Cameron, Texas Disaster: Man Racks Up $16,752 in Electric Bill in LESS THAN 1 Week

I hope you are staying safe. I hope you are staying warm and i hope you are having a wonderful day today. So a lot is going on right now, so many people are out of power, so many people are going through financial pain. During this period, a lot of people are seriously going through hardship and some of it um most of it, not by a fault of their own. Most people are going through this pain right now, and the people in texas are going through the winter storm disaster. So this is very, very critical, so in today’s update we’ll quickly go through this new report. This shocking report that was seen out of texas in this report we’re seeing millions of people or thousands of people in texas, so people in texas, some people are out of power. Some people have power now for the people who have power, the thousands of people who are fortunate to have power, or maybe not so fortunate, depending on what we’re seeing right now uh, they do have a lot of bills that they have to pay up. So people who have power have bills crazy amount of bills that is stacked up on them. Right now and we’ll talk about the situation that’s coming out of texas in today’s update and what president joe biden has done about this situation. So a lot is going on right now, again, hot goes out to the people in texas, but here’s a story that i quickly want to share with you all so, a guy, a man in texas a 63 year old man in texas.

This man is a veteran and he is also a social security recipient, so he’s an ssi recipient and he basically got a bill just in a matter of days. He got a sixteen thousand and seven seven around fifty two thousand dollar bill. So this is sixteen 16752 man. This is crazy. I can’t even fathom this number, so seventeen thousand dollars that’s the bill. He got electric bill that he got according to this report from yahoo news. Scott uh scott, who is a 63 year old veteran in texas, did say uh that he nearly emptied his savings account so that he will be able to pay the 16 000 plus electric bill that was charged to his credit card. I mean this is 70 times 70 times what he usually pays for all his utilities. This is crazy. So if you live in the state of texas, let us know in the comment section below how do you feel about the situation that’s going on in texas right now, people owing so much money in electrical i mean the electric bills – are crazy, now there’s another story Here from another texan that owes 17 000 in electric bills, so he got stuck with seven ten thousand dollars in electric bill in the matter of five days. So this is insane. According to this report, from fox 4 news, uh most customers, most most, electric customers in the state of texas right now – are going through unbelievable electric city bills and this guy in texas, so ty williams and his family in arlington were among the lucky ones uh during The week storm the last week storm that never lost power, but it came with a price, so they did pay 17 000 in electric bill for three meters over five day use so again, uh.

What exactly is creating this issue, or why is this uh? Why are we seeing really high numbers or high uh bills, uh for electric usage? According to this report, i was seeing that many people who have reportedly extreme uh, who have reported extreme high charges uh as a result of a small company known as greedy electric. So grady is a small electric provider in houston and they provide electricity at wholesale prices, and so their their business model is based on supply and demand. So when they provide electricity for to the consumers, they basically quote the price that seems to be reasonable most times. Affordable, but during this period, what we’re seeing right now is, it did not work well for the customers, so the company passes the electricity uh, the wholesale price directly to customers and charges, customers an additional 9.99 in monthly fee and much of the time the rate is Considered affordable but the model can be risky, so here’s a risk. Last week after forecasting or predicting a high jump in wholesale prices, the company encouraged all of its customers around 29 000 customers to switch to another provider when the storm arrived, but they were unable to do so. So again they had to warn the customers that were on their network. They said, hey, look if you are with us, please switch we foresee or basically seeing uh a high electric charge, but then they send this notice out at the 11th hour.

It was really really tough for people to switch over. So what happened is um? We did have some people down in texas katrina antenna like a greedy customer who, oh, who lives in uh, nevada, texas, basically came up with a bill or she had to build a six thousand two hundred dollars in just just this month alone. Just the month of february, she already has a bill of six thousand two hundred dollars more than five times what she paid in 2020. So this is crazy. I mean imagine paying six thousand two hundred dollars in the space of weeks or days. I mean we’re talking, this is th. This is insane i mean even even the seventeen thousand dollars or the sixteen thousand seven hundred and fifty uh dollars. I mean this is this? Is insane, can you just imagine paying 17 grand for electric bill? This is something that i just can’t fathom, and the cause of this is just like. I said it’s just this: the the the nature of the electric grid in texas, the the supply and the demand seem to be way too high during that period and according to this report right now, we’re seeing that the as the storm continued to roll through the Past week uh some of the customers kept uh, opening the company’s app on their phones and then seeing the bill just going up and up and up. So this is what the report was seeing from katrina tana.

