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Here’s, one of our favorites Shailene Woodley everybody., Hi. Hi. It is so nice to see you buddy. Thanks so much for coming back to our show.. I appreciate it. Yeah thanks for having me., I want to talk to you about quotThe Mauritanian.quot, You’re, fantastic in it, but before we get into that, I have a lot of questions.. One is that I keep reading that you are engaged to football. Great Aaron Rodgers.. Is that Is that true Are congratulations in order. I mean I’ve been reading that too, which is kind it’s kind of funny. Yeah.. Yes, we are engaged., We are engaged., But for us it’s, not new news, you know So it’s kind of funny. Everybody right now is freaking out over it and we’re, like quotYeah we’ve, been engaged for a while.quot Chuckles. I love that Yeah. We we got engaged a while ago and it’s been He’s first off, just a wonderful, incredible human being, but I never thought I’d be engaged to somebody who threw balls for a living. Like I never thought as a little girl, I was like quotYeah when I grow Up I’m gon na marry someone who throws balls. Yeahquot Laughs, But he’s, really just so good at it. And I’m impressed.. He really knows how to throw a ball yeah.. He can throw fastballs. He can throw slowballs high balls low balls.. When I first met him. I think my dog, My dog, like pulled me aside and was like quotIf you don’t date, this dude.

I will disown you as my mother, because the 3, like the 3 feet that I run with you when you throw a ball, is nothing compared to the marathon I’m able to run with him.quot. Oh, I can’t even imagine., I mean he’s Honestly he’s been on the show a bunch of times, so please give him our best. He’s one of the greatest players to ever play the game.. Have you spent much time in Green Bay and are you a football fan? I I still have never been to a football game because we met during this wacky wacky time and all of the stadiums were closed, that he was playing in.. So I have yet to go to a football game. Before I met him. I’D. Never seen one football game before. I just didn’t. I didn’t really grow up with sports, especially American sports.. It was never really on my radar, and so all of When we met also like I knew he was a football guy, but I didn’t know like what kind of a football guy he was.. Oh my gosh. And I’m still constantly learning. I’m. Still like quotOh wowquot. You know friends and quotYou got to watch his YouTube greatest or quot, And I was like quotI don’t. I don’t get it. He’s good he’s, great.quot Yeah he’s, really good., Like I don’t I don’t understand. That’s, so funny., Because I don’t know him as a football guy.. I know him as like the nerd who wants to host quotJeopardyquot.

You know like that’s the dude I know., He loves quotJeopardyquot. I love that.. He just happens to also be very good at sports. Yeah., Well that’s, so that’s so great for you., I’m. So happy for you., You know enjoy this time., But I also heard about another thing that you took a trip to Patagonia, actually even during COVID right Kind of recently, I did. What brought you there and how did you get to do that? I went in December, which was a feat., I mean the reason I was able to go. There was because of work permits and whatnot, and I kind of got in and got out before. Chile shut down its borders., But the whole thing was wild. Like I landed and they check your temperature and they were like quotOh. You have a fever., You have to get back on a plane to America.quot Wow. And I was like quotNo no, no, Like I just. I was wearing a turtleneck on the plane.quot, So I cooled off and they checked it again and they were like quotYou’re fine.quot. How long is the flight? It was four flights to get there. Yeah. Because we took, I took a plane from Green Bay and then a plane from Miami and then a plane from the main city in Chile to the second to a smaller city in Chile.. Then we got off the plane and we drove for a few hours.. Then we got on a boat and went up a river for 45 minutes or something like that in pouring rain.

And then they’re like quotYou got ta go back to America.quot And you’re like quotNo. No no hold on a sec.quot Yeah, it was wild.. I mean we were in the middle of we were in a community of people who the only access they have to their homes is via river., There’s, no roads in or out.. So if they want to buy anything to bring nails to build a shed, they have to travel by boat up and down the river.. I was down there because there’s this company called Karun that I have just been completely blown away. By.. They empower these local people to become entrepreneurs and at the same time they collect plastics and metals, and then they turn them into eyewear., So it’s, the world’s first 100 sustainable, reusable renewable …, Wow., …, eyewear, company. And it’s, just It’s, beautiful. And Patagonia by the way Is one of the You feel like you’re on the end of the world. It’s so sunny and the nature is so well preserved and pristine. It’s a magical place if you’ve never been.? I do want to go. I’m gon na wait till COVID’s over and I’m gon na wait till the flight is only like two hours. Yeah.. If that’s ever possible. Let’s talk about your new movie, quotThe Mauritanian.quot, Can you set up what it’s about and what drew you to this Yes.? So this is a film that’s, based on a true story about a man named Mohamedou Salahi, who was held in Guantanamo Bay for over a decade, even though he was found innocent.

. He was held in Guantanamo without a trial. And it’s. The story about the lawyers on both sides of the equation, his lawyers, as well as the lawyers from the United States, helping this man, find a trial go through the trial and then ultimately have him be released from Guantanamo Bay. Whew. Light subject. Very light. Subject. Yeah. I mean, can you imagine I mean oh, my gosh., What has to go Everything involved with that., You know, Jodie Foster is in the film with me and she said the other day. She was like quotWe all have a lot to learn from himquot and I completely agree.. So I hope when people see this movie, they don’t just take away the tragedy of what what the circumstances, but also the humanity behind this man’s strength and his will to survive and not just survive but survive in like a really beautiful and profound way.. How is Jodie Foster She’s, just the coolest ever right? I was gon na, say something sarcastic and pretend like she wasn’t, but she is. Yeah.. She is You just can’t.. You can’t do that with Jodie.. I know you can’t. Yeah she’s. Just I mean she is. She’s. The She’s, the coolest. And a pro. She’s a pro. She’s, I learned so much from being around her.. I mean, I think, the thing that moves me the most about Jodie is: she just loves what she does and she’s and she does it for what I would feel like are the right reasons.

And she uplifts every environment that she’s in because she stays. She remains curious and she asks questions that I think a lot of people’s minds. Wouldn’T even dare to be curious, about., And in that regard, I just you know again humanity. We all have a lot to learn from Jodie Foster as well. There’s. No one cooler. The whole cast is great.. I want to show a clip. Here’s, Shailene, Woodley and Jodie Foster in quotThe Mauritanian.quot. Take a look. What’s your point: He’s guilty He’s bleep guilty. Maybe he is.. He still has a right to counsel. I’m, not saying that he doesn’t. I’m saying that he helped to kill 3000 civilians and we’re doing everything we can to get him out. We’re doing our job.. I did bake sales for his legal fund. That’s, not a part of my job.. My dad told me I’m not welcome home for Thanksgiving this year. That’s, not a part of my job. Get out. What You want. Turkey and pumpkin pie with mom and dad and Uncle Joe Go on get out. Go home.. You can’t win a case …. If you don’t, believe your own bleep I’m, not trying to leave. I’m. Just Stop bleep wasting my time. Get out. Shailene Woodley.

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