My name is james. Today, we’re going to be looking at neo we’re, going to keep tracking this technical analysis for monday’s trading day um. I want to say big: congratulations. Everyone who bought bitcoin, um, bitcoin and ethereum, actually both if you bought bitcoin when i made videos in july at nine thousand dollars a really big, congratulations to you and i said, buy in august. I think sorry, no july august bitcoin was at nine thousand dollars now. 55 000 bitcoin hitting a one trillion dollar market cap, which is huge, huge news, big congratulations to everyone, even if you’re, following the videos um that we made in let’s zoom out. This is the chart for bitcoin. If you follow the videos that we made in, i think it was here. In 26th of january, we had a symmetrical form triangle forming on bitcoin, with the base of the triangle being the targets of the 50k. Bitcoin has hit that and it’s gone even higher. Now, it’s really going off on a parabolic um. I will make an updated technicals for bitcoin today, but today we’re going to be looking at new. I also want to shout out ethereum um. If you’ve been following my videos, i really like ethereum and bitcoin as the two main cryptocurrencies ethereum, hitting two thousand dollars today, which is beautiful, um and it’s on its track towards the two thousand four hundred dollar target that we had back around, i think, was under Eight hundred dollars so big.

Congratulations that anyone caught that movement is trying to reach that two thousand four hundred dollar mark, which is beautiful, but today we’re going to be looking at the technicals on here. I will do updated ethereum, video and bitcoin video um neo. Yesterday, not much of a change one percent on the day, um it’s, holding this so okay, if you’re looking at this and you’re new to this welcome, my name is james um. I was an early investor, some of the big tech companies, so tesla. The company that owns match group that the one that owns tinder paypal, uber and some other tech companies and for 17 years i’ve been investing using a very specific strategy that i teach in a course um. If you’ve been losing money in the stock market. If you’ve been buying stocks and not really having much returns or if you want to learn how to have millions of dollars, you can live in opulent dealers and do whatever you want in life and withdraw money from the atm. How you want and just learn to have more money than if your money is not growing in your bank account. I teach this in the course www.stockgroup.os and in the description ping. Common you’re also going to learn the best brokers for you to start buying stocks and investing for your country. You’Re going to learn the exact buttons and settings to press in your brokerage account to buy stocks, technical analysis and these charts and how to read these charts and how to follow.

Along with me, in these videos, fundamental analysis and also mindset of abundance, which i’m teaching you in these videos as well, but in the course it’s, a eight lesson course i have students. Rosie bought the course for alexa her six year. Old daughter and lex is already investing in stock market and i have students as older 75 laurel grandmother and john 80 year old grandfather, um investing this in the stock room in the course after taking the course investing in the market. So this is neo on the technicals. I am going to go a little bit quickly here, but in the course you can watch it in your own three times. Three hundred and thirty three dollars for the soccer remaster again description, ping comment: you can see reviews from my students about the course here and their experiences, so let’s turn on macros here, it’s going to get a little bit heavy but we’re going to use it. So the overall trend: first thing we look at what is the trend of new it’s massively trending up the trend is your friend and neo is still very strongly trending up. It did have an ma cross and another one here. So here you can see they may cross the moving average cross there. Then it opened and headed up and then it crossed the head down and it’s re crossed to open again so it’s showing that it’s actually open, and we have quite a few different targets here.

But the overall trend of neo is massively trending up i’m, using very specific indicators. Here, i’m using rsi stochastic squeeze mob volume, support resistance lines. Again, you learn how to set it up in the charts. So what am i seeing i’m seeing that we need to clean up the charts a little bit there’s, just too much information clogging here we had a big, symmetrical ascending, wedge that’s, a triangle pattern. The base of the triangle is the target when it breaks out and it looks like it was trying to break out to the downside, um but it’s, trying to climb back up into that triangle. If you can get back above this support, then it can start heading up and this ascending wedge can the base can be the 80 target. If it doesn’t close above this triangle, then it can come down to here the 35 target. But to me it looks like it is trying to head back into the triangle we’re trying to find any major patterns um it hit that support. Look at that. We had a support at the 52.24 mark. It hit that support bounced off it exactly and came up. So it looks like it’s trying to get back into this triangle. It’S got a lot of support um here at the 49 mark, where we have that other support line. So these yellow lines are support lines, as the price comes down, it’s kind of held up there because there used to be resistance.

