Fazioli, Piano Restored 9” Baldwin Satin Finish Grand Piano

This piano is a glorious, wonderful instrument that i’m really excited to have here in the shop um and it’s from the the golden age of baldwin. This is a foot panel and, incidentally, i actually have two pianos in my home. This is one of them. I have a hylune 161 and i have this very model of baldwin. Mine is slightly older, but this is this is a 1970 and, like i said, golden age of baldwin, uh and and nine foot like it doesn’t get any better than that. So i actually wanted to start this video here to just kind of give you a feel for its size, we’ve, totally refinished it and it’s super super beautiful these larger pianos, it’s kind of uh bittersweet. I guess when these pianos go, because because they’re so glorious that i love having them here, but at the same time i also of course, love to. I want to sell them and i love to see um see the the new the new uh buyer get blessed by them as well, so um, just a quick, a quick kind of uh history lesson on on baldwin. There were really two pianos that uh, that by uh the outbreak of world war ii, that um in the united states anyway, two pianos that were really kind of vying for the top position in the united states. And but it was. It was really the german pianos that were that were the world class very best, bosendorfer and souter and and those kind of those those pianos over in in germany and then of course, after after world war, one and then especially after world war ii.

All all of those kinds of luxury industries, like the piano industry were kaput, and so the world stage turned to the united states, the only area, the only piano producing area that was untouched by the war and it was kind of baldwin and steinway. The the two competitors, and so post war, 1945 1946 um through i bought you know steinway – is a great piano. I don’t want to take away anything from that, but i also don’t want to detract from baldwin. They were there. They absolutely were every bit as much of a piano as steinway was and through uh. Well luck of the draw in part. There were other factors as well: steinway kind of won out and and university professors. They were learning, they started to learn on steinway and then through the 50s. That was the only piano that i mean that that kind of became in their minds and and then in the piano community, mind that became the piano that you have to have as us. Steinway but piano technicians know that pianos from this era, like i said, the golden age of baldwin, which which, in my opinion, extends probably back to 1920, probably even further and extends well into the 1980s. So this one being in 1970 is right in there and in fact, maybe even ideal where, where it’s it’s from that era, but not so old – that that you start to have issues associated with age um.

Although this and this piano has been refurbished nonetheless and totally refinished it’s, i hope i hope it’s kind of coming through in the video it’s, absolutely beautiful this. This kind of satiny semi gloss, finish, looks amazing. Let’S give a shot also of the petals and the casters. So obviously, the the bigger the better in the world of pianos um and this one is big. It is a monster and it’s, not it’s, not just volume volume it’s nice to have access to volume if you want, but you can play just as pianissimo on on this big piano as you can on a on a smaller piano. But you also have that extra. If you want it, you have that extra um power at the at the high end. If you, if you want to blast someone out of the room you could this one is very uh bright and powerful touch is great. I’Ve had i’ve had quite a few people that are that are high, end players that have that have tried it and and give it um very, very high marks, which um, of course, i already knew that, but it’s always nice to have some additional people agree with You especially when these people know what they’re doing uh so lots lots of work has been done like other than refinishing, so so the keys have been redone. Of course, the the casters are new and the pedals have been have been polished. The hammers have been reshaped, the whole piano has been been regulated, lubricated, aligned, everything’s um, very, very clean on the inside regulation is everything from ensuring that the keys are level to ensuring that the distance you can depress.

The key is the correct distance ensuring that that distance there that you’re, seeing in the video is correct where it goes up to the string and then at the last possible moment it kind of pop sort of pulls away from the string, that’s proper regulation and the Distance that it what’s called drop, the drop uh is the correct distance um anyway, that’s uh there’s about a dozen others or or more let’s, not play right now. Okay, lewis dad’s telling about so uh anyway that that’s the story this this piano, uh, brand, new and and others like it. These are nine foot pianos generally, these are um. These are 80. 100. 120. 150. 000 pianos. If you get into some of the the brands that uh that have um uh really kind of taken off in in terms of prestige in the last few years or last couple decades or so piano’s nine foot piano is going to be um, 150 plus 200. Even so that’s the kind of that’s, the kind of comparison that we’re looking at and this one let’s get to it so it’s particularly pronounced, of course in the in the very low end Music on most pianos. When you get down here, it ceases to to really be musical it’s more of just kind of a i don’t know it almost sounds fuddy, but on a piano, this size, Music, deep growl that is again it’s musical Music. Okay, let’s see Music, so Music, so Music, i’m gon na play something really loud, Music, so Music, that it can really blast people out of the room if you want to, but you can also play something very i’ll push it down: Music, okay, so there you have It this piano is absolutely awesome, i’m excited to have it here.

I don’t often have nine foot panels. Occasionally i do um so so this is a welcome addition to to the current collection come check it out. I think i think it’s super reasonably priced. I think it’s an awesome piano and, if you’re, if you’re, watching this video out of state out of the region, it’s not practical to come to utah. Let me know, and i’d be i’d, be happy to make supplemental videos have people that are that are more well versed in classical music. If that’s your thing or that are a better jazz player than i am to come, play it for you, whatever you need, um and and a lot lots of people do do buy pianos from us out of state and we ship them all over.

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