Champagne, LVMH, Jay-Z, Armand de Brignac Y Z TEAMS UP With MOET -The partnership reflects a shared vision of Moët Hennessy and Shawn JAY-Z

You talked about this with title. You don’t. Do things the easy way you do things. The way you think are going to have the best results, so why moet um yeah, you know they just was aligned in our thinking and thoughts and um. You know the way they care about products and creating products. You know when we built um our mind from the ground up. You know we wanted to do things right. Integrity of it had to be right, the soil, of course it had to be in champaign because it can’t be called champagne unless it’s from the region um. So you know when we build luxury products, whether it be you know, from roc nation, to monogram, to whatever we’re, building we’re building luxury products and um um more hennessy goes about it the same way, so we are aligned in our thoughts of um integrity and passion. For the things that we built – and you know when i met uh, it started with alexander, you know we had conversations and then um bernard. No. They came to my house to have lunch in los angeles, my los angeles home and made october 2019, and you know those conversations um, you know escalated pretty quickly. You know, i see these guys with men of their words. They say: they’re gon na call you thursday, it’s thursday um. It just started out in a place of respect and it built from there built pretty quickly felipe i’ll.

Ask you the same question why this brand? Why did you come to jay z? Well, this branch is in the field of prestige champagnes, which is a very attractive category in which we have already several brands like nonperi, new or crook. But, of course, what amanda greniac did or what jay z did with this brand is really creating a new market of its own. At the very high level, high prestige level of the category, touching new consumers, bringing new consumers to world of champaign with a very disruptive way of marketing of bringing the product across and and that brand became a huge success and we have been observing it uh for The last few years, and so when, thanks to the relationship between uh alexander arno and jay z, i was invited to these discussions. I mean it was uh. It was very uh exciting to us to to enter this world uh partner and what we felt we could bring to. The brand uh, which is already very successful, is the the sheer power of our international distribution network, which really can ranging from asia to europe, and also america and latin america, and africa can really bring that brand further up from its current place, where it’s already very, Very successful to even higher levels in the future jay z. This has to be particularly sweet for, for those who aren’t familiar with the creation of this brand. You used to be a fan of cristal used to to sing about it, used to talk about how you were would drink it and then the head of christal, the company that makes cristal made some ridiculous comments back in 2006.

And you boycotted what talk a little bit about that just coming from that insulting comments to be able to build this brand over the span of such a short period of time yeah, we were just kids celebrating being alive. You know there were reports that you know kids from our neighborhood wouldn’t make it past 21.. So you know we were celebrating being live. We were exploring all luxury products and we happened upon a brand called cristal and um. You know we popularized this brand uh within our community and then there was those those comments in the economist. I think anyone else could look them up and see what they were. We were happy being uh consumers of of this brand and you know, as the universe would have it, an opportunity came right shortly thereafter, and it was just perfect to you know, build our own thing uh the same way. You know we built roc nation. The idea of it was we wanted a record deal. It wasn’t this plan to build this um, this big media company um it was, we actually wanted a deal. I wanted a record deal and when we couldn’t get one we built our own um similar to you know those comments. Uh forced us to build our own thing and yes today it feels very it’s a happy day and uh. I feel very vindicated um from that time. Yes, as you should do you see other opportunities places where your community is not being appreciated and loved other things that you might be able to do well, yeah.

We live in america right so we have a long way to go to uh um towards inclusivity, um, so there’s many sectors, um think about uh jesus. All the things that we’re in i may be the highest ranking tech, ceo um, you know owning title um again, the only one with a luxury um, the highest ranking um, maybe that’s going too far, but i checked definitely champagne the highest ranking african american owner of A luxury uh goods product and so yeah there’s there’s um plenty room um to go from here. Gentlemen.

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