Leeds United, Southampton F.C., Premier League, Marcelo Bielsa, Ralph Hasenhüttl Vs Southampton | Pre-match Chat | Match Preview

A quick pre match video coming for you, but before i do that, just like to say thank you for all the subscriptions that are coming into the channel. It is really appreciated. Hit that notification bell on. You, then, will be notified when we upload a new video. Also, if you can go over to facebook and go to leeds plus, find us and join us so guys, let’s talk about leeds united vs southampton, but before i do that 48 hours have passed since we’ve played wolverhampton, wanderers and yes having a look back and thinking About the game we were totally robbed. Patrick bamford’s goal was clearly on side. So how do we get past? This i’ll tell you how we get past this. We make an example out of southampton we’re in 12th position they’re in 13th position. We need to sort them out. Okay, we need to go for the three points: i’m, putting it out there right now and saying that we want a good victory against southampton two nil. I would take that and i will go for it. Okay, guys, we really need to make it count against southampton. This is a team that we have to beat it’s, not a must win it’s, not the end of the world if we lose or draw but it’s two games now without without a victory, we lost against arsenal that didn’t hurt me. The one against wolves is hurting me and it’s going to be hurting our lads as well.

So i know, and i’ve got faith in, that wonderful manager of ours, marcelo bielsa in our team i’ve got faith in the boys, meslier i’m gon na back him and i’d back him he’s a fantastic goalkeeper. Okay, that freak goal that fluky goal that wolverhampton wanderer scored. That won’t happen again. That only happens once in a while doesn’t it. So, having said that, southampton managed by ralph hussein hartel i mean we’ve seen they’ve had a they’ve had a weird season. You know they got smashed by man united 9 0 or something like that and you know they, but they’ve got some quality players. I mean i saw him against liverpool. Their manager dropped down, started crying. You know that was his fa cup final beating, jurgen klopp. So they’re a very jekyll and high team they’re in 13th position, we’re in 12th position, so it’s going to be an interesting game. They have got some decent players. We know about danny ings he’s, a he’s, a goal machine in the box. Very, very lethal you’ve got wordpress good player minamino, who they bought from liverpool uh redmond, and also they played chelsea in their last game, so they they’re on a bit of confidence. Their confidence is high. You know, picking up a point against chelsea uh is is good. Going so but let’s see, let’s see how how their energy levels are against leeds, united, because against chelsea they they may have played to their peak, so their energy levels may have sapped.

You know and that’s what we’re hoping for, because we’ve got after southampton. We’Ve got aston villa gabby, jagmon lahore’s men are going to be facing us now i’m doing this video. This pre match video without having any knowledge about marcella bielsa’s press conference it’s just the way it is guys the content is coming out. The games are coming thick and fast, so that means the loco leads. Football channel is churning out the content day in day out, for you guys and like i said we thank you for all your comments that i receive on this video. So guys tell me your scoreline predictions i’m go like i said, i’m going for a two nil victory and because we need to win this game. Uh tell me in the comments below your thoughts on this game. Do you reckon we can get the victory or not? Who do you think will play? Do you think tyler roberts will get another run out against southampton? Having said that, i’m gon na move straight on to the team lineup. Now this is the team lineup that i would love for marcelo bielsa to put in place. I will go with meslier in goal: right back, stuart dallas centre, half pairing of luke, ailing and liam cooper left back alioski cdn position. Pascal strike matthias click and pablo hernandez in the center of our midfield. Raffinia at right, midfield left, midfield jack, harrison, patrick bamford. Up top, so there you go guys there’s, my predicted 11 and i would love to see pablo hernandez start.

I would like to see alioski back in the starting eleven. I know he gets uh some grief from other people on social media, but for me i like to have alioski in and uh guys, it’ll be interesting to see if marcelo bielsa has to put pascal striker in the cdn position. Now this is on providing that calvin phillips is out okay, so i’m, just thinking that calvin phillips might be out for this particular match. He may be available for the aston villa game, so guys there you have it give me your thoughts on my predicted 11. We need to get a win. We need to get things right. I’Ve put the pre match, video, nice and early for you make sure you like and share this video as much as you can i’m gon na leave it just there.

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Leeds United, Southampton F.C., Premier League, Marcelo Bielsa vering injured Phillips, Southampton form | Marcelo Bielsa pre-match | Leeds United v Southampton