NASDAQ:AAPL, Stock, Apple, Nasdaq iCar Announcement Will Send Apple Stock Parabolic (and others)

The starter show mighty g today i want to be talking about apple stock and whether buying apple stock. Now is a good speculative. Buy rumors are heating up about this icar and i believe the growth of tesla stock will see apple want to push the icar, maybe not even so much to make money, maybe not even so much for mainstream apple. I car adoption, maybe just to increase the value of their stock. If they can say guys, we are making the icar. I can see a fomo into apple stock, like you can’t, even imagine like we’ve, never seen before and it’s just gon na take off so i’m thinking about when i get some youtube money thinking about buying a little bit of apple, because i think they’re going to End up launching this, i car this self driving all electric i car before i get into this article. Let’S look at the concepts. Some of these concepts are mad. Look we’ve got the icar air, which is a thin version of the icar, and then we have this one. However, i think the most likely icar will be this one from car wow. So just a normal, nice and smooth, it all looks like it’s in one piece with a nice lit up apple on the front. Now, of course, although the apple logo does light up, they’re probably going to need it so that you can see the apple car logo all the time, so everyone knows it’s apple.

You know what apple are like with their massive logo, all over everything. Then we have the icard macintosh, which could be crazy as well, but i think we’re just going to go with the original icar from car wow, which looks a bit like a hyundai, but the inside is about the inside that’s going to change lives, so they’re speculating It’S going to be all electric self, driving and potentially in a collaboration with nissan motor, maybe we need to make a little play on nissan as well. If they are the company behind the huge large scale manufacturing of all these car parts for the apple car, we’re gon na see nissan stock hit the stratosphere even more than apple stock, because apple stock is already you know all the amazing technology, all the best team Members for apple is already priced into the stock, but nissan no one’s thinking about nissan so getting on ground floor and nissan. Then they choose nissan you’re talking a 10x game just as soon as the news is announced. The icars results in a lot of wall street research reports, but few hard numbers about what an apple entry might mean for the global car business. I think it would take a lot of the steam out of tesla stock. I think it would revolutionize the world if apple made a car, because then everything integrates together. Your ipad, your iphone, your macbook, your car, we’re, moving over into this internet of things, world and apple, could be the first company to successfully have internet of things everywhere.

You go because after the icon, no doubt they’ll have the ihome and you’ll. Have your i home i’m, not saying it’s, going to be a pre built home that you ship out what i’m saying is: they’ll have like an ipad type device that you like plug into your wall and hook up throughout your whole house, and you could say, siri Open the blinds siri turn on the heating siri turn on the air conditioning, siri flush, the toilet and everything would be connected to your i home that’s. What i think is coming after the icar, so if they launch the icar news, you can almost guarantee that ihome is coming next and it’s going to integrate with all your devices and it’s going to be awesome, and so, even though apple is so highly valued. I still think it could be a good buy if they launch the icar. They launch. The i house, or i home bro it’s, going to explode and apple are one of the best tech companies because they actually pay a dividend. All the other tech companies they don’t, really like to pay dividends, so imagine apple, stock, quadruples and you’re, still getting that nice dividend payment and you own apple, probably the best company in the world after ripple. Of course, news of a potential apple car surfaced in december. Those reports were taken seriously by both tech and car analysts, because apple has had car ambitions strike searching back years and because apple is huge.

