Australian Men’s Cricket Team, New Zealand national cricket team, Cricket, Twenty20 International, ICC Men’s T20 World Cup vs AUS 1st T20 International – 22.02.2021

He can ball t20s. He plays for sydney sixes national anthems for the countries Music. Is that ross taylor? Music? Ladies and gentlemen, good evening to you all for this time, new zealand and it’s, the greenest i’ve ever seen out to the middle now it’s time for the coin, toss down the core, australia, australia tells you i wan na tell us what they’re gon na do all Right, excuse me: new zealand place we’re gon na do emy um whatever seems like a good wicket. Oh you’re kidding me. Australia want to trust me on the ball. This is the best wicket to pull on revolve lethal revolves. Decent life is decent well we’re. Following that, i’ve i’ve seen him playing like quite a while i’ve, never seen lego perform on my book: okay, hey with the cockapoo on ss jeez Applause, oh my god, so the very first ball Applause and there’s. There. Six: six are of stock Applause, no i’m, not gon na score as much as i normally would because it’s a green wicket so like i could smash 300, but i want to make it realistic, yep, so i’m gon na back normal, like an actual person, perfect technique And please every number 48 has a good chinese cut, see a good chinese cup from number 48. Every 48 has a good chinese cut. You don’t see that many of them anymore, because most of the 48s are Applause. Oh picks that one up nicely good shot forgot.

You’Re right only hit boundary, he never hits signals. Hmm Applause, jeez i’ve been surprised how lying wasn’t smack first ball for six no shot off him. Oh the dude Applause 58 slip. Six huge shot full ratchet. He’S 3.6.6 done six yeah. The final is gon na have to be a six to make this funny Applause very firmly flat sinks. People are straight away like this out right there like that’s out because it’s so flat, it’s, so flat Applause, the boundary six runs seriously you’re right i’m, knocking on your door, mate yep too short. You saw it early and played it. Well, Applause! Oh, i couldn’t get it because that one good ball he actually bought. So you can go down the track and still hit the six four six Applause. He’S 197, not it’s, not even 198. My highest is 199.. I need 200. here. Where will this one? Go? Applause? It’S, like the squat it’s, like a squat shot, how has he ended up hitting that for six it’s, probably just pure skill, i guess she’s just whipped, wait and watching it. Yamana runs roughly by commons given over superbly. He must be one of the like one of the only people to do that. Applause that’s, an eyeball bad thing about wise is, i think, as a batsman wide balls. You should never volunteer 105. This is definitely a world record. This is probably going to be a record just for logical cricket alone.

The first man to get 200 runs in a t20, probably poor, delivery and rightly punished start the left arm base bowler is coming into the attack from the hospital in and he just lets that go through wide cool, so i’m gon na get um reverse 250 and When i say this is hundred perfection make lines, this has been quite an interesting. So when i get these people to now, i just get revolved at 250.. Oh superb timing, time to wrap it. When i think of revolving cookie 19, i think of what that’s big, what a shot am i, on to 59., declaring in a limited overs match now that’s, just showing contempt, Applause, hey! You know only those white marks, ah, i could carry on, but for the video it’s being too long i’m declaring. I need to believe that they are able to chase it, but they certainly won’t just because i want the video not to be too long and you just have to watch it. I will take 423 to defend not easy to defend hey what you’re talking about it’s. Actually very difficult to defend if you’re playing Applause tests, what a delivery draws the edge did you get any bad on that he’s, a key player but he’s out? First ball: wow Applause, oh great shot! Applause! Did they nick that yeah Applause? I want to find out how to bring the keeper in close girl, home Applause yeah, what a catch time that dive perfectly Applause outside the line, what a ball the bathroom bamboozled and ended up, knocking it back onto his own Applause, stunts.

Okay, william he’s good with the he’s, a good off spinner good bowling. Here, the dots are really putting the pressure on huge shut out. That’S you’ve got to see that sound Applause come on. Oh, my god, Applause big appeal, didn’t get the wicket, but that would have unnerved the batsman. He needs to keep the pressure up. Confident appeal: could it be the whole team? This one means a lot: are they showing this because it’s out now, the new batsman takes guide Applause, perfect example of how to play that shot: Music Applause Applause, so all right: timing, races to the boundary for four Applause. Look at this field: this is the field you wan na see. This has been quite a one sided affair. The result was never really in doubt. Oh, is the reverse swing nobody’s Music, so it seems, like australia have lost the first t20 of the new zealand australia series so i’m a bit confused because i think i’ve scored a record amount of runs in the t20 as new zealand. I want my 268 says.

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Australian Men’s Cricket Team, New Zealand national cricket team, Cricket, Twenty20 International, ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Pak vs Nz 3rd t20 2021 Smashing Game

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