Again, i teach this in the course the soccer and masterclass, so volume is dropping, so volume predicts price. So what is volume if you were to sell me your new shares and i was to buy them from you that’s a trade trade is volume so, as you can see, but the volume is still huge look at that, even though the volume is dropping down here. The overall volume is just massive volume predicts price. The volume has never been higher. Actually what is volume if you were to sell me your new shares and numbers to buy them. For me, that’s a trade trading is volume wow. The weather is so beautiful here, it’s a bit cloudy, but rainy, but also amazing, so volume predicts price and we have a lot of traffic on the volume right now. I’M. A lot of people interested in neo. It is dropping relative to that peak in november, but still quite large, stochastic is still open. Heading down, squeeze mob is still red up, getting bigger, going redder, so stochastic coming down the way. These work, when they’re above the dotted lines this lines above below the dotted lines means this company is undervalued above the dotted lines i mean this company is overvalued. Squeeze mob is red and getting deeper in the red. So we’ve got two indicators: red squeeze, mom going red, stochastic, still coming down rsi coming down, but turning to head up volume, kind of still strong but dropping off, meaning we’re going.

It looks like we’re going to just chop around in this area for a while. What we want to see what be preferable for us and most likely because neo you don’t, want to be shorting near you, you don’t, want to go against this company. The overall trend of neo is massively trending up. So, even though it could be correcting down a little bit, sometimes the overall trend is massively trending up. Who’S your best friend it’s me and the trend. The trend is your friend never go against the trend. It’S very important. The overall trend of new is massively trending up, so you don’t want to catch these little movements down um, because you’re gon na you could be called against the overall friend your trend. The trend is your friend: don’t go against your friend the trend, so what’s going to happen. Next, i think squeeze mob is going to start turning green stochastic it’s, going to turn to head up. Rsi is going to turn to head up. Volume is going to come in and i think we’re going to retry and claim this triangle and then explode up to the upside it’s, very important that we do that. Actually, because we, if not, then we come down, we break down to the bottom of the child and come down to this main trend line. But to me it looks like it’s going to try and do that. It looks like it’s going to reclaim this triangle.

So the market next week i’m expecting it to be heading up for neo and tesla and just in general. So what are the targets? As it goes up? We can get rid of this downward target. We can find that out later. If we need, we can get rid of this current resistance it’s. This is where it’s sitting at this resist: oh no it’s already above yeah. No! This is the resistance sitting at 55.. So it’s got this 56 resistance, so that’s the first target. It really needs to break through then it’s, pretty strong resistance, where we’re sitting at see how, before here um neo hit it in the end of 2020 neo hit this resistance and came down, and now, if it comes back up, it needs to try and break that Resistance again, but it looks like it’s going to try and go up so now, we’re going to try and find the targets. So first target is breaking this 56.05 resistance that’s the main target, i would say for the next few trading days and the next one be here this line, and it coincides with this trend line at 59 mark. So it looks like it will play out like this it’s going to start turning to head up hold here, head up hit this resistance, bounce down, come back up and then try to get to this inside this triangle. So i think it looks like it’s going to try and do this something like that.

So in the overall time frame it’s going up, you don’t want to be shorting neo, but in this correction time frame it needs to come. I think it’s going to try and go just straight up to those targets, so first target is going to be 5605 where it needs to break through that big resistance. Second, target is 5904, then it’s inside this triangle, and then we we need to see what’s going to happen after this will play out around the 26th of march um. And then we have to see what happens next after that for near the price of new. Once it’s back into this triangle, um, if you want to keep monitoring that in your youtube, you’re going to see some buttons down here, hit that subscribe button, the little bell button there and the thumbs up button on your youtube on your phone. So you’re notified of these daily videos and you’ll become one of my 35 000 subscribers i’m talking to an entire stadium of people right now, every day, more than 30 000 people a day which is a huge huge stadium, a wimbledon stadium or a bigger stadium. So i’m amazing i’m, so glad that i’m getting to share this information with you. I have so many students now it’s beautiful. If you want to become one of my students um, you can take the stockroom master course www.stockroo.s in the description, the ping comment and then join our chat room.

