Cameron, Texas Elliana and Jentzen talk about member Breakups and Texas?

Right now, okay, first of all, so when i woke up this morning and i saw that there was breakups, i got scared. I was like wait a minute who’s it gon na be. I was like it can’t, be it can’t, be jelly other that’s, the most solid that’s, the most solid relationship, okay. So what did y’all think, though, when i’m, assuming you knew before us fans, but what? But what did you guys? Think of the people that, like you, know the breakups and stuff how what’s the thoughts of that well, i mean i was really sad to uh hear about that. It honestly made me sad, but i feel like uh they’re happy now yeah they’re happy before, but like now, um, like i don’t, know i wasn’t in the relationship, but they said that they were better off as friends and i trust also like them. Their decisions as well too, because you know it’s their private life and then like at the end of the day, their personal life matters, the most you know, even over social media right, i feel, like you know they weren’t as happy as a couple as they were. As friends, so i think they’re better off as friends, you know they’re still obviously hear about each other very, very well right but like at the end of the day. I think personal life matters a little bit more well yeah and i felt like i really wanted to talk to you guys because you know without even bringing up names.

I know all the hate that you guys went through when your relationship stopped pretty much yeah that’s. What you’re saying that you’re, like i don’t know i don’t know i don’t ship it but i’m, just like okay yeah, you know, but people gave you got heck. They were giving me a hard time about you guys. You know, i mean it got so bad. They were after me about it. Yeah. If someone called you a rock or something like a soda. Yes, they called me no i’m worthless. Guys, though, like no matter how long we date we’re always going to get hate, no matter what yeah like even like, i guess, like i, still see like comments about them. I don’t ship i’m like you’re like why. What do you mean it’s been like a year? I don’t know i don’t know it’s also annoying, because i feel, like honestly, sometimes like i can’t – do tick tock to any other guy in this squad, because everyone else is they’re like wait a minute. He was seven feet next to emily. Oh no what’s going on nothing. They were gon na tick tock. They were feeling a tick. I don’t know i don’t know he got like uh five feet away from emily right right. I don’t get it listen. I know here’s the thing, though we do love the fans it’s only the ones that give you a hard time that we talk about. You know it’s, like everybody else, is so kind um.

Okay, now i know you’re still making youtube videos right. Well, yes, obviously, i mean obviously you’re not you’re, not gon na stop any type of stuff um. I feel like. I need to see more videos with youtube and me in it yeah. I threw that little plot twist there, like you, can third wheel yeah. You know what i’m not gon na be fun. I feel like i could be the rude chaperone. My mom is the chaperone she’s like uber yolanda she’s, like i need to get a hat. I love you but it’s like i want to just kind of like if you guys get too close like push you guys away like you, can hug? No, if you, if you hug, like just like a two second hug rule, wait that’s too long it’s too long. It’S too long yeah see see you broke the rule that’s. My new thing now i am, i am the paparazzi gamer. Will the terrible chaperone? Oh guys, i don’t know i i i i’m an excellent driver. Actually, if you can drive in la that means you’re good, yeah, excellent driver. The trip to la you know, it’s, to calm down, relax, know that everybody else is rushing. So if you don’t crazy rush, you’ll be fine, but once you start rushing like everybody else, you’re gon na get yourself hit up and caught up. Are you all driving agent close? He can’t drive? Well, i know how to drive, but not in texas.

He was driving like john deere. He was so good at it, yeah Music, okay, so you know what now now you know one of the first things we’re going to want you to do is take me somewhere, maybe i’ll get you take me to like uh. I don’t know yeah yeah let’s go to some frozen yogurt. Six flags is open, yeah, the one Music, the roller coaster, like five or six times, here’s a trick to try to do a roller coaster or not stream. I did that. Oh, i can do that yeah. I can’t, you probably were streaming the whole time she was like she screamed so much right now. The neighbors are calling the cops, but now you know on your next big movie role. They need you to stream. You can just be like got you like a horror movie, she’s, perfect yeah just be like. We need you to stream now i can’t do it, but but that was good. Okay, all right, i told you guys i wasn’t going to take that much of your time. Oh yeah sawyer’s new song, oh god, the fans heard your titanic song the other day that i put out and uh well, most of them kind of did nope wait. Where are the other people that did not? Some of the people said that it wasn’t the best voice they had ever heard, but i thought it was great okay, so i think i finally have moved on from my grace obsession and now i am on to 50 ways to say goodbye from train.

Oh and that’s, the only song she’ll listen to for like a month. Okay, so you just play it and like every time i get in the car it’s like grease or titan, and now it’s whatever it is. She’S like come on guys well you’re, taking way too long, okay, guys, thank you. So much y’all are awesome to my bestie hold on hold on man and homie babe and um. Well, we can’t. I guess we can be besties too. Okay, all right, hey, listen! I love this squad. Y’All are so nice. I swear like i just i tell people about y’all. I just been walking down the street like. Are you aware of the squad members? I just say that sometimes i love the squad merch by the way. Oh my squad, merch that i’m wearing hold on yeah. I am wearing beanie guys. Can i zoom in on my own head? I can’t. Do it all right, it’s it’s too much work, all right guys! Thank you! So much. I said bye like four times all right. Yeah, the pop runs the game, ready pop runs the gamer and henry cat, thanks for watching the paparazzi gamer make sure you turn on the notifications subscribe. Like comment.

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