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Please bear in mind the technical analysis. It’S not always sure it’s, not an 100 sure uh, otherwise, everybody will be very rich it’s. Not this is this is not the case and always read a lot of news, because we need the sickness to support our ideas so and more signals we have. We better is for us and more confident we feel to invest, perhaps upward, going longer, if all the news that telling that the stock will go up because there are good news around it, good earning reports, etc, etc. And again, if technical analysis supports the fundamental analysis, it’s even better, because both of them they’re telling us the same thing. So this is what we want. We want that both technical and fundamental analysis are always on the same page uh. Assuming that a fundamental analysis attacking analysis that telling us to go along, we got two signals to stock signals, so the idea will be to go long and it applies also and for the opposite condition. So if, if technical and fundamental analysis are telling us to go short, perhaps that would be to go, perhaps we got more sickness to go short and we should go short if they are not on the same page. Just oh, i believe the best option apologies about it. The best option would be just too old. So going back to apple, we got a 300 as the length of this exponential moving average. I just used this one because you worked for this one for this previous bottom and this seems to work for these two latest bottoms, but it was broken between september and october.

Although we can see now it’s easy to understand really is that this is a bullish trend. We got a kind of situation where prices were moving sideways, no relation but with sideways, but then they started since let’s say november. They started going up again. So this is a situation where prices have been moving sideways it’s, like the market, exposed a little bit before going long again, so we have bullish, train the post of the market, and now it seems really. It seems that the market is going up again because we got a new peak there that is higher than the previous one. So with my technical analysis, interpretation is where we are also horizontal way: uh horizontal sides, and now it seems that we got this new. Rarely right right here, so the idea, as you can see, would be to go along with this first target price of 145. But what i would suggest is before going long. I would wait the end of this price, retracement uh, just for this one, that perfect this. The end of this price retracement because the price the prices might go down, might go down up to uh one 126, us dollar before going up again, so the idea would be wait before going long uh, because prices can go down and see if this support level Will not be broken if this support level will not be broken, idea would be to go long or otherwise. Perhaps if, in the next days you see that the distance this this exponential moving average will be broken upward, the idea would be to go long, so it’s a signal of strength to this market.

Also, the stochastic seems ready to go up, but again actually it’s already in the middle, so perhaps it can go down again and then up so this one is not helping a loss, a lot uh in this in this in this condition. So again, the idea is weight, uh, the way that the price, the weight the end of this price retracement before going longer, even because, as i told you uh this uh, this exponential moving average that worked for this one has bought to work very well. It wasn’t being broken, showing a weakness signal, but this is the same situation there and then it started going up, but this one is again it’s different because in this case prices were moving sideways when prices are moving sideways. The exponential moving average does not tell us anything so it’s, not useful, it’s, just very useful when there is a trend uh so anyway, uh. The idea is to go along, but wait at the end of this press retracement before going long, and you can start going long only if this, if in the next days the the stock will start going up breaking upward this exponential moving average line. So this is my understanding and again.

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