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Coming up in the next two videos, i’m going to be giving you uh six different, margarita riffs three per video um, the margarita that i’m going to be focusing on it’s kind of the old basin is on it’s the tommy’s margarita it’s, my favorite way of drinking A kind of a margarita, essentially we’re, swapping out the orange liqueur orange curacao that you would use for agave nectar, so taking grand marnier or orange curacao, or what i do fortunately and swapping it out. So the thomas margarita is essentially a three ingredient cocktail. Uh, your tequila and the tequila brand i’m using is cascabel. I’Ve got them all up there, we’re going to be featuring them, the coffee, the the honey that uh, the coconut tequila, the reposado and the blanco. This is just the kind of blanco tequila freshly squeezed lime juice and funkins agave nectar, so i’m gon na be loosely basing these riffs uh. These six riffs on this cocktail say three per video i’m shooting the next one straight after this, so we’ll be out in a few days time, if you’re watching it live um right that is so good, so so good feel free to take these recipes and kind Of use your own interpretations on them, so uh, the first one i’m gon na kind of do, for you is a tropical kind of margarita, i’m gon na be using cascabel’s um, coconut tequila. This is absolutely amazing. You don’t have to use cascabel, use your favorite tequila and feel free, even if you’ve got a blanco reposado like interchange, this, with a little bit of coconut liqueur in there there’s.

No, no, no right or wrong it’s, just pure inspiration for you. So, instead of 60 ml i’m going 45 mil of coconut tequila in here so 45, there then i’m going to be adding a little bit of a banana liqueur gifford’s posh banana liqueur isn’t the right one, yeah i’m going 10 mil of this. Here we go and then i’m going to be adding um 10 ml pineapple gifford’s posh pineapple liqueur as well. So there we go there’s that lovely, so we’ve got pineapple banana and coconut absolutely delicious. This is the first one uh. Then i want some freshly squeezed lime juice, i’ve kind of got it here, ready to go 30, mil one ounce of that and then and just your agave nectar as you’ll see from this. This is properly properly thick and luscious this one, and because of the sweetness i’m sticking to the 15 kind of mil half an ounce of agave nectar, it’s like honey. Here we go look at that: oh that’s, proper, proper, proper nice. That is right, so it’s going to get a sticky cap in it right here, so just going to ice this up and then we’re going to give this a proper shake down for a good, as always good, so 10 12 seconds right there pop that there right This one is going traditional, so i’m, going into a rocks glass, so i’m, just going to single strain this in there lovely pop that there now uh i’ve got some large ice balls there or some cubes got a nice ball there as well.

You could use but i’m just going sort of normal ice for this fill this up with normal ice. Here we go maybe a little bit of uh, it’s gon na say crushed, but i’ve got these lovely little lovely little sort of cubes, now tiny little cubes. On top and then just garnish that, with kind of a pineapple pineapple spear got fresh pineapple there, we go that’s, my first one, so it’s kind of a like a tommy’s margarita, but it’s kind of a tropical coconut banana uh pineapple. That is so so good. I love that right, then, the second one i’m going to kind of do for you it’s, just a very simple, quick flip on a strawberry margarita, no blended, nothing frozen here, just proper proper, so for this one i’m going for the blanco tequila because i’m going to Let the strawberry flavors do the work so again: i’m, going 45 mil of blanco because i’m going to use strawberry liqueur in here so 45, mil of blanco, tequila and i’m going to use my lovely sort of strawberry to cure, and i always have to use a Little pourer for this one, because the strawberries keep coming out so i’m, going 15 ml of strawberry liqueur in there and then i’m going back to pop that to one side now, i’m, going back to my standard, my lime, juice and um, my agave nectar, so 30 Ml of of lime juice and feel free feel free to adjust the sweetness.

I think this is bang on perfect for these, like the sort of the two ounce one ounce, uh half an ounce for that, but feel free to have a little play so again, we’re going 15.. Look at this. I might have some of this on toast. Oh, so good, so good right get all that in there then we’re going to do exactly the same thing i’m going to leave the cap off. This is going to get all sticky same thing again so ice up. You could use strawberry puree. You could use strawberry syrup, you could wave a fresh strawberries, strawberry jam, doesn’t matter, let’s just use waste, not whatnot, let’s use the same, shaker again so hard part shake 10 to 12 seconds right, that’s, not all done now. This is the other way i love to serve um like margaritas i’m gon na go properly in a little nicanora glass, i’m gon na double strain this so getting all the little tiny shards of ice. So if you’re going to use puree or anything like that, just use a bigger glass there we go you’re, doubling it you’re, doubling it overly sweet. You want. You want a tequila first and foremost to come through. So you know don’t drown out that tequila don’t don’t make it too sweet. Tequila is, if you get this like this, is why i’m using casketball, because it’s kind of i’m, not a tequila person but getting used to this brand it’s a brilliant kind of entry level? Um doing a disservice, but brilliant kind of cheaper tequila to get you into tequilas it’s, absolutely delicious right, i’ve got a little strawberry wedge there as well, so just the simple kind of strawberry, thomas margarita, just strawberry and tequila together.

Oh, that is oh that’s magic right now for the third margarita let’s, just yeah let’s just use that again i’m, going for kind of a passion, fruit, sort of flip here, um so i’m, going to be using a bit of fresh passion, fruit in here as well. But i’m going for the reposado for this one, um and again there’s more booze coming in this so i’m, bringing it down to 45 mil um for this. Instead of 60., there we go 45 mil of reposado tequila, and then i am going for some pessoa pessoa passion fruit to cure 15. Mil of this okay, lovely, perfect, now, i’m, just gon na add a pulp of half a passion. Fruit i’ve got a fresh passion for it here with my spoon uh, so i’m, just gon na sort of use the pulp in there as well cause i’m, not gon na double strain. This one right. There we go that’s the pulp Music, then i’m, going back to the standard 30 mil one ounce of freshly squeezed lime, juice and ah half half an ounce 15 mil of your agave nectar. Don’T know if you, if you’re, especially in america and mexico, like why the go to kind of agave brands um, do we get over there because we’ve got, i think, there’s two or three. I forget the brand, but we’ve got like a brand that you’ll see in every single supermarket over here and i can’t think what it’s called.

But i don’t really know too much about agave nectars i’ll be honest and syrup that’s. Actually, a syrup right, lovely Applause, same old, same old, shake plenty of ice, shake that up so replica tequila, pesoa, fresh passion, fruit. There we go magic right, hard, fast, shake and it’s a different way to serve this coming up in a second Music right there. Now i kind of want the passion fruit in here as well, so i’m going for um a kind of a julip glass actually i’m, just going to kind of loosely strain that i want a bit of a bit of the uh passion fruit seeds in there you Can always add a bit more all in bottom, there right, um and now i’m, just gon na use crushed ice for this or again go back to my cubes it’s, my little lovely cubes of ice, okay, brilliant little ice mold! So i’ll stick a link in the affiliate in the um show description where you get these little sort of cubes of ice from these uh well little ice molds. These are brilliant right. Garnish this with a passion. Fruit, and here we go. You’Ve got a passion. Fruit, um, margarita, oh, i don’t think i can split them. Oh that’s amazing right make sure you join me in part two uh. We should be come filming straight after this as well, and then you can, let me know, which is your favorite out of the six uh margaritas that i have done.

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