Leeds United, Southampton F.C., Premier League, Marcelo Bielsa vs Southampton | Premier League 23 February 2021 Prediction

I must say i never tire of coming to this particular football stadium, ellen road and it’s, a clear night for football, i’m, derek ray i’m joined for commentary by former arsenal, fullback lee dixon and it’s all about action from the premier league. In this case, it’s leeds united up against southampton i’m excited derek, really looking forward to this game come on bring it on well, we know how troublesome he can be on the pitch. But what should we expect from him today? Lee well he’s got all sorts going on for him. This player trickery i don’t mind that i can play against trickery. Pace is a bit more of a problem as soon as you got a play like that, you now have to manage him a lot closer Music Music and a look at the league united starting 11., an element of caution about the selection yeah 4, 5. 1 derrick. The five players behind the lone striker will need to support him lots of very strong midfield, offensively and also defensively. The back four will be protected throughout the game and here’s. How it looks for southampton, alex mccarthy, is the goalkeeper kyle walker peters plays with ryan bertrand. In the fullback positions and the tactical configuration has two players in attack from the very outset, and the contest begins Applause, calvin, phillips liam cooper with it Applause, ailing Applause. Now, what can they do from here? Applause good strength to keep the ball at times they make passing, look easy Applause, a really committed challenge and it’s gone out for a throw in and teammates to play it too, and he wasn’t messing around with the clearance Applause and they do like to press whenever They can a chance, maybe from the wide position, Applause and he’s broken free Applause.

Wolcott. Will he play it in Applause, ward, prowse, kyle, walker, peters? Has it accurate pass upon accurate pass must take the lead here. Oh tremendous block Applause, ailing already pressing their opponents, read it well, jay adams, well, the past, not finding its targets; Applause, ailing, it has gone over the touch line for what will be a throw in Applause ings, just the challenge that was required: Applause, wardrobes top class. Defending dallas plenty of room in the wide area ailing could play it in just knocking it around looking to carve out a chance. Applause, he’ll be breathing a sigh of relief ball, one things and they are on the move again could be keeper did his job. To begin with, and they could face difficulties here, theo walcott and a throw in forthcoming Applause, matteo schlich deserves credit for winning the ball back. Well, derrick there’s! Nothing between these two teams in terms of possession can someone take control of this game. Take a few more risks, hopefully we’ll see a goal soon. Well, here’s the replay and the keeper knows that near post should be his, but he left a gap and he got punished. Let’S have another view of that goal. Applause! Well, just look at the reactions on the touchline: they just need to keep their composure now. This is far from over Applause, so the match has restarted one nil here: Applause and the fourth official confirming that we’ll have one additional minute.

That is that for the first half here, Applause you’ve certainly got to give this man high marks for his work. Up to this point, lee well, his manager will be delighted with him. He’S been spot on in this game. Hasn’T he energy imagination, desire and a steely determination as anticipated plenty of talking points so far and now the second half is underway, bednatic cooper, cliche Applause, and they need to get tighter here. He must finish pretty routine there for the goalkeeper Applause, romeo bertrand, very comfortable. When in possession is it going to be danny ings, oh, my goodness, he’s got that so well, a goal of the highest class fantastic technique. Well, as we see again that’s how to score goals, get the ball into the box from wide areas and from there the soft cushion volley is an absolute dream. I love this goal. Applause. Applause. Well, no wonder! He’S delighted, they’ve been bossing this game up to now. Applause so two nil, now dallas and now it’s phillips Applause, phillips dallas here, and he keeps going a really committed challenge and it’s gone out for a throw in Applause and running it back Applause. It has gone over the touch line for what will be a throw in so deciding to make a personnel change at this juncture, Applause useful, looking position, you’ve got to say Applause roberts might be able to produce from this position. Is this the moment and thwarting his opponent in the nick of time? Well, it could be on for him here, Applause, big chance.

It is and a goal what a magnificent display it’s such a one sided contest here. Well, as we can see again here, he knows exactly what he’s doing and kids all the defenders with the cut back and then from there the keeper had little chance two on one left completely exposed and it made for a simple finish in the end. Well, if there were any lingering doubts about the outcome, surely they now have been removed: Applause, calvin, phillips and it’s a matter of what occurs in the final 15 minutes roberts Applause liam cooper with it rodrigo no potential danger going about as defensive business with a minimum Of fuss, giving the ball to the opposition that time, possession changing hands bertrand and he read it well, definitely look as though they want to make this move count. Applause good work to win it back high up the pitch, and now they have the ball back. Applause inside the final two minutes of this contest: Applause, walcott or krause Applause – a real opening now siri me a golden chance missed. It might come back to haunt him. Well, you learn the script time and time again and he’s now just gone, and that brings this game to an end, real disappointment for league united and the fans. No points picked up lee. Sometimes you get days when things just don’t go to plan. Well, this lot went to the next level. They didn’t even have a plan, not a great effort at all.

They should be embarrassed and, as we run the rule over this man’s work positive after positively. Well, he played well scored a goal.

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