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How are you yeah pretty good thanks um? Can you clear out one thing for us: it’s, a victorian sort of angled question of. Do you still want to play for the vix or have you sort of given up sort of playing red bull cricket we’re, just talking to chris rogers last week, and he was unsure? We sort of was a bit surprised that you thought you weren’t, perhaps going to play red bull cricket anymore, no i’m, certainly keen to still play uh red bull cricket and still push my case forward to still play chess cricket. I feel, like i’m i’m, still very much in the prime of my career i’m, only 32. it’s, still a fair bit in me and um i’m fit and young feeling still anyway, um i feel like i’ve, still got a lot to give and in red bull games. So um yeah so not done industry. Is there any chance? You play a game before probably going to the ipl yeah. Well, if the schedule allows certainly, and obviously things with covert haven’t been exactly um clear, um all year, it’s been a changing sort of landscape. For us, the rules around hubs have been frequently changing and, i suppose, with quarantine on the way back as well, so um yeah we’ll, see. Hopefully the schedule allows me to get out there and play another game of red bull cricket, but um yeah we’ll see that’s. Just my last one, so when you get come back to australia, do you have we have a fortnight of quarantine, then, or i actually don’t know i actually i’m, not sure thanks.

Thanks for your appreciation, cheers thanks! John ben we’ll, head to you next g’day maxi, just uh after an update of what you’ve been up to the last few days in quarantine or probably you know, in training, morally uh training, i’ve not done a whole lot. Um it’s actually been nice to have a break. Um i’ve, probably not picked up a bad or a ball and um the first few days. I made a conscious effort not to not to take my gear to the ground and um. I probably made that mistake during the last quarantine that we had back in sydney and probably got back onto the tools too quickly and found myself sort of diving um. I suppose a little bit psychologically wise and just didn’t quite um didn’t quite feel at that time and decided to take a little bit of a break during quarantine until we sort of hit the ground running a little bit closer to the main sessions. But um yeah learnt from that um it’s, obviously a different experience for everyone, but was able to learn from that experience and decided to drop the tools for a few days had my first hit today, which was which was nice just sort of giving myself a chance. So i suppose look forward to having a hit and or look forward to having a bowl, so you’re, not the first player to say that what have you been doing instead of you knowing gym, have you been doing something else to actually literally psychologically freshen up, or Is it just reading books or talk to me? Does it look like i’ve been doing gym i’m? Not there.

Now, just i’ve literally just been walking around helping blokes that need to be helped, throw a couple of balls to a few guys, um, just having some conversation with some younger players, um helping some guys out playing spin um but yeah. Just just trying to put some just trying to help out where i can and um, but yeah not doing a hell of a lot fetch a few balls out in the middle um yeah just trying to still stay useful but um, probably not um. I suppose concentrating too hard on my own skills and the flip side. Your down time down time, i’ve been playing a favor to playstation um it’s been nice been watching. The test match uh, which is which has been entertaining test matches in india, are always exciting and um yeah that’s probably been getting me through. Can i also ask how you and the team have taken the news of the new outbreak in auckland today? I haven’t really spoken to anyone about it it’s, i suppose it’s out of their hands at the moment, we’re just hoping that it gets cleared up quickly and um and yeah. So all guns ahead and we can still um play um at eden, park and yeah. I suppose we’re just hopeful that it can get cleared up fast and i’m, not sure what date we got now. I haven’t really looked at the schedule too full on um uh but yeah, hoping that we can still get there.

Is it packed eating park? Sort of a highlight you don’t, have a cricket here that you can keen to get to well. I was talking to vinci about this. I can’t we haven’t actually played it too many grounds. Over here, we’ve seen the play at hamilton, um played at the cajun and wellington and eden park. We play those those few quite quite a bit. We’Ve got a few different ones. This tour, so um it’ll, be an interesting experience, but yeah eden park, packed out is certainly a hell of an experience and something young guys will certainly look forward to all right. I better go off the can. Thank you. No worries cheers thanks ben russell over to you hi glenn. How are you good russ? How are you good? Thank you, mate. Um. I was going to ask you what you’re going to do with all your white pads um. Even though we’d heard you were not playing red bull cricket anymore, but that’s good to see, you still got some interest serious serious note. Do you look at someone like mozzie and see you know back in the test squad at 32 touring around this summer ago? Yeah. You never know you could still have a shot, i think, probably with the schedule as well. I think next year, there’s there’s quite a few subcontinent um subcontinent tours that i feel like. I could certainly add something to that test squad. If, if i was selected and i’ll certainly be doing everything in my power to um try and get on those tours, and if i can somehow get some red ball quickly at some stage, um awesome time in in asia to to work on my game over there.

