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Friends. Today we are going to talk about. I am going to do analysis of some companies which are very good like which are safe stocks, uh, which in which you can you know, invest blindly. Now these are top companies which can, in my opinion, give very good bumper returns in the coming next few years. So, which are these stocks and why you should be investing in them and how they can help you become approved for the 2030. Well, everything we will discuss in today’s video, so watch the full video to learn about all the stocks. And why do i think so that they are very good now? The first company you know which i have selected uh, the name of the company name of the stock – is tata consumer products, well it’s a tata brand, and i believe this stock. You know it has a very great potential to go very up from here. It can become a multibagger and give generate a very good wealth for the investors now this company. If you look at the returns now, this stock has given close to 500 percent of returns. In the last five years, uh continuously, you know the stock has been in a very good momentum: it’s a dividend paying company. And now, if you do the analysis now, tcpl data consumer products limited is the world’s second largest branded tea player and it which it has a very strong portfolio of brands such as tata, tea, tetley, eight o’clock, coffee, himalayan mineral water brand, which himalayan, which is a Mineral water brand, now recently the company has announced the merger of its consumer business with tcpl to expand its india, the contribution of which will increase to 61 percent from 40 percent.

Currently, tcpa has a very vast presence in international geographies, such as uk us, canada, different countries of south asia, africa through various subsidiaries and nourish company markets, uh the firm you know, nourish company markets and distributes branded non carbonate. Beverage products such as tata, gluco, plus tata, water plus and himalayan now the firm tcpl. It has a 50 50 joint venture with starbucks corporation named tata, starbucks private limited, which is performing very well and after the integration of tcl’s consumer business with tgbl. Now the india business is expected to become a key revenue driver for the company now rising per capita income, increasing awareness of brands and increasing in house consumption and consumption through modern channel such as large retail store e commerce would act as a key revenue driver for The branded pulses and spices businesses in india, in addition to the consistently growing tea business. So all these things, you know, are very positive for this particular company, which is tata consumer. Now, along with margin, expansion, innovation and diversification. The merger will help the firm to expand its distribution network. An enhanced product portfolio, expanded distribution reach would help its india business revenue to grow by 9 to 12 percent in the next two to three years, as against a five percent cgr over f5 2016 to 2020.. Overall, it looks like you know: this company can be a very good bet for the future. The company is the world’s second largest manatee plane and the largest salt brand in the country.

The company enjoys more than 60 percent of market share in the branded salt business. You might have heard of tata salt now it has set a very ambitious plan to capture a larger pie of spices and pulses, which at present is dominated by the unorganized player. If you look at the chart of this company it’s a very good, you know tata brand, very good fundamentals, very good management. Overall, the stock is very good and you can buy the current price as well uh in. If there is any correction from here. Well, you can buy it at every correction. You can buy at 550 level. Uh you can currently at the current price also looks good. I believe you know, because we are looking at a long term view and it’s a very good, safe stock. Now, no matter how uh, how low the price goes, it will recover. So you can invest. You know blindly without much. Tension of you know like fundamentals of any company, so this is a stock which i think is very good uh, so you can buy it any price. The current price is good. If there is correction you can, you know average it down. In my opinion, in the next five to ten years, this company will generate huge wealth for the investors, who would be investing in the stock. So do your analysis in it. It might generate some great profit for you as well. Now the second stock, which i selected now the name of the company, we look at it first let’s look at the routers now in the last 10 years, this company has given 850 percent of it is now that’s, very good returns, it’s a dividend paying company and If you talk about the analysis of this firm, this company is a market leader, so it’s a market leader firm in the indian paint manufacturing industry with a market share of 53 percentage.

Now it operates in 17 countries and has 25 paint manufacturing facilities in the world. Servicing consumers in over 65 different countries, the company manufacturer paints in the category of decorative automotive and industrial segment. Apart from this, the company also manufactures various accessories like wall primer, what primer, putty and stainless, etc. Driven by strong consumer focus and innovative spirit. The company has been the market leader in pain since 1967, so of course i don’t think, since it is a market list a long time, i don’t think the market dealership will go away anytime soon, so it’s, a very good, safe company and the company is having State of the art supply chain system, using cutting edge technology to integrate all its plants, regional distribution, center outside processing, center and branches in india. The company is having a big experienced r d team, which has successfully managed to develop high and exterior finished and wood finishes in house which was earlier imported into the country now been in raw metal prices will benefit the entire coating business. We can expect volume. I know it’s likely to grow at double legit due to introduction of two new economic mission pains and overall price cut of one person in year, till dated by 20. expect volume to grow at double digits, led by higher share from economic immigration and pick up integral Demand now why to buy this stock well, it’s a very good quality compounder, which is expected to perform very great in the coming future, it’s a safe stock.

You know in which you can invest and with invest without any tension. It has very great good fundamentals. It is a great pick for long term investors. It has generated alpha seizure in the past. I believe it can generate adversity in the coming years as well. If you look at the profit and loss analysis, the cl60 20 000 code, which is like the highest profit, is near 2700 crore. And if you look at the chart now this is a monthly timeframe chart. You can clearly see how greatly the stock has. You know. Compounded the investors written in the previous many years. I believe this trend will continue and this stock can continuously. You know, give same kind of weakness in the next five to ten years as well, so the price is uh currently trading near 2400. I believe 2300 would be a great price to enter any connection, no need to worry, you can average it down, and in the next few years uh this company will generate very good profit. Well, which stock is this? What is the name? Well, the name of the company is asian pain, slim that very good, very good company, which i believe is a safe stock for investors, looking to invest in companies which have least amount of risk. So this is the second stock. Now let’s look at the third company. The third stock, now this company has given two thousand percent offers in the last ten years, so that’s also a very good return.

