Erica Mena, Safaree, Love & Hip Hop: New York muels ADMITS He Now REGRETS Marrying LHH's Erica Mena

Video i’ve been getting sent this on twitter for, like the last, what couple of minutes people have been sending me this want to know. Jay, what is your thoughts on this when i saw what safari said, this is what he said here hold on. Let me put it on the bigger screen. Safari has some things to say in regards to his marriage to erica mena. Fellow reality, tv personality and he’s talking about how one of his biggest regrets was getting married to erica mina right. The erica man is known to be crazy. This that in the third haven’t really heard much from because you thought she’d be unsettled. She just she’s had a daughter, he’s had a daughter with her and they’re, promoting the only fans heavy, i mean it’s a very uh, interesting pair. They even started a youtube channel together, but it seems to me that these people are brought together by the physical and i also did a video about safari. Sometime back, i did a video about how you know. He’S, basically was exposing the truth about modern females, and what he spoke about was the fact that you have women who don’t, even you know, they’re they’re on social media wearing hardly anything for attention and that could have been a subliminal to his wife because he was Getting called out a lot in this video comment, section others for being a hypocrite. Well now it seems to me to be that he’s over this relationship – and this is what he said here in the tweet – he deleted it by the way that’s.

Why i have it here? I mean this from the bottom of my heart. Getting married was one of the biggest mistakes and it will never happen again, i’m walking away before i end up in jail over some dumb ish. Nobody is worth my freedom, so obviously they things have turned volatile, we’ve erica. If anybody have seen erica mena on reality tv she has a pension for getting a little violent right. So this is what she had to say. Let’S put it up here on the big screen said on a second let’s: go back. She said that since you always run to social media like a little girl, i might as well join in. I absolutely agree with you on this. You are the most selfish vain inconsiderate person and not just with me, but your only daughter now she’s she’s bringing a daughter into it now it’s it’s it’s different. Now. Let me just say this: i don’t know how the parenting is in that relationship. So i’m, not gon na go there, but to me it seems like safari makes a very big uh no, but he he makes it a big deal to showcase himself being a good father to his daughter. This is why you have him getting on social media. Saying hey, you know, i don’t want my daughter to be like all these other women who are on social media attention seeking you know, showing themselves with. Hardly anything on. I don’t want that to be my daughter and maybe he he has finally had that change of heart because a lot of times you know men when we get older and we have children we sort of get out of that mindset.

Let me put this back on the big screen and this is what else she had to say out of respect for my daughter and to honor my growth as a woman i’m, going to get back to doing what i do best make money and be only about My business entertaining social media with my issues, isn’t my thing well, safari is entertaining it and he’s brought things to the forefront uh. This whole thing is a mistake, and i think a lot of people saw that you know it didn’t take this getting to where it is where they’re trending now on twitter. Of course, he has regrets again when you’re physically attracted to somebody that doesn’t mean that that’s going to keep that relationship together at some point it’s going to tear it apart. I just think that he has buyer’s remorse. He had a kid with somebody who he knows that he don’t really want to be with long term because there’s certain things about her, he just doesn’t like and she got with him because again, maybe they were just too physically attracted to each other to really stop And think is this what i want to do do i want to be with this person long term? They got the only fans together, it seemed like they were comfortable with each other, but it could be assortment of things. Maybe he wants her to change. It could be like the kanye west, kim kardashian situation.

Where you have k, you have a kanye that wants kim to change. He want, you know, wants her to be what she isn’t kim is, who kim is and she’s not gon na change? You know she’s chosen that path in life and there is no going back, there’s there’s, no going back for her and there’s no going back for for uh, erica erica is who she is and she uses her page to. I guess promote the only fans and and whatever it. I would not surprise me if the relationship was a lot more open than we know now you got the nicki minaj fans that are going in on safari right, they’re going in on safari, but i just think that again, these guys mistake being physically attracted to somebody To i want to be with this person long term like safari, do you really want to be? Do you really want to be in a relationship with erica mina long term let’s, just think about that now let’s go to her twitter. All right, let’s see what the commenters are saying, because we know that they’re saying some things all right: um, not really saying much y’all, putting your business out there on the streets. Okay, now is it buffering issues? Okay, let me just go back to let’s, see let’s. Go back here! Oh now again, this was totally 100 safari choice to get married to this woman to it to get engaged to her.

He could have said no now. Maybe things are different, maybe financially he’s in a better situation or maybe in a worse situation. She could be a drain on the resources because we all know when you’re dating one of these reality tv, ig model types, it’s gon na be costly, it’s gon na cost you money but that’s what you know going into it but see that’s the thing these guys Mistake, physical attractiveness for whether or not they actually want to be in a relationship with that particular female, because a lot of times these guys mistake that, because safari is with nicki minaj for a long time right, so once he got that relationship, he hasn’t met a Woman, since that has made him want to stay, you know with them long term. Now he got with erica again. They she got pregnant, they got married or whatnot and they’ve had some trouble before that there were breakup rumors with last year, it’s almost like they break up and get back together. This all could be for promotion, but they haven’t gone to this depth. You know they haven’t gone to this debt, but when i saw safari calling out the attention seeking behavior of women on social media, it lets me know that he could be subliminally talking about his wife. Let’S. Look at some of these comments now, instead of calling his wife to say, let’s talk this through, he runs to social media, not cool.

He got the barbs in here. Let’S, see believe it when papers are signed. This can very much be all about ratings when loving, hip hop is back on, i believe, that’s. What sierra and bk did. Okay, let me let me get out of the uh. Let me get out of there and get all the way out of there. Okay, you got the um, the barbs, so honestly, in this situation, the best thing for both of them to do is just to leave each other alone. If this is your biggest regret, listen you’ve already put that out there. So now you got dudes gon na be hitting up erica cuz. They probably weren’t hitting her up, but they were just testing the waters. Now they really gon na be trying to hit her up right. You’Ve already put it out here that you basically regret marrying her, which is you basically saying that this was a situationship that went too far. I don’t know if they thought they were going to be the king and queen of reality, tv, because y’all got to understand when this pan, when this uh, when this cv hit whatever plans, they had kind of went by the wayside, but they still did only fans Right but maybe they had plans to to have their start. Their own reality show series where or you know do their own thing and it just fell to the wayside. I’M. Not listen. I have i haven’t watched reality tv like that so y’all correct me.

If i wrong, but did, did they have a show together or were they getting a show together? I know they did a behind the scenes special about him getting engaged her. I did see something about that, but cv his destroying relations. You know uh, left and right right so because now you can travel, do whatever a little bit more than you could. Maybe last year is testing this relationship, whether they really gon na they probably would have broke up sooner if it was for them. You know jointly getting only fans together, or maybe the daughter brought them closer together and she’s, saying that he’s selfish towards his daughter. I don’t believe that i don’t, i don’t believe that safari samuels, just off of my you know, uh just seeing him talk and this that you know he don’t seem to me to be somebody that would not care about his daughter, i’m. Just gon na be real. Now he may be selfish towards her, but again you knew that before you took that ring to marry him a lot of those things. Probably there now maybe moving in changes things, but i mean we’ll, see they break up and get back together all the time.

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