The tech giant has a market cap roughly equal to the market cap of all the car makers on the globe combined, and that includes the most valuable car company on the planet. Tesla hyundai kia, as well as united states, electric vehicle startup canoe, have all been tied to apple in reports. Nissan is the latest car company to be linked. Nissan stock fell almost three percent. On monday, after reuters reported nissan’s denial, it was working with apple now, wouldn’t reuters do that if nissan were going to work with apple wouldn’t writers, come out and say that they’re not going to work with apple, it seems like because all the best stocks they always Get hammered in the press and loads of fuds in the press, so this could be it apple stock could be ready to explode and make everyone rich be on their other streams in this partnership with nissan, of course, reuters would say that they’re not working with apple. If they actually were apple and the car companies, haven’t commented on apple’s car plans. Apple wasn’t, immediately available to comment on the nissan reports on tuesday, outside of temporary impacts on car companies directly linked to apple car stocks. Aren’T really reacting to the icar news. Crying wolf is one reason. Nothing concrete has come from repeated speculation and, of course, apple car would be years away. Another reason: auto investors aren’t too concerned for the moment. So, if it’s years away, it seems like a good buying opportunity now, apple, i believe, are only going to improve and get better as a company with even better products year after year after year, and it to buy now in preparation for the apple car and the Apple home, i think, could be a great play this time in 2021, that doesn’t mean an apple car won’t matter, or that the news of potential partnerships can be discounted.

Web bush analyst dan ives expects a formal announcement 2021 at this point, it’s a matter of when not if apple will enter the electric vehicle race over the next few years, wrote ives on a monday research report. He assigns 85 probability that apple will make an announcement. Next, three to six months, he obviously knows something we don’t know because hyundai and volkswagen his top two choices for an apple partnership. I think if they were to go for this partnership, it would be with hyundai, because volkswagen are based in germany, and that would be too expensive for mainstream apple car adoption. However, it is a luxury device and i can see them going for a lot of money. So that means it maybe could be manufactured in germany, maybe he’s right i’m thinking, hyundai, volkswagen apple stocks are looking like good buys. Hyundai already has its own modular electric vehicle platform that’s one reason: ives likes hyundai as a possibility, although other automakers, including general motors, have similar approaches to electric vehicle development. Volkswagen, for its part, has big electric vehicle ambitions, it’s, also a large shareholder of quantum scape, which is pioneering solid state, lithium, anode, electric vehicle batteries. Those batteries promise lower cost better safety, faster charging and more range. Both things could make volkswagen attractive to a partner. Ives covers mainly technology stocks. He covers apple and has a 175 price target for shares. He also covers tesla stock rating shares, with a 950 price target for shares.

Bernstein analyst tony saccone covers both as well. He gave apple stock 132 and he’s more bearish on tesla. He believes an apple car would make it harder for tesla to meet his volume growth of 50 year on average for the next few years. I agree and when this news comes out and tesla gets popped, we’re going to see amazing entry points on tesla when everybody is freaking out that they’re not going to meet their volume growth goal. The automotive market has historically been highly fragmented, with strong regional brands and preferences wrote sacagani in a recent research report. It is uncertain to us that amid massive new competition and entry, the market will ultimately become more consolidated and or have one outsized winner. Now i don’t think there’s gon na be one outsized winner, but i think if apple was to enter this space there’s. So many apple fanboys, including myself as much as i love tesla. If apple came out the exact same thing as tesla, but it was an apple car instead of the tesla car, i would go with the apple, even if it was a little bit more expensive, maybe 20 more expensive, because it would connect with my phone. My ipad, my laptop everything, would be perfect in the apple icar end game. It looks awesome, it looks fun, it looks like we’ll be able to play apps in our cars it’s bad news for tesla. He writes tesla shares for an 108th price target.

Whoa he’s bearish talk about bearish dude morgan stanley covers cars, but not apple he’s, bullish on tesla stock and has an 880 price target. An apple car entry could speed electric vehicle penetration. We all love penetration, which would benefit all electrical vehicle makers. In addition, tesla can iterate industry leading battery technology for another four or five years before apple may be on the scene. I think they’re very, they think apple can’t just make something up and launch it the next year they could literally come up with icar and find a way to launch it next year for sure, and if they’re already talking about it, they’re already working on it. Behind the scenes, because some one of the employees has let the word out, which has got to someone else which has got someone else which has got someone else, it’s got someone else and the writing is on the wall for apple icar in the near future. I didn’t even know about this before today i didn’t even know this was a huge thing before today and i’m. Thinking about all the years back, when the iphone first launched, i mean my friend, we were well into the iphone and none of us invested in apple and we would be even with like a thousand dollar invest. We would be rich and we knew the writing was on the wall and that we loved apple and we would always support apple and the apple were the best and i’m thinking now.