We have a chat room with all the stock gurus in there 155 members it’s 49 a month um. You go to the website in that chat, room, there’s, 16 millionaires, six multi millionaires, 155 investors, all trading during market hours, together, it’s amazing what’s being created let’s zoom. In now. What is going to happen? We’Re going to three months again, i noticed quickly but you’re going to learn all this in the course what happens to neo on monday that’s, what we’re, seeing now um so before we’re in the daily candlesticks each candlestick represented one day now. Each candlestick represents one hour now we turn on the ma cross, because the ma cross is really good for near see here, it’s a perfect example. This ma cross is very powerful here. It crossed it opened here it crossed it went down so it’s. A very accurate um indicator, the m a cross for neo it hasn’t crossed yet on the bottom, but it looks like it’s trying to cross to head back up all indicators. Look like to me: okay. I’M, going to give you a little test, five second test. If you don’t get it, i recommend you take the stockroom master course um five seconds. What do you think is going to happen to neo and why beautiful let’s check, stochastic um squeeze mob is turning green, it’s, very red and then it’s turning to go green stochastic, it was oversold under the dotted lines under value.

Turning to head up and heading up strong rsi, turning to head up huge volume coming in volume predicts price. All indications of a buy overbuy, so near is going up for monday’s trading day it. It meets our criteria for what we’re saying in the longer term timeframe, and do i see any major pattern. There is it’s making lower lows that’s the only thing see that it’s actually heading down low, lower low lower low, so it is coming down kind of looks like it’s, making a very big bull flag. Actually is it a little bit? Yes looks like to be it’s. Making a bullfrag so let’s draw that in we’ll get rid of this across just to clean up some of the charts. We’Ll get rid of some of these resistance lines and support lines. Just so we can see what’s going to happen for you. I think it’s going up, so we get rid of this trend line. We can draw it in later. If we need it um, we can get rid of this. No that’s the upper end. Okay, so oh no i’ll get rid of that. So we can see the bull fly, so this is kind of what i’m seeing there’s a flag here so i’m, touching as many points on the line as possible. So that’s one part of the fly: i’ll change, the color to be blue and then another part of the flag is here actually it’s, not really a flag it’s more a channel.

But it does kind of look like a blue flag right it’s trying to create something. Like this Music, usually that’s what happens, but i am seeing a channel so that’s a cool thing, so it looks like we’ve got our targets. We can clearly see its direction now. Oh, that went too far, but you guys see what i’m saying it’s it’s going between this channel here dude and when i say guys, it’s, australian term, for women and men, i should say folks or people. Just all the people know see what i’m seeing right now. It’S, a it’s doing a channel and it’s going to play out in this channel june until the 23rd of march. It might break out earlier, but usually it’s, sitting in a channel. So we can. You can rely on these trend lines because he do touch there touch there touch there. It creates a touch there touch there touch, there creates a dupe, and now we’ve got a channel, so it’s bouncing between this channel. It looks like it’s going up. Overall target is going to be that 59, so we can draw in the targets again. 56 is the first one second target, and i think the ma is also going to cross, which is beautiful. Second target will be here as it goes. Oh, i move that lane. As it goes in its trend, should we get rid of this? Yes, we can get rid of that, so it looks like it’s going up towards this first target is going to be 56 dollars.

