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Welcome to the 2021 australian open men’s. Singles final. Would you please make welcome our fourth seed at the second grand slam final from russia, daniel medvedev is our top seed. The world number one defending champion. Looking for a record, ninth australian, open title, please make welcome from serbia novak djokovic huge reception for both players. Just listen to that serbian support. Let’S get down to john fitzgerald who’s court side. I believe fitz. You can hear me right now what an atmosphere yeah this is as good as it gets mark and – and these are special moments aren’t they in in our tennis world. The the finals of the grand slams there’s four a year and as an australian when players walk onto the court in your home slam. This is a special moment. It really does um get the you know the heart rate up and and the emotions rolling look. I look at novak and i think how can you play tennis this well sometimes and two years ago i don’t think i’ve seen him play better against rapper in the final i didn’t think he could play tennis that well, but i did think at the start of This tournament pitch that if there was one player that may give him a shake this year, it’s medvedev it’s the guy across the net tonight. Ah, we can’t he’s going to do the contrast for us. So now this is hugo he’s going to do the conscious fast.

Gentlemen, we take a picture with him and the trophy after the contos just three reminders: 25 seconds between the points the clock starts after i’ve announced the score: towel boxes, red and blue knowledge. You go for blue blue red for you and last but not least, if there’s a tie break in the final sets it’s up to 10 points. You got any questions. No, so you wan na. Would you ready to ask novak if he wants or daniel hey and z or the players novak a and z to the players, a and z, okay, ready to go here? We go and it’s a and that surf okay, we take a picture. You turn around please, your turn turn around turn around okay. This way, this way perfect, nickel, nickel, hellworth the first german to ever take charge of a men’s or women’s grand slam. Final, congratulations to him and brad silver is the most precious commodity tonight, not gold. For once, yeah, that trophy is a beauty. They’Ve kept it well shined in silver. What a tournament it’s been so many twists and turns along the way, but ultimately, these two’s roots through converge here in the final. His second final, of course, of a major came up short in five epic sets in new york against rafael nadal a couple of years ago. Here’S, the tail of the tape currently rank. Four, of course, will push on to world number two. If he were to win tonight, the 25 year old from russia, of course, has made his pace in the south of france with shield savara, and that has been perfect for him possible in the opening round.

Cabela’S in the second round krianovich in five. A couple of sets there were probably the roughest that he’s had in the tournament just mentally mackenzie mcdonald had a great tournament here getting through to the fourth round, but dispatched in straight sets tough match. It looked on paper against robles, but he wore him down before that. Wonderful win, of course, in the semi finals, against satsapass it’s been the toughest route through at a major ever in terms of sets loss for this man, but he’s never won a major. Of course. Without dropping a set so i’m sure that’s not going to bother him the most important thing for him, he comes into this men’s final fit and healthy said he felt the best that he’s felt the entire tournament after his semi final ominous signs for medvedev tonight. Look at that 145 million dollars in prize money, but he wants something tonight that money simply can’t buy charlie in the opening round. The american. It was a good tussle hot day that day as well, against gfo fritz that’s, when the injury seemed to occur and the match was getting away from him, but he won it in five rownich. The big server in the fourth round dispatched him for, as was veriff before the uh man of the tournament, who came from nowhere. In fact, he didn’t come from nowhere. He came from doha in qualifying to make the semi finals in his debut before he’s.

There. We see the normal brooks challenge cup and novak has already won eight times and has yet to lose in a final here outstanding stop bewildering. It is bewildering when you think about it. Eight finals, eight titles, as you mentioned mark, and if he’s made it sunday, he’s he’s won it’s been brad just quickly. What do you think medev’s got to do apart from obviously play well? Give me one thing that you think he needs to try and do better than he’s, maybe done in the tournament so far i don’t know if it’s one thing for me, i i think what it’s going to come down to is how he handles the pressure moments. In the match, we know how novak has handled pressure moments. We know he’s comfortable, given his history and how many times he’s been in these kind of positions. I really think that daniel medvedev, given his previous one final, is going to be more comfortable tonight and we saw that head to head he’s got some wins over novak.

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