South Park, Comedy Central, Vaccine OUTH PARQ Vaccination Special Coming On March 10!!

Yo sap is back again vaccination, that’s also southpaw q. Congratulations! If i’m saying white, special, so called economy. Central has back out again for another new south park. Special i’m sorry for the quotes up here. Yes, so south park is going to be back again and um with south park. Q f fact, nation special sorrow, messed up the world right there, but that’s all right. So so they put south public decay to a queue. So, if there’s, something going on hmm like there’s something going on here, who knows i’m that’s? What that’s? What call me since you’re doing for next month, and also guys this is going to be like an hour long yeah, like the same as the pandemic special? Yes, south park will be back again and, with a one hour effect south park of south park q vaccination special, like this vaccination special yeah that’s, what it says, that’s coming on march 10., so because i know why they made this because the the covet is still. Oh wow, of course, covet is still around that’s. Why? They just did the weather mask, of course, yeah we already get that from south park, so yeah south park is really still having a hard time and wendy i mean wendy has problems because he’s just doing this totally farms and to make people high and then towie And wendy i mean oh, my goodness and mickey mouse come on now come on you freak out.

Do something else are you we are gon na, be screwed i’m telling you free you better! Do something about that special on march 10th. I will watch it, but you will see what happened my dad wendy, so so, since the special’s coming so it’s coming on march 10 on wednesday yeah it’s on this wednesday, so i can’t wait to watch it so it’s coming out on seven or eight p.m. Special time mine’s – probably eight – i guess – but one time i it’s already eight o’clock now but um so it’s – probably going to come out at 8 o’clock on that. So for march 10th. Excuse me so yeah for march 2021. So all right that’s. What i want to say all right so so yeah south park is gon na be back again, but it’s gon na be with another special on march 10th, so make sure to watch that soon before we see it, i will watch it. But if i, when i finish watching it, i don’t know, if i want to do, we feel with it or not, because it’s hard to win when memo of the of the um we feel so yeah it’s hard to do so. Oof i mean i don’t know, but if i don’t need to do the review of it, that’s fine but i’m gon na be watching it. But i see what i could do, but if i don’t do that’s okay, but i i don’t know what i’m doing, because this is my chat.

This is my channel. I do what i want and just see how this goes for me: okay, so that’s. Why so? Yeah south park q factorization special on march 10th, oh y’all, make sure to subscribe to south park, make sure to go subscribe to my channel hit that notification bell for new videos. I post for every time hit that bell button press all. Thank you. So much for watching, we hope you have a good day and a great night and make sure you go check. My smg4 reaction and my up from the other magazines shout out next week, trailer coming next week on my channel and thank you all so much for watching and we’ll see you all tomorrow.

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