by lee and now down at 165. You don’t see too many guys take that kind of path. Applause smith, originally committing to iowa state. Four of his seven wins this season bonus point victories smith is durable.

Last year started all 14 duels for the buckeyes there. You hear the count, the drop down rule and smith kicks away and scores. The first tally: 1 0, with the escape yeah prior to a stall call. That uh was not called there for, because uh smith was able to get out nice shot in by lee here and uh going to try to capture that far ankle. He gets the ankle. He’S got the takedown he reaches across. He gets that left ankle and lee with his first lead two to one here’s, a roll from smith, and now smith has lee in some trouble driving through cut the underhook and now looking to try to pull back on the reverse half and looking for a big. This would be huge for the buckeyes. This would be huge for ohio. State smith is settling in looking to give the buckeye six with a stick at 165, but he’s got it. That tj was a 450 foot blast over the left field wall. Here it is again, so he granby’s through comes out under hooks, drives the cross, face there and then feels the shoulder to shoulder and then and and then he reverses the half settles back.

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