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I wanted to know uh, given what you’ve been able to see of the rink so far. I know you guys didn’t practice there, but what do you think this is going to be like as a goalie as far as sight lines? Sun glare things like that, and how do you think you’ll manage it? Uh yeah? Well, i haven’t i haven’t seen it at all. I just saw it on tv briefly that’s that’s about it, but i uh. I did text with the colorado’s goalie coach he’s. My former coach from finland actually so he was saying it’s pretty bad for goalies out there so uh. I think they’re they’re pushing our start time back so that might help with the glare but i’m i mean if, if the sun’s still out, i think it’s gon na be pretty bad for goalies, but uh uh, i mean nothing you can do about it. Just try to adapt and see the puck as well as you can. Thank you. The next question comes from. Actually we have brad marchand here now. Do you have a question for tuca brad, please direct it to either of them. The next question comes from dan roche. Uh brad, i guess we’ll we’ll start on your side. Then um just you’ve been in these before what’s the uh kind of message, maybe to some guys that haven’t been how much do you try to enjoy it? You know as the puck drops and the atmosphere and everything else that goes with this type of game and the venue yet at the same time, you’re trying to get out of here with two points: yeah at the end of the day, it’s another game, um and That’S, what we’re playing first two more points uh, i think the the thing we’re all trying to do is just take it all in um, there’s, a lot of things that are out of our control and we’re just here to make the most of it enjoy it.

Um it’s a very unique experience and uh one that you know we’ll probably never have again um in this kind of setting uh, so we’re just trying to make the most of it and have fun. I mean you know, it sounds like dice is having a little difficulty out there today, but you know again that’s out of our control and you’re gon na play through it and that’s part of it. The whole experience. The next question comes from chris ryan: hey tuka, just how do you go about trying to deal with the glare and the problems that that makes this you mentioned kind of having to fight through it? Is there you know anything specific and is it how just mentally challenging? Is it for a net minder to be going into a situation where you know you are going to have difficulty seeing the puck if that glare is, is a problem? Well, i mean this like, like marsha said we can there’s a lot of things we can’t control like weather, is one of them, the sun’s from one of them like i there’s nothing. I can do about it, but i think uh wearing the eye black. That helps a little bit with the glare, but obviously, if the sun’s in your eyes – and you have to look up that that won’t do anything so maybe wear sunglasses that’s another option, uh other than that there’s, really nothing, nothing more! You can do but uh i’m not i’m, not worried about it.

It’S. Just you know, things are out of our control and uh let’s go about our business. Like usual. Next question comes from jimmy murphy: hey this one’s for you, i’m, just wondering if you can remember back um to the fenway game there and just the atmosphere, and you know it was a pretty exciting game, the overtime and everything and just your experience there and how The outdoor games have gone from for you as a goalie and as a player going forward from there yeah uh. I do remember that that was that was the obviously first one for us. A lot of us never played outdoors. You know in front of fans like that at fenway, so it was a great experience, there’s a lot of energy around the stadium and the city, so that was that was a great great experience, uh and then obviously you know we had to luxury play a couple. More over the years, so you know they’re always different different kind of you know days. The routines are different and then uh this one, obviously there’s no fans, but the scenery is so beautiful that you know it’ll be once a lifetime experience for sure in a different way, so uh they’re, all they’re, all great. We enjoy them as players and uh. You know trying to grow the game and hopefully people turn in and watch we’ll. Take two more questions in english before taking some finished questions. The next question comes from kevin paul dupont, hi for brad police, uh brad.

I don’t have to tell you what a strange year this has been. You know it’s, almost virtually a year now months, without playing you go to the bubble. There’S, no one in the stands: you’ve gone through a month with no one in the stands again tomorrow. How much of an appreciation has this given you for just for people being around and – and i would think at this point you’d be happy to be in a building where they just booed you, i always loved, being in the building where they blew us, but it Does give you a whole new appreciation for how good we had it before how great it is to have fans at the rink and around all the time just to be around other people, not even just at the rink, but just in general, i mean you know. We’Re locked down day to day from being around anyone, you know we’re cut off more than really a lot of other people, so it gives us a whole new appreciation for, for you know, life and how good of a situation we’re in um but it’s. You know there’s nothing better than having fans at the games and um. You know: there’s gon na be a huge adrenaline rush, uh every game that we have fans now for the next little while until we’re used to it again, but even with 25 capacity um. You know whatever it comes to initially it’s going to be a huge boost and it’s going to be a lot of fun to have to have the fans there so we’re looking forward to getting them back here at some point soon and our last question in in English comes from sean hutching looks like we have some technical problems for sean.

Do you have a question for tuka? Please raise your hand brad. You are dismissed and we’ll. Take the first question and finish from tony foreign tony. Do you have a thank you for your time, that’s it perfect.

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