Novak Djokovic, Australian Open : The story so far | Australian Open 2021

Applause is that would have been good enough. There’S, not a lot wrong with that drop, shot, match point that’s the way to seal the deal. Applause – and that is precision, so maybe fatigue, is a factor and there it is again just in either in his post, match press conference or in the chat on court after the match, whether he just alludes to how he was feeling, particularly in the first three sets Between these two, the more you boo me, the more i want to win. I love it. That is absolutely perfect. He knew exactly what he wanted to do right from the start there, with the short try and do something a little Applause cute. His will to win remains undiluted Music Applause. Well, it wasn’t a simple opening set for the world number one. It was complicated, scary stuff. Oh he’s got him all right. Brad around it’s, his court position there good old bashfilt. He was so off balance there’s. He was sliding towards the line: yeah great movement, great, get by novak, controlled the shot but milos with his length and size that he closes off on that and he’s got better balance. He should be able to cover that what a clean set of tennis, that was, Applause and he’s got a set point thanks for coming Applause. Oh, he is playing tennis from a different planet. Novak djokovic. Are you kidding me with this defensive backhand winner? How is he able to get a racket on the ball first and foremost, and then control the racket head and fittingly Applause that much more effective? Well, in the end, he won the opening set and that pressure will be building in carretov’s, mind as well paramount importance the first serve.

Oh, that is novak at his finest, but ultimately he is too good and that statistic 28 grand slam finals is mind. Boggling 24.

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