Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley, Green Bay Packers Jodie Foster Reacts to Aaron Rodgers Thanking Her in Shailene Woodley Engagement Announcement – E! O

During his speech, aaron said off the field. I’Ve got a great group of people that support me so would like to thank my team and he proceeded to name a number of people, including this led some fans to wonder whether the 58 year old oscar winner may have set up aaron and shayleen. Given that jody co stars with the 29 year old, big little lies actress in their newly released movie award, jody was a guest on jimmy kimmel live on thursday february 18. To promote the film and host jimmy kimmel had plenty of questions about her mysterio. Unfortunately, jody played it a bit coy, although she did offer a few cryptic answers when jimmy said he knows that jody roots for the packers. She confirmed emma big, packers, okay, cool so far so good. She then quipped, you see, he said my team, even though he said that makes me a green bay. Packer jody continued people keep saying to me no jodie. That does not mean you’re a part of the team, but it does mean i’m part of the team. Jimmy wasn’t quite satisfied yet and asked: do you know aaron rodgers? She quickly replied with an emphatic, no, the plot thickens. You had no idea. He was going to say this. The host inquired the taxi driver actress responded casually. He just knows in his biggest trending stories when jody foster reacts to aaron rodgers, thanking her in engagement speech to elizabeth olsen, said she’s very aware of nepotism impacting career let’s, compare all of paris hilton’s engagement rings.

Jimmy then asked whether jodie plans to thank aaron. If she wins a golden globe for the morning, she then gave a nod to the packers star wide receiver. When she shared absolutely, i may have to name the whole key devontae adams has to be in there somewhere. Clearly jimmy was still confused as the rest of us. He mentions his fiancee, who is shailene woodley. Who is your co star in this particular movie? He said and that’s just a total coincidence. Jody replied: i don’t know if that’s a coincidence, but yes, she is and she’s fantastic.

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Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley, Green Bay Packers Confirms Her Engagement to Aaron Rodgers | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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