So company has been generating consistently very good returns for the investors and if you look at the shareholding pattern, then promote uh promoters have 58 percentage of shareholding. Mutual funds also have a very good shareholding of 18 percentage in this company. Now it is one of the leading manufacturer of oht company makes tires that are used in various applications, including agriculture, construction and industrial vehicle, as well as earth moving port mining, atv and gardening vehicles. Now this company is among the few toyo players that is debt free and has among the highest profitability and return ratios. The firm also has strong fcif generation with fcff yield of 4.5 percent, which is among the highest in the tire industry. The firm has outpaced the oth industry in the past decade and i believe it would continue to outgrow the industry in the next coming decade. Also, the company is aiming to double its global market share to 10 over the next few years, and global oth is a steady growth industry with historical average growth rate of three to five percent. Now, considering about two thirds of the demand coming from the replacement segment, the industry has steady growth with relatively less volatility, so that’s, why? I believe you know it’s a very good, safe company now considering the capex intensive nature of the tire industry having zero debt at the net level is very commendable, and the stock is among the few companies which are debt free in the sector.

The company has a high operating margin of 25 to 30 percent, which enables it to have a very strong return ratios. Why? To buy this phone well, it has historically grown at a double or the rate of the global voltage industry, with a nine percent ceg over the last decade as compared to the industry growth of 45 percent. It is poised to continue outpacing the industry driven by network expansion in the replacement segment launch of new products and higher share of oem business now company. You know it aims to double its global market share to about 10 percent the next few years. So that means um. The overall market cap also can double from here. So share price can also generate very good returns. Now the name is bulk crystal industry. I had talked about this stock many times in the past, because i love this company it’s a very good, safe, fundamentally strong stock. If you look at the returns, another stock have also generated massive wealth for the investors in the last few years. If you look at the daily timeframe, chart 1500 is the price where you can start accumulating this firm uh. The current price is also good. Uh does not matter if you had buy the current price as well, because uh as a long term view. I think this stock is, you know great company with cat, which can, in my opinion, in the next five to ten years, generate some great return and also you know, it’s a safe stock, so you can invest without much of a worry.

So this is the uh. Third stock now let’s look at the fourth company, the fourth company which has selected this stock, has also generated huge wealth in the last few years, which is like you know, thousand percent of it in the last 10 years now promoters have 70 percent of stake. In this company now, this firm was incorporated in the year 1969 it’s a large cap company having a market cap of close to 83 000 chrome it’s, a leading manufacturer of adhesives in india in fi 19, the company derived 84 percent and 16 percent of his turnover From consumer and bazaar products and industrial press segment respectively, now going forward with the company expects to maintain a tax rate of 25 percent due to reduction of corporate tax rate. The company foresees a steady growth in rural areas as the value in the current quarter increased in double legit and is also more than urban towns. The firm has, you know, grown consistently and clocked at 12 percent 10 years each year in revenue and 13 percent. Tennessee are in profit, which is very, very commendable, and not only has the company delivered constant growth, but it has also paid out one third of its profit as dividends on an average in the past 10 years. One of the best you know safe companies save stocks to invest for long term this company. I believe this stock can generate great wealth. Going forward now see the chart it has uh in the long term chart.

We can see that how much you know great amount of wealth it has generated. I believe, in the coming few years also it can generate same kind of wealth you can buy at the current price. If there is correction you can average it down. You can do sap in this company uh. The name of the stock is pedelite industries limited. So this is another company. The fourth stock that i wanted to share with you, which i believe is very good, which i believe can generate great returns now. Let’S look at the fifth stock now the fifth company which i selected now this stock has given close to 230 percent in the last five years and it’s, a joint venture between tata group and tamil nadu industrial development corporation now other companies. Of course, the tata brand. You know how good it is. The company is a leading its organizat and is the fifth largest integrated owned brand watch manufacturer in the world, the company’s key watch brands of titan, fast tracking sonata. Of course, i believe you know you might have understood the name of the company. By now the company is present in the eyewear segment, with its brown titan eyepiece and in other segments such as perfume. The company recently entered the sari market with its brand new area. It is following their stop retail, with a strong presence in discretionary product categories such as jewelry, watches and eyewear, and it is one of the top brands of the watch segment while in the jewellery space, it is gaining good acceptance because of the shift from non branded To the branded space and expansion in middle income towns, the iowa division is scaling up and will support overall profitability in the near to medium term and its jewellery business registered decent performance, in the backdrop, was slow down in discretionary environment and rising gold price scenario.

Now the company continues to gain market share in the jewellery business that gives us an indication of a gradual shift from non branded to branded jewelry. This stock is a very good you know to add in every correction and hold for lifetime for best gains. Well, the name of the company is titan company limited and if you look at the chart now the stock is trading near 1400. Well, if it collects from here, you can buy at 1400 rupees at well uh below that 1 300 1200. You can buy it every level because i believe in the next few years, uh this company can generate very good returns. So this was the fifth stock which i wanted to share with you now. This was all about today’s, video, five, great companies which, in which uh you can invest if you want to invest in save stocks with very less amount of risk.

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