Hopefully that’s that can be enough to get myself back in the value green. Just a couple more from me on asia. Obviously, the ipl auction this week, um i’ve, been reading that rcb might be after you go play with your app. Have you heard anything? How does it work? Do they sort of give you a ring and say we might take your sort of afl draft style or not uh, not really it’s uh it’s a bit of a lottery on um auction day it’s. I think it’s going to be broadcast as well, so that’ll be a nervous day for a few guys, but um certainly should be entertaining on thursday i’m looking forward to it. What about, if you did land there at rcb, with virat and abe de villiers that’d, be pretty exciting. Yeah that’d be awesome. Um a b one of my one of my idols and one of the guys i’ve always tried to um watch. The way he goes about it would be. Love would be awesome to work with him. I know he’s a great fellow and he’s always been really helpful to me along the journey and whenever i’ve caught up with him, he’s been brilliant, so to be able to work with him, firsthand would be, would be pretty cool and i’ve just seen a photo of You pretty chummy with virat as well during the t20 series. Do you get on with him pretty well yeah get along with him pretty well um yeah it’d, be nice.

It’D, be certainly nice to work under under veerat and um. I feel like we’d work, work quite well together and um i’d certainly enjoy batman with him that’s for sure, and just last one. For me, your last game was the end of the bbl season. I think it was australia, gen, 26 and obviously the next. The first game is until the 22nd effect nearly a month between games in the peak of summer. My years have gone past that have been an issue for you, but now yeah. As you said before, you just switch off and when the game comes, you’ll be ready for it yeah. I i suppose learning from past mistakes is, is probably burning the candle um too much and then not being able to sort of be being flat, come game day and um. I think in the past, i’ve i’ve trained really hardly up in the series and started siri as well and then sort of deteriorated as they go on, but um to sort of give myself a only a few days sort of lead in and to be able to Hit the ground running still and then be able to keep that form. Sort of continuous throughout the whole series is probably pretty key for me. Going forward and um it’s all well and good, preparing preparing for a long period of time and trying to get used to conditions but you’re, still gon na be mentally and physically good to go through a whole series and not just the start.

So they’ll be key for me going forward mate thanks, go well cheers mate dan brady, hi, glenn, um, just a question about um. I suppose conditions differences between playing a t20 world cup later this year in india and playing these games in new zealand. Like what can you learn from playing in new zealand conditions, this series um versus you know? What can you not know unless you’re, actually in those conditions in india, i think it’s, probably more role play and uh for the for the players in our side, so um there’s going to be obviously a few deputies? I think we’ve got six or seven guys that haven’t haven’t played for australia yet is that that right, not really short on the exact numbers but um they’re they’re gon na have an amazing opportunity to push their case for that um t20 world cup. I think there’s about 15 games before uh that world cup start so there’s plenty of opportunities there for guys and just to see how they go under pressure. New zealand are obviously a very good side. I’Ve got some really good players and it’s going to be good to see how these players play under international pressure, yet we’ve seen them. Do it in the big bash we’ve, seen them um and play well but um. I suppose international cricket’s, a different beast. So hopefully um our players can stand up and sort of show, put up a good front and and and go well this series and put their names forward and just one other from me, you um uh, talked about the ipl auction.

What are your memories of that? Big day you had in 2013, where you know you’d made. I think that that quick 50 for australia in perth and then you know all of a sudden – you were you – you were breaking in the big bucks at an auction. Well, i made i made the quick 50, i think two days before and then the auction was on uh game day of game, two of that series against west indies, and i completely forgot about it um and that’s 100, honest as well, because i i had no Idea, um and it was against. I guess i went to west indies. I got a first ball duck. Um walked off filthy um, angry in the chain rooms, and there was a few blows um laughing and giggling. In the background what’s going on here had no idea. Sat down and mickey arthur and michael clark grabbed me and took me into the back room and my heart again, yell at me about a blow up or something like that or um they’re like oh, the ipo auctions on i was like okay, i didn’t even know And um, i said: do you wan na know what you got for us yeah? It doesn’t bother me like whatever i said. Oh, you went for a million and i said an expletive and sort of walked off and um and just sort of sat there and like. I had no idea how to react and blow to laughing in the background, and i was actually really lucky.

