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I i guess it would be like if you were there when uh tesla was first introduced when, when you were there, when henry ford first in gen invented the assembly line, and you knew about it before 99.9 of the world know knew about it. Well, that’s, where i’m at right now and some of you are there with me, but i think a whole lot more of you are going to be with me and my tribe that we’ve been talking about this for a while and it just went public and i Don’T mean that the stock just went public, i mean that something changed. Something happened that just brought it to the forefront, and so now, rather than only let’s say one half of one percent of the world’s population even recognized this word now, maybe 10 of the people in the world will recognize this word. That will change the way we live and that’s. What i want to talk to you about today, because i honestly believe – and i want to be open with you on this – this is the investment opportunity of your lifetime, and it is as a result of a culmination of several events that have just recently occurred and Then the publication of those events that has just this weekend occurred on a national basis that is going to give you that 20x stock that you’ve been looking for, and so i want to share this with you. Take it for what it is.

This is what i would rather do. I would rather tell you about the next tesla than what i think tesla’s gon na do next. Okay, so stay with me, i think you’ll you’ll be educated and you can take it for what you think it’s worth. Okay, be right: back Music best of us investors presents carrie gregmire. Okay, several months ago last year i became aware of some things that were going on in the world and i became aware of uh. I guess it’s genome sequencing. That was my first introduction to it, and then it took me to genome editing and i learned about a therapy called crispr, and i learned that it was going to be a means by which we took genetic diseases, and that includes everything from heart disease to cancer. To sickle cell anemia to childhood blindness to childhood deafness to alzheimer’s anything that was a disease that was as a result of a mutation in your genes. I became aware of that, and so i started buying stocks in that field, and one of them that i bought was crispr and i’m right. I bought it at i’ve, got a cost basis in it at about a hundred and fourteen dollars and it’s at 148 and i’ve owned it probably close to a year, so it hasn’t blown the doors off. But i i read this book. I read several other books about crispr about extending lifespan and i’ve been preaching about it, but i found that if i went beyond my tribe and i said to people, do you know anything about crispr and they say something like does that have something to do with Cooking or toasting or food, no, you don’t know what christopher is no and and they really wouldn’t care.

So, okay, i’m ahead of my times. Well, this week, um in the saturday edition of wall street journal, this was the section which they call reviews and it it says what gene editing can do for humankind and and you really need, if you’re, an investor of any sort, you need to go. Get your copy of the new of the wall street journal and read this i’ll summarize it a bit and basically, what it says is as a result of the invention of crispr. We are entering a time when you, as a parent will have the option to go into a clinic and the way i think of it, is a a clinic with bookshelves like that or shelves like that behind me and on those shelves you with your insurance company. Your insurance in hand as a young couple who was about to um, conceive, create a baby over here on this part of the shelf. There were um therapies that you could sign up for, and your insurance would, company would would cure, would pay for them and, it would say, eliminate uh childhood blindness eliminate childhood deafness, eliminate sickle cell on the anemia, eliminate um cancer, eliminate alzheimer’s, eliminate parkinson’s, and your insurance Company would pay for those eliminations and they would then go into your egg and sperm and basically sequence, your your your genome to eliminate those things, and that would be a part of your insurance policy. Is that good so far, yeah? Is there any problem you have with that that you could eliminate those problems, um, maybe maybe even eliminate my dyslexia eliminate hypertension, whatever you could in your insurance company, and why would your insurance company pay for that, because those create expenses in the future that your insurance Company has to cover so if you and your insurance company could come to an agreement that you want those eliminated from your newborn, okay, they’ll pay for it, then, and then now.

This is where it gets complicated on this shelf over here that that this is the premium shelf. This is where it says: uh height above normal height, so you wanted a child who is six foot four uh? Okay, that costs so much uh color of eyes, that’s, not an expensive one. Color of hair that’s, not expensive tone of skin okay, um iq yeah iq that that’s a premium one that’s that and you could. You could buy those genome editing characteristics in your child. Now this is where we get into difficulty, and this is where we get into problems because there’s some inequities there, a a uh not so well. Well, heeled couple comes in they’re, okay on these shelves. They can’t afford those shelves, but someone else comes in and they’re very wealthy and we’ll say: we’ll take the whole boat. We want. We want a six foot, two um or a daughter who is uh very eff. We want that muscle that added muscle, uh gene alteration, because we want her to be a a a volleyball player or a basketball player and um. We want her to have blonde hair and blue eyes and um a a she. We would like her not to have to get out in the sun to get a tan we’d, like kind of a nice tan on her as well and you’d. Be able to do that is that okay that’s the decision we have to go into the future.

Okay is that side of the shelf, okay that’s in the future, this side of the shelf is a given. This is going to happen because there is nobody who would raise their hand and say: oh yeah, i don’t mind if my my child has sickle cell anemia. Oh, i yeah. Let him be blind and see and let let him adjust so that that he he becomes a stronger person and wait a second what’s. This what’s, this middle shelf, sexual preference, okay, male or female, but wait a second what’s, this gay or transsexual. We can do that too yeah yeah, you can do. That too, is. Are we okay with that? These are the decisions that are going to have to be made in the future, okay, but that side of the shelf is coming and it’s, not that far down the road, and i knew about it because i’ve read these books, but that makes me a half percenter. Most of you, haven’t read any of these books. Admit it. You haven’t read these books, you don’t know what the hell i’m talking about. Okay, but now the wall street journal just did a feature article on it. What i know is, as of today, monday 10 of the world’s population – knows about this and probably 70 percent of that 10 percent invest in the stock market and guess what’s going to happen is this bigger than electric vehicles uh yeah, i think so – is this bigger Than flying cars yeah, maybe um this and and then, if, if you read the article you’re, also going to learn that as a result of this i’ll be able to say to my, i want to make them resistant to any pandemic or that if a pandemic, a Virus shows up in their body.

They have the tools through this therapy, to fight that off. How important is that this is where we’re at. I want you to really think about this. This is where we’re at you have a decision to make. Not am i going to buy crisper stock. Am i going to buy edit stock that’s, the one who goes after specific ends of it? Am i going to get and be biotech, or am i going to be left in the starting gate? The question is how much and which ones this is a no brainer. This is this is your chance. This is your chance at. I think it’s, today selling for 148 a share. This is your chance to buy tesla at 148 and today, it’s worth what 800 and some no brainer um but i’m just glad i’ve got 250 shares of it uh. What my decision is. Do i want 500 that’s my decision, because, for goodness sakes this is life. This isn’t, an electric car, this isn’t, uh, neo or lucid, or whatever, that other electric car is this isn’t, this isn’t hydrants and cell automobiles, that you have to build an infrastructure on it’s done, they’ve invented it. The lady who wrote this book won a nobel peace prize for it. This is happening, and you are now one of the 10 of the world’s population who knows about this revolutionary change in the way our world is going to work again shelves you choose choose what you want in your baby: choose not to have disease, and then you Get into lifespan if they don’t die from cancer in heart disease because we take it out of their genome.

What are they going to die from? Are they going to live forever? Yeah, maybe that’s the world that’s in front of you right now. I can’t believe it. I i just can’t and you’re talking about neo. Are you kidding me best of us investors? This is what we talk about. Uh go to best of us investors and um that’s that’s, our coffee mug. You can find that on our website, where you go to best of us investors and sign up and come to our discord. This is this is how we talk in our discord. We aren’t worried about what’s what about whether the stock market is going to crash or not it it.

What do you think?

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