Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley, Green Bay Packers Jodie Foster on Aaron Rodgers Shoutout, Golden Globe Nominations & The Mauritanian

When you got him back, then she went on to win each of those awards more than once and it’s golden globe nominated again for her newest movie. The mauritanian. Please welcome jody foster, Music Applause. How are you it’s very good to see you how you doing very good you’re hanging it? Really nice it’s it? Do you get out much, not much yeah. This is pretty much it no the whole year. This is the highlight: nine golden globe nominations, a lot of nominations. Obviously yeah you have that many yeah you check. Are you sure they added it? Uh i’m, not positive. I think it’s actually kind of ten, because i think you got like a lifetime achievement type of thing did that one too yeah yeah, so yeah that’s a lot of them. Do you ever have you ever? I was watching your movie and you’re, always so good in everything, and i was wondering if you’ve ever watched one of your movies and went yeah. I was not good in that yeah that stinks i’m s i’m. Sure i have i’m not going to tell you which ones yeah. No, you don’t have to tell me, but it has happened yeah it kind of has you know i don’t uh? Well, actually, what ends up happening is i just don’t ever watch them again, sometimes like halfway through and i’m like no that’s it, you um when you are nominated for any kind of award golden globe whatever and you get nominated a lot of times.

Do you write a speech each time? No, you don’t, you wing it. When you get up there, i do i i yeah i pretty much do i mean i think sometimes i’ll have ideas in my mind and sometimes they fly out and sometimes i say absolutely the wrong thing. You know you and this year it’s going to be a virtual type of deal where i don’t know you’d be at home. I will be at home, everyone drinks during the golden globes. Will you get hammered at home? No that’s, not something i do, but i will. I will you know the dog will be next to me so Laughter they should have done. Everyone should be allowed. A dog at every award show wouldn’t that be so much more interesting, it’s better. If it was just the dog in your seat, an all dog award show yeah, and then you had to like match the one. It would be so good put a little piece of kibble on the trophies of the dog yeah. You may really be on to something here now uh as we’re on the subject of awards. Aaron rodgers, the quarterback of the green bay packers, come on. I know you’re a fan of the green bay packers i’m, a big packer, so he wins the nfl mvp and during his speech he says this off the field. I’Ve got a great great group of people. That support me so i’d like to thank my team off the field.

Ryan tommy leonard, rebecca adam oliver and emile debbie jodie foster chass debbie. Did you know that was happening? You see, you see, he said my team, even though he said off the field. I that makes me a green packer you’re part of his team people, keep saying to me no jody. That does not mean you’re part of the team, but it does mean i’m part of the team. Do you know aaron rodgers? No, you had no idea. He was gon na say this. He just knows i’m his biggest fan. If you win the golden globe, will you not name him in your speech? Absolutely i may have dated the whole team. Maybe adams has to be in there somewhere. He mentions his fiancee, who is shailene woodley, who is your co star in this particular movie and that’s? Just a total coincidence. I don’t know if that’s a coincidence, but yes, she is and she’s fantastic. So we we spent a lot of time on the mauritanian together. In a little tent with a little air conditioning spitting at us talking about our lives and you know recipes and people we hate and things like that. In the green bay package yeah and the green bay packers somehow came up you’re one of uh. Well, i think people mostly know the master class, where prominent people will teach people how to like steve martin does a thing on comedy and you have a segment on a bunch of segments actually on directing and there are other directors involved as well.

Why did whose idea was for you to do this? What was their idea? They came to me and i thought well. This is ridiculous. What could i ever do you know, especially as a director uh? They have. I watched the one with martin scorsese and ron howard. I thought well, why would they ever want me so um? I decided that it would be interesting for people to see how to make movies on their own and as an actor and a director. Sometimes you have to do all the hats play all the hats, and so i thought, that’s that’s kind of the focus of mine was what happens if you have no money and you have to make a movie on your own, which is how most people make movies. Now, right i mean everybody’s, making a movie with their phone. Is that something that you would like? Did you have all when you were young? Did you have the camera equipment and that kind of stuff? No, you didn’t. No, i didn’t, but i grew up on movie, sets right that was sort of like my film school. That was my film school. You teach people well, one of the things you talk about is to go to a movie, watch the movie and then go home and think about how you would have done it differently right, instead of complaining yeah, instead of complaining right yeah, instead of just criticizing the Movie afterwards, which gives everyone around you, the idea that you would have somehow done it better and the movie you use as an example, is the martian.