It was in perth and i was really lucky. I had my family over my mum and dad were in the crowd with my auntie and uncle and able to share a special moment with them after the after the game um. So that was my memories of that day. That was, that was life, changing a life changing amount of money for me and um yeah, i suppose, have have the um i’m gon na call. It luck to to be able to go back up there most years and and be able to apply. My trade, it has been, has been very it’s, been awesome for my cricket. It’S been um great to have the experience to play around the best players in the world and um and learn off different teams as well. It’S been we’ve had different coaches, i’ve had panna had um sanjay bang, brenda saywag had all sorts of coaches. It’S it’s been awesome, so um, so yeah, it’s it’s, been it’s been great experience and people asked me if my career would be different. If i didn’t go for that, but i have no idea it would it wouldn’t? I don’t think it would because i don’t feel like i’ve changed too much of the person but um fair to say you would have um watched every subsequent auction a bit more closely than that one. I certainly i certainly knew the date after that. One um yeah: you certainly learned from your mistakes and i learnt from um missing the date of that one, but uh yeah every every year since it’s been exciting um.

I know a lot of the players. The australian teams, generally together for a one day, series somewhere in australia and we get to watch it together and um. I suppose congratulate each other or or commiserate each other depending on what they went for or if they didn’t go so it’s it’s. Obviously, a stressful day for a lot of people and i’ve been lucky enough to be on the on the good side of a fair few times. Thank you. Thanks dan marty, we’ll head to you, yeah hi, maxie, um. First, one mate is that a new hairstyle that i that that you’ve got there what’s what’s the story, boredom i’ll, give you the hot tip it’s boredom has uh. Has mrs mrs maxey giving her feedback yet? Is she a fan she hated it originally and then i did it a couple of more times around her and she was like annoyingly. It started to grow on her, so um it’s it’s not going to stay. Believe me, because we’ve got to we’re going to waiting to plan next year’s of the next year, so um yeah i’ve got to enjoy it. While i can because it’s getting the car parks are getting deeper and deeper um like just a little more serious one. You mentioned earlier about, you know still having that test ambition. I guess it’s sort of been a conundrum for you for most of your career about how do you actually find those windows to play a decent chunk of first class cricketer in around ipl and and white ball for australia? Do you have any sort of any plans in the next 12 months about finding ways just for you to have a decent crack at playing red bull cricket and putting some decent red bull numbers up uh? I just think in this current climate, it’s it’s so hard to plan ahead, it’s we’re, not sure what’s, going to happen in what country and what tours are going to go ahead.

What tools aren’t going to go ahead so it’s just so hard to plan forward um. I think last year um, obviously i had so many different plans. I had my elbow surgery at the start of the year and i was looking forward to getting back into into cricket at the start of the year and and building through the through the winter and um. All those plans went out the window and and all of a sudden things change so it’s it’s all well and good um thinking about your plans, but i just think in this current climate it’s really really hard to sort of set them and stick to them. Have you had any discussions with the selectors about your test ambitions and and have they given an indication that, because it does seem really hard for you to play shield cricket, would they be have they give an indication that continued good performances for australian white ball cricket, Particularly in the subcontinent could be enough to get a test spot back, particularly for those asian tours that you mentioned earlier. Yeah yeah a little bit and i think, if you’re, i think, even watching this uh current test, you’re not you’re, not facing these conditions in australia. So you’re not probably learning a whole lot of sheffield shield cricket in australia; you’re not not really getting a gauge on what guys are going to be like under that sort of pressure and with the ball spinning square keeping low bouncing over your head and um it’s.

Just a different different beast completely so to be able to um to, i suppose, pick a test side based on sheffield shoe crickets it’s, probably a little bit a little bit more difficult. I think you’ve probably got ta go in with a lot more specialists who can um adapt to, i suppose, spinning conditions and um and find a find a way to score in those sort of conditions as well so i’m hoping that can put me in good stead. Even if i don’t um have the the time on field with the sheffield shield, if i can still find a way to um, i suppose play a bit more subpoena let’s play a few more series in the subcontinent over this year or, however long and put my Name forward, put up some good numbers and and show that i’m still a good player, a spin cool.

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