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Please stay watching for the earnings bells for wednesday 17th of february yesterday, on tuesday february 16th, asx200 continued its uptrend and closed the session at the highest level in 11 months at 6917.3. However, today the market shows some weakness indicating an opening with a cut of 20 points or 0.3 as per asx 200 futures. Amid the earnings season, few asx listed companies released financial performance results. Today, australia’s one of the big four banks, westpac banking corporation on wednesday, announced an improvement in profit. The bank reported an impairment benefit of 501 million australian dollars from improved credit quality. Its unaudited statutory net profit stood at 1.70 billion australian dollars for december quarter. 2021. westpac group, ceo peter king, said that the company’s focus on customers resulted in a high proportion of customers managing coronavirus pandemic impacts and return to repayments. The bank’s balance sheet was healthy, with a capital ratio more than a full percentage point higher over the year. King also said in the statement the bank also reported a 11 billion australian dollar of mortgage deferrals, with 400 million australian dollars in small business loans. In deferral, asx listed kohl’s group limited has released. Its financial results for the half year ended december 31. 2020.. The group’s revenue has notched up by 8.1 to 20.4 billion australian dollars with strong sales revenue. Growth across supermarkets, liquor and express group ebit has also increased by 12.1 to 1 billion australian dollars. The kohl’s group management has declared a fully franked interim dividend of 33 cents per share, supermarket sales revenue is up and its e commerce business has contributed.

1 billion of sales revenue, asx listed domino’s pizza enterprises, limited released. Its financial results for the six months ended december 2020., despite the unique challenges of the pandemic. Its global food sales reached 1.84 billion dollars and with ebi tda of 218.7 million dollars, domino’s opened 131 organic new stores, with significant contributions from 68 new stores in japan, 19. New stores in france and 15 stores in germany with covert 19 changing consumer behavior, domino’s 2 experienced surge in online demand in all markets. Its online sales are clocked at 1.42 billion australian dollars. Dominoes will pay shareholders an interim dividend of 88.4 cents per share, australasia’s largest building material supplier, fletcher building announced a significant rise in profit and cash flows for the first half of financial year 2021., the robust earnings were attributed to the strategy and several initiatives taken over The past three years to improve operating disciplines and efficiencies across the group, while the revenue was 3, 987 million australian dollars, the earnings before interest and taxation or ebit before significant items stood at 323 million australian dollars. The net profit after tax or np 80 was 121 million australian dollars. The cash flows from operating activities stood at 428 million australian dollars. The company declared an interim dividend of 12 cents per share health, imaging i.t provider, pro medicus limited performed well in the first half year, despite restrictions of covert, it reported a 7.8 rise in revenue to 31.6 million australian dollars in the first half of the year.

Promedica ceo, dr sam hupert, said that it was a good six months across all jurisdictions. The net profit jumped 12.4 percent to 13.5 million australian dollars. During the period the board announced a record fully franked interim dividend of seven cents per share. The company also informed investors that they could accelerate sales efforts and optimize service delivery to work around the restrictions. Thank you for watching.

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ASX, Stock, S&P/ASX 200, Stock market p;P/ASX 200 index is down 1.66% by lunchtime. | ASX200 Mid Market Show

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