If i look back on now in five years and i don’t buy a lot of apple stock, even just a little bit hundred bucks 200 bucks, i’m gon na be kicking myself after they launch the icar it’s going to go parabolic towards you, know: five trillion dollar Market cap it’s going to end up a huge bubble, but who knows how long this bubble could continue? We’Re talking unlimited easy money by the central banks, unlimited trillions of dollars every year every year that goes past, the more trillions of dollars are going to be added to the money supply we’re, not in a stock market based on the economy. There’S a huge disconnect from the real economy in the stock market because of unlimited, easy money and corporate bailouts. But this could play in our advantage if we’re buying apple stock, a lot of these extra money, that’s printed out, thinner and given to these politicians. For no reason that money doesn’t go out into the economy, it goes straight into the stock market straight into the crypto market straight into housing. So this could boost apple stock, much much higher, more electrical vehicle players. However, aren’t enough to shake his confidence and test the stock, in addition to tesla jonas, recommends stocking general motors and active to get exposure to the electrical vehicle theme. I don’t know what app dev is that’s interesting. Put that in your notes, to remind my g to look at appdave rbc analyst joe spack also covers car stocks.

He like jonas rates general motors and active stock, but rates tesla stock as more of a hold like if you’ve got it hold on to it. Don’T sell it but don’t buy anymore. The emergence of apple car highlights the need for car makers to adapt at faster rates, otherwise they could get left behind whether it’s by apple or someone else wrote spark in a recent research report. Overall wall street appears to believe few things about icar that’s, good news. If they don’t think that icar’s coming and they’re not buying up apple, because they don’t believe that icar is coming, we could blindside them with an apple, buy right now and watch it double in the next couple years as they launch the icar and the ihome. And the eye everything so they’ll have the eye everything and it’s like a it’s like a bubble that follows you around and you just because think about it: it’s dangerous to come in contact with people. Imagine everyone had an eye everything covering them, a big bubble that they could tap on their screen i’m telling you guys wait till the next pandemic, the next one. In five years, ten years apple, will launch the eye bubble. We’Re talking i bubble takeover to the moon. Overall wall street appears to believe few things about the icon. It will be a premium self driving product and will be built by an existing automaker guys, it’s time to diversify into auto stocks, whoever they pick we’re gon na see an overnight 10x.

When this news is announced, it’s good news for apple stock, but it might not be that disruptive to the existing industry, initial volumes will be small. It will boost consumer interest in electric vehicles. What’S, more news of an apple car will drive incumbents to improve time will tell if that turns out to be how the industry develops. I think they’re wrong. I don’t think that the initial volumes will be small. I think there’s a lot of people sitting on the sidelines about to make a move on buying a tesla car or buying a new car and they’ll say you know what i’m going to wait for the apple car i’m, not going to buy a tesla car i’m Gon na wait for the icar it’s gon na be sick. I believe people will full mo into the icar just like the phone mode in to the iphone the ipad, the new macbook every single year they buy every single year. I think we’re going to see apple cars everywhere everywhere, and this news again doesn’t appear to be hitting stocks. Tesla is only down 2.7 midday on tuesday apple stocks, down 1.7 general motors and volkswagen are up a little uh, whereas the s p is down about 0.2 percent in the dow jones up about to 0.2 percent guys. This looks good. This looks exciting the apple car. I mean look at this that’s cool it doesn’t matter, even if it’s a bad one like this one’s cool.

Look at this look at that guys that is hot like that is that is hot. If i was a girl and my boyfriend drove one of these, i would never ever leave him. It would be so awesome. It’S like he goes to the supermarket you’re chilling in the supermarket, touching buttons all over the sides of the car you’re. Just loving it you’ve got your sticky hands all over the car, incended it’s gon na be insane we’re talking apple icar takeover.

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