Yes, that’s right and correct me if i’m wrong, but the way to have made the martian better would be to eliminate matt damon from the movie or or to leave him stranded on the planet mars. Actually, i think what i said was is um. We should only have his experience. Let’S just say you decided, you wanted a movie that was about being solitary and about coming to terms with being alone, then you would only have matt damon’s, oh yeah. No, i disagree with that. Yeah i this is a did film school i’m gon na. Do my own master class, contradicting your master class i’ve, never directed a film, nor have i been in one, but it should not star matt damon, but there’s. One thing i know: we’re gon na take a break uh we’ll, be back. Jody foster is with us i’m saying that he helped to kill 3 000 civilians and we’re doing everything we can to get him out we’re doing our job. I did bake sales for his legal fund, that’s, not a part of my job. My dad told me i’m not welcome home for thanksgiving this year. That’S, not a part of my job, get out what you want. Turkey and pumpkin pie with mom and dad and uncle joe go on get out, go home. You can’t win a case if you don’t, believe your own, that is jody foster and jalen woodley and the mauritanian, which is a really good movie, and i have to say, it’s upsetting and it makes you mad, and sometimes you get this idea that well when the Good guys are in charge, things are good and it’s, not that at all, is it no um it’s.

It happens well, it’s about uh what happened after 9 11. A lot of people were picked up in this extraordinary rendition. They basically were abducted from their homes. Uh muslim men and taken all over the world, in this case muhammadu salah, he was brought to guantanamo bay, where he was for 14 years without ever being charged of anything. And so i play the lawyer that helps him, get his book written and helps him get out and that’s the rule, rather than the exception at guantanamo bay yeah yeah i mean the whole point of guantanamo was that we could operate this kind of garrison state somewhere Outside of the united states, so that we could do things that were against the law and get away with it, um there’s still about 40 people that are in guantanamo being being guarded by like thousands of military personnel that are there now. Many of them have never been charged with anything and they’ve been there for years. The lawyer you played, did she i assumed she seen the film? Yes. Was she happy with her portrayal uh? You know. Yes, i think she was happy with her portrayal, but i did warn her that i was going to be a lot meaner than she was. You know, because she’s she’s actually a lovely person, but i don’t want to play level that’s, no fun. No, she she’s she’s tough. I mean she’s um, she’s, tough, but she’s, not quite as tough as the person.

I i play in the kid who played muhammado the man who played is uh. He was terrific he’s, really great rahim, a french actor he’s wonderful in the movie and at the end of the film and i’m, now worried that i’m going to ruin something, but no, i don’t think i’m going to ruin anything um. We get to see video of of the real guy, the real muhammadu salahi, yes and it’s he’s, very charming yeah. You would love him he’s singing along to bob dylan. He is he’s, seen the big lebowski like 86 times. Oh really yeah he’s, a huge fan of american culture, he’s funny he’s, super affectionate and just joyful, and i just find it’s just he has so much to teach us about oh i’m, so miserable and i haven’t even been only in prison. I know i know you and and uh does he so did he know your movies he’s, the only movie he’d ever seen of mine was maverick and he’d seen it a few times, so he kept like playing the lines back. Yeah really. I think he was very confused about why they would hire the girl from maverick to play nancy hollander he’s, like she’s she’s, very cute, but she’s, not the next. I think silence of the lambs would have been even more confusing, because when i see you in those scenes with the cell there – and that is like kind of the first thing you think of yeah – you do think of that don’t you because of the prison thing.

Yeah did you think of that that movie was 30 years ago valentine’s day that’s right three years, which i never imagined. It was a date movie what a valentine’s day movie it’s a great date movie, actually yeah well it’s great to see you, the movie’s great it’s called the mauritanian it’s, not the mandalorian there’s. No baby yoda in this film do not be confused. Jodie foster, but thank you jody we’re, at with kelly marie tran thanks for watching remember every time you click the subscribe button.

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