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If you are new and comment down below what your thoughts on moderna are and i’d love to chat with you guys down there, so let me hit record. We will get right into it, so not a great trading day for moderna. We are down 15 on the day i’m about 8.8 percent, and i cover a lot of different stocks. I cover tesla neo apple on a daily basis and a red day across all of them actually in in three of those right, tesla, neo and moderna. Eight percent seems to be the the crazy red number that we’re, seeing, which is a pretty pretty bad fall, especially in one day um. So let’s take a look at you know some news that came out so first things. First um, you know not necessarily modernist specific, but kind of the whole covet situation. Specific the us has administered now: 59.6 million doses of the code 19 vaccines, which is great as we try to figure out how to get past this coveted pandemic. The other news that came out is that johnson johnson is getting their vaccine reviewed this upcoming thursday. I believe – and that could be a potential reason why moderna is also seeing a little bit of of a hit, because you know once that comes out. If you guys remember right, there is still, i think, 100 or 200 million more doses that the us can order. But if the johnson and johnson one comes out it’s cheaper it’s, one dose, which means hey, you know logistically it’s easier to do and if it’s cheaper, you know.

Why not do that. So i think that’s. One of the reasons why um you know, maybe if that gets approved and that starts coming into the market and jonathan and johnson – can actually deliver which currently they don’t have a big supply right now right. If they can deliver, then we could see um. You know potential orders that could have gone to modern or pfizer go towards johnson and johnson, just because it’s um, you know an easier vaccine now granted the efficacy of it right is a little bit lower. I think it’s in the high 60s low 70s. If i remember correctly but um, you know, we’ll we’ll see we’ll see how that goes. This thursday, i don’t think that they’re not going to approve it right. I think it’s going to get approved it’s just a matter of you know time and the other thing that came out that, i think is actually good news for the modern stock is that they are talking about um. You know, potentially, you know, vaccines for the new variants right. The fda said that they’re not going to need lengthy trials, which is great because a lot of the time that is spent on the waiting might not need to be, you know, actually spent. And so maybe we can go from testing to production faster and therefore a fight, coveted, better and b um. You know, hopefully, hopefully, hopefully lead to more revenue for moderna, because that’s the ultimate question that’s, that a lot of investors have had hey what happens after the coronavirus pandemic right that’s.

What you guys are selling right now: we’re selling the coveted vaccine. What happens as soon as cove is over? Are we going to go back to a company that doesn’t even have a billion dollars in revenue, they’re expected to do 12 or 11 to 13 this year? What is the game plan, and so i think, it’s really important for moderna um and they’re developing a couple. Other vaccines too, that we’ve talked about in previous uh videos but um yeah, so that’s. What i wanted to really quickly cover now let’s get into the stock price. Let’S, take a look at the daily action for today. We’Ll talk about the um, the uh overall message. After so friday was a great day. We pushed up came right back down close in the 170s, and today what we saw was a break towards our 172 level and then quickly falling right down below our 164 level. As we saw, though, as soon as we fell below it, we we were really trying to come back up here, trying to come above. It took a break come back here here we broke above it. Um briefly got rejected by view app hung out and then came right back down, took a little breather at this next level, um and then kind of sold off into the close. So a lot of selling off happening today, um. If we take a look at major indexes right, the nasdaq was gapped out and sideways to down.

Um dow two and a half percent dow jones was slightly positive, led by disney um. If any of you guys own that you were a happy camper today. Disney was doing really well um. The dow jones was up 0.09 percent again and then the s p was down point. Seven, seven percent. So on a day like that, moderna was down about eight percent. So let’s take a look at what’s going on so i’ve covered moderna. Since you know pretty much the the end of this fall. Um we were falling, falling, falling got the reversal and man did it. Go on an absolute run, went from the low 100s hitting a point of 190 in a matter of a couple weeks right, a little bit more than a month and since then we’ve seen a little bit of a selling off right. So where do we go from here um? That includes a failed cup and handle pattern. Unless this whole thing is the cup and we’re making the handle right now, that could totally be the case as well um. I thought we so the reason i thought this was the handle is because we went up, came back down and started to push up, making me think that that was the handle. But maybe if i get rid of these lines actually i’m not gon na get rid of them now. But maybe this whole thing is the cup and then we go down and maybe we start coming up and then we break out not saying that that’s going to happen just suggesting it in case it starts to turn around curve back up and we get to this Level that’s, when we start looking for a breakout, don’t know if that’s going to happen just throwing it out there on the ema level right, i think we’re at a very, very interesting stage.

Right now. One thing i want to point out look on the right up. Obviously, right what we were doing is we were going up coming back to this first line. Let me get rid of the drawings for just a second, because it’s too much to look at right. You see it coming down bouncing off of this top line, going down. Bouncing recently, we broke below that aema, but we were still hanging out around it with today’s fall. However, we are now below the 21 ema and making our way towards the 34 ema. What does this mean? Well, for me, as someone who who likes looking at these exponential moving average lines, that means that we need to either make a push towards and come above the 165 level which we’re at 160 75 we’ve gone up a dollar 38 in the after hours already so We’Re only about five bucks away from that totally doable for moderna within a day and and then in the future. We can use that as our line of support. So if we can get to 165, we can hopefully use that as our line of support. If we don’t, though, then i think we fall to this 34 ema, which is in the 156s, which is again a four dollar full, so that’s what i’m looking at going into tomorrow. Let me get the drawings back and i can point out more levels of support and resistance, um and and we’ll kind of see, but um the ema’s are the main thing right so from a level of resistance.

What we have coming up is this 160 50s, which it looks like we’re above already um. The next level would be the 164 15 level and then we’ve got the 21 ema 165s, and then that sets us up for a run towards 172. If we can clear today’s high of 170., so let me just say that one more time 160 56 is our first level. 164 15 is our next level, then is our two emas in the 21 ema, 165, 8 ema, 171 and then the 172 level? On the downside, what we’re watching is again, depending on whether we open above or below the 160 level, it could be a support of resistance, but the key here is that 34 ema 156 is and then we’ve got a support level at 153. If we keep dropping, we’ve got this other level down here in the 145 and a 55 ema in the 144., now again, i’m going to get rid of the drawings. For just a second and the takeaway of the video is in the next couple of days. We either need to hit up against this 21 ema right, like we were, hitting up against the ama. Maybe we get rejected, maybe we don’t if we get rejected that’s, not good news, but at least we’re hanging out around it. We need to get above it. We need to get above this 165 level if we don’t we’ve got run room down to the 34 ema and the 156s, where we, if we go down, hopefully see a bounce that’s a lot for you guys today.

I hope you guys uh enjoyed the video. If you did don’t forget to drop that like down below subscribe to my channel, if you are new, hopefully you guys had a great start to your trading week. I was a little, not a little decently, read for the day, a lot of stocks that i own and watch we’re not doing so hot today, if that’s, okay, it’s all a part of the game right so that’s all i had for you guys today.

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