She basically said, look just imagine, opening your app and checking your electricity and the bill keeps going on, but the problem here is that the kilowatt hour so, however much they charge them per kilowatt hour, just was never really was never really sustainable. You know the number just kept going up and it’s it’s it’s just insane. Looking at the reports out there, some people most people are ending up with 5 000 in electric bills after the winter storm. So what exactly are we seeing from business insider? So some people end up with a thousand dollars per day for electricity during the last week’s weather in texas, a thousand dollars per day. This is insane racking up a thousand dollars per day in electricity just during, and i just cannot imagine having this kind of price in electricity build. I want to get your thoughts on this in the comment section below now. The wholesale price for electricity searched 10. 000 percent, as demand, increased and supply fell offline, so again it’s all supply and demand, but this is something that needs to be looked into. So what exactly have we seen from the white house? We did see uh a few days ago. The report from president joe biden from the white house that president joe biden has approved texas disaster declaration, so the state of texas. Yesterday, president joe biden uh declared that a major disaster exists in the state of texas and he also offered assistance to supplement state and local recovery efforts in the areas affected by the winter storm.

So now, before all of this right, it is really sad also to hear that some people, the extreme cold, killed texans. I think around 69 people so far are dead from this um from this extreme cold and uh, just basically people in their homes. According to this report, people in their homes, their vehicles, the bed, the backyards, so people are really going through a lot during this period and hot goes out to people in texas. If you live in texas, you know, i hope you are uh. Basically, staying warm during this period and you know hot hot – goes out to the people in texas, especially those who lost their loved ones through this winter storm. But can you believe the whole community left without aid in this code, and this is a report we’re seeing from vox right now, and it says it is criminal. A whole community is left without aid during this period a whole community. This is this is insane. So, according to this report, an austin, an austin, texas, organizer uh, explains how texas freeze left her already vulnerable community in crisis, so uh gloria vera bedola, a latina community, organizer and mother of three feels like her neighborhood in austin. Texas has been forgotten in a deep freeze that has plunged into a humanitarian crisis. So again, this is this is unbelievable, uh. What we saw in texas and electricity bills was just something that i i couldn’t fathom, and i just want to get your thoughts on this.

In the comment section below, but how speak uh, the president has actually declared this texas a disaster. The texas uh disaster, uh he’s, basically declared a disaster. So i want to get your thoughts on that as well, and he’s promised some more aid to the people of texas, so the people of texas will be getting some more uh help from what was seen out there uh. This report from the white house does say that federal funding is also available to state and eligible local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations on a cost, sharing basis for emergency protective measures and hud and household mitigation measures statewide. So again, this is not just for taxes. For people and for people in other states who have been affected by this um there’s still some more support out there. But this is just unbelievable, just kind of wanted to quickly share what happened: uh what’s, going on in texas right now. People are seeing crazy numbers in their electricity bill. So again, i want to get your thoughts on this just wanted to quickly. Uh share this update with you all uh. This is not a stimulus update. It is very, very um, shocking and very concerning to see how people are living with these amounts of bills by no fault of their own. I mean these are the people who are lucky enough to have power during the winter outage, people who are lucky enough to have power only to end up with over a thousand dollars per day in electric bills.

I want to get your thoughts on this in the comment section below. I hope you are staying safe before you leave. I just want to leave you with uh some positive uh quote, so you can check you. You can go to the website. Livebywire.Com slash tough times. Uh tough time quotes uh. The quote that i want to leave i’m, not sure who needs to hear this today, but i just wanted to quickly say in tough times remember: there has been good times in your life, so don’t think that bad times will last forever. There will always be more good times ahead of you, so i’m, not sure who needs to hear this, but don’t forget that look tough times will never last. You were tougher than the tough times and there are many good times ahead of you. I hope you continue to stay safe and i hope you continue to have a wonderful day and stay strong throughout this pandemic.

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