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Yeah well done indeed it’s interesting when he talks about last season and he discusses the struggles they had because it’s not just about how well they’re doing this season it’s in that context of where they were just a year ago. I mean at this stage last season they were 19 points, worse off yeah and they finished 16th in the league last season, and so there was much to do um and and that’s why there was. There was a lot of people saying david moyes. Is he the right person to bring this club on and refresh this place? Well, anyone that was doubting has been it’s been shoved back down their throat right now, because what he’s doing here is a marvelous job with these players, there’s um there’s, some young players, he’s bloody johnson, i thought was excellent tonight in the fullback area, a young product Of the the academy here, um declan rice is a shining light of that as well and that’s, mixing in with some of the older generation the older players here, still that mix and blend that balance that he’s he’s been he’s begun to get in this squad. Now he’s so telling, and you see that there there’s a a real understanding between the cohesion from the defense of the midfield and then the fours. We spoke about before the game, they’re lacking a real actual number nine. Well today, they played like a team because of the cohesion because of the coaching that goes behind that on a training field, you know it’s seamless, it seems from, and that there’s, not many teams in the in the premier league that you’d be able to say that With them, they lose an integral part of their team that they can actually get over that with with no problems.

Yeah, look, they finished fifth. In in 1999., they may well beat that this season, there’s going to be a decision actually for the owners to take at some point, because whether they get to the champions league, europa league will just miss out. The fans are going to say right. Look where we are now let’s invest this summer feels like they’ve reached that moment. I think, firstly, fans want improvement year on year. They want to see an improvement this year. They’Ve got that, but again to sustain that and and consolidate on what they’ve built this season. They will need to to invest but it’s down to good recruitment. Far too many times, we could name so many players here where they’ve recruited poorly, so that needs to improve – and i think that’s down to the recruitment staff here, yes and david moyes himself to get the right players here, they’re going to be a good blend with What they’ve already got all right, let’s go through the the incidents then this evening i think you can see so much into the culture of a football club. When you see a moment like this – and we know, as you said already, sheffield united – would be disappointed with with how this came about. But the way that you have two west ham players wanting this penalty, the one that takes as the confidence to dispatch it and the one that wanted it, has the ability to straight away congratulate the goal.

Scorer it’s a good insight, isn’t it yeah that’s about the ambience within that changing room, there’s a there’s, a desire to to be the man you can tell with jesse um, but then he respects the that actual. Actually, the captain tonight is declan rice and he’s been designated to take the penalty so actually i’ll, step away, we’ve seen that that that kind of grow into an argument and become a problem, but he wasn’t here and the first man, as you said earlier, to come And congratulate him was was um jesse lingard so, but i think the more importantly about this team, i think there’s, this there’s an identity here, that’s building off the back of david moyes and i think years gone by he’s, really good everton team that give everyone problems. A lot of it was about the togetherness and the ability to close down teams and make make it difficult for teams and you’re. Seeing that in this west dam team, now me – and you have been standing on this platform for the last two or three seasons watching west ham – go one kneeling games, sometimes they’ve won them invariably they’ve thrown away the lead, but it feels different. Now doesn’t it two nil felt like it was coming all night, regardless of the opposition, yeah and even from set pieces. I think they’ve got 14 now goals from set pieces the most in the league, and that tells you that there’s an organization behind what they’re doing they’re organized they’re again in the opposing box, in both boxes that there’s like there’s, a desire to get on things first And they’re hard to play against that’s what i see now the defenders they want to defend, they defend their books.

How many times did they get in front of people to block things, but you can see that d up there he’s the one who wants to win win that amphidue. He brushes him aside and gets him first yeah we’ll get the thoughts of the manager in just a moment, but first let’s have a look at the third one. Then again, it’s nice, that they’re not just content at two nil, 96 minutes on the clock. They want more yep and we see substitutes come on two substitutes play a part in this here: beautiful movement, great footwork and you see frederick’s come inside. I mean the space he gets here. He’S got about three or four charges to look and have a go: it’s late on, but that’s two substitutes that tells you that there’s a there’s a little bit of depth of the squad starting to grow. The confidence is in this squad. The people are coming off. The bench having an influence as well important, especially when we’re talking about getting momentum for the back end of the season. Listen all things are looking positive for west ham. At the moment. They need to maintain this absolutely three goals. Three points into the top four victory, such a huge win and the significance is massive because it puts you in the top four. We spoke pretty much didn’t we. What does it mean now that you’re, actually in those positions, yeah it’s, incredible um? You know as lads as players, you know as a club that’s where we want to be.