Second, target 59 going to mid mark or the 7th of march for monday’s trading day first target 56, and then i think it even could hit. If volume comes in it could even go to the 59 monday’s trading day looks like it is going to. Then we have to see what happens there um after the 59.63 cents. First time, 5605, second target 5963 and then we see. Does it break out of this towards that target break out of this channel or come back down in the channel and then break out in kind of bull flag we’re going to monitor it so again hit that subscribe, button below and thumbs up button? So you notified these daily videos on your youtube, hit those buttons and then um let’s see what happens after monday targets 5605 for monday and 59.63 for near for monday, um beautiful i’m just going to do the technicals on here today i did the fundamentals. Looked at the news yesterday: i’ll do the news again before monday’s trading day, but those are the targets for near for monday’s trading day for near, which is beautiful. I do really like near in the fact just because the fact of um tesla is currently manufacturing. 500. 000 cars a year expected by 2022 to manufacture 1 million cars. I think they’re going to do that by 2021. This year, 1 million cars neo is currently manufacturing at 100 000 cars a year. They are building a factory right now, that’s going to produce 300 000 cars in china and they get their factories up.

Pretty quick it’s going to be hard to compete with tesla, but why i really like new york is china needs a competitor to americans tesla. They need one it’s, just china’s like this. They have bao du to our google. They have um tabao to our ebay. They have you get what i’m saying they have, so they they really want something that’s going to compete with tesla, and that seems to be the front runner right now is near. So it looks to me that neo is going to be one of the big competitors and for china they need a thousand one billion electric cars by 2035.. Right now we just said they’re manufacturing around 500 600 000 cars combined. So that means it’s either going to take them two thousand years, tesla and neo to manufacture enough cars for chinese demand just china’s market, let alone europe, let alone america by 2050, as biden said so they’re, either going to take 2 000 years to manufacture enough cars For everyone or they’re going to start ramping up production production for tesla’s, 500 000 cars and years 100 000 cars to somewhere close to 30 to 100 million cars a year so more than 60 times for the bottom of that calculation increase in revenue 60 times and That’S, why i really like nier and tesla um and – and i think it is going to play out that way as i was predicting with tesla, that would be the biggest company in the world.

If you followed me on twitter um, since 2015, we were buying tesla at 80. I was telling everyone around me to buy tesla, um and now tesla’s more than four thousand dollars a share. I want to say also big congratulations to bitcoin everyone again. It was amazing. Amazing amazing amazing, so those are the targets for near stochastic rsi heading up squeeze mob, going green volume coming in first target 5605. Second target 5963 um, and then we will see what happens next. I hope you learned a lot. I hope you understood a lot. I know it’s a lot of information, but in the course, if you’ve been losing money in the stock market, if you’ve been buying stocks and not really having good gains in your portfolio or again, if you want to learn how to have a lot of money, so You can invest and grow your money and learn how to invest properly and safely and securely um. I teach you also a mindset of abundance in stock, remastered www.stockroot.edus. In the description and the ping comment, you can see the link. We also have a spacex allocation. Google form, if you would like to be participant in spacex allocation, we are attempting, with top tier impact, to buy a 100 million allocation of spacex privately before it ipos. If you are interested in that there is the google form in the description and the ping comment, and you can also see the link to the stock guru chat room in their 24 7 live chat, room with 155 members and 16 millionaires.

In the description. The pink comment you can see those links – this is james from soccer – have a beautiful relaxing saturday and be really present with your family and loved ones. I am talking to a stadium of people right now every day and if i was to pass something onto you, be very careful of your thoughts um every time you have any negative thoughts realize you had a negative thought: that’s, not self, serving stop, throw it away And replace it with positive thoughts or thoughts that you want to have happen. What could go right today make think about all the things instead of most people think what could go wrong today, instead think about what, if the very best happened to me today, what possibly could go right today start thinking, thoughts if it’s negative thoughts about money. This is too expensive. I can’t afford to stop throw those thoughts away, replace them with money, comes to me easily and effortlessly um, so much money flows to me i’m, trying to find ways to invest it and to spend it and to grow it. I love spending money when i go to the atm i’m very excited to withdraw money from the atm machine. I get an awesome feeling when the money’s coming out and you have these kind of thoughts. This is james from stockroom. Have a beautiful relaxing weekend take the course, so you learn everything that you’ve seen here and much more and i’ll see you again.

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