You know this is a massive football club and these are the steps we’ve got to be taking now. You know we need to be pushing ourselves week in week out. If you look on the end of last season, where we were fighting relegation to where we are. This season, i think, there’s, been a massive improvement amongst the lads amongst the manager. You know, he’s really pushing us on, and you know tonight was a massive one to get three points and that’s what we’ve done it’s taken over 2 000 hours of playing football. For you guys to actually finally get this penalty it’s a bit like london, buses, one, you didn’t get one you did get and it was perfectly executed as well yeah. It was a strange one because you know 24th game now tonight and we haven’t had a pen. Yet so it’s really strange, um and obviously, like you said, they’re my first time taking a penalty in the premier league. You know i just had to compose myself. You know take a deep breath and just just visualize hitting the ball in the back of the net, and you know lucky enough that’s what i’ve done. I picked my spot and and put it away and got my first goal of the season. Um and you are the designated penalty taker when martin noble isn’t on the pitch. What were you and jesse lingard talking about beforehand? I just said to jess: look the gaffer.

I don’t want to be battered by him after in the changing room by the assistant. If i don’t take it um, so i said to him that i don’t want to be that guy. That looks like i’m taking the ball for you and i just said i’m on a mate. So obviously, can i have the ball but yeah buzzing too fuzzy and buzzing to put it in the back of the net and, more importantly, we got the three points and first goal of the season for you as well, and you know that chelsea are playing after You and i’m – all i want to know, is really does it actually make any difference to you now where you are now, you know it’s those positions can change at any time, but the mentality that you have in this team now is it just well whatever if They even if they come into the top four, we still have another chance, because we are that good. Is that how you feel at the moment, 100 yeah, obviously they’re playing now they could win. They’Ve obviously got above us on goal difference, but doesn’t matter, we’re still on the same points as them and, like i said before, where we are where we are now is because of hard work. You know desire dedication as a squad last season when we said it. Weren’T good enough, we turned it around this year to make it good enough, and i think everyone deserves massive credit um and now we need to be making them strides towards europe.

I think we’re good enough as a team and tonight’s performances like that are the big ones you’ve got to win. You know it could have been a sticky one tonight, but i thought the lads down the basics well went out there put on a performance and, like i said, main things, three points um and we go i’m happy come one step closer, definitely well done today. Thank you performance, a big score line in the end and it’s one that puts you in the top four, which is what everyone was talking about before. How good is it finally to be there just keep talking? It sounds great and uh. You know it was a great great professional job. The players done today, we uh sheffield united, played well and have been playing well, so we don’t take end away from that. We understand we’re up against good opponents. They made some chances tonight as well, but we defended well and we took our chances when we got them. There’S, always a concern when antonio’s not playing because he’s such a focal point in attack. You didn’t seem to be missing him as much as we talked about pretty much well, as i said when you get injuries or suspensions, you’ve got to find other ways of solving it. You know – and i think this season at different times, we’ve had to make one or two changes mickey’s really important to us, but i thought jared played really well tonight up front and supported round with jesse and lanzini inside at different times.

So we wanted to try and cause problems in a different way, and thankfully it worked so really important. Three points for, as you know, another another really good home win. Ogbonner was missing as well. Today, a real stalwart of that defense johnson came in did really really well. I suppose you know when you look at the team and what you’ve managed to build is this kind of the perfect blend of experienced youth and just sort of getting that balance exactly right? I’Ll tell you one of the most pleasing things: every every player, who’s come off the bench and started or playing has made a big difference. Quite often, the boys come off. The bench have actually won as the game or got as a result. Back and i’ve got to say that you know they’re all ben stepped in no. He said the ops not played for a while coming in tonight. So what had to have a look? We had to juggle things around a little bit it’s. The way the season is at the moment quite a few injuries around, so we hopefully were able to cope with them. We finished on ‘ points last season. This season is a completely different story. What is behind that? Well, the first thing i was thinking to myself is was that is that as safe now, normally 40 points is safety for a long time, i’ve been i’ve, been thinking much higher and looking much higher.

But again i can’t get carried away, because if we do, you know it might happen, we’re we’re, a team in progress, we’re trying to we’re trying to grow, and you know we’re trying to get good foundations in place so that maybe in the future we can have Really good teams regular good teams at the top of the league, so we’re enjoying it at the moment. You know why would we not enjoy being in the position we’re in and you know i just want the players to keep improving, because i actually think that there’s a lot more to come.

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