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Biotech stocks are so hot right now, as we are in the early stages of the genomic revolution. You can learn more about that on the video that i did called arcg. The first stock we’re going to be talking about is dffn. This company diffusion pharmaceuticals is creating products that help treat oxygen deprivation in our cells or hypoxia. There are 23 million cases of hypoxia annually. They’Ve had a lot of success lately and there are a number of possible catalysts that could easily push this stock up in the near future. For example, they have a pending fda approval and a number of great products in the pipeline. They’Ve also just announced they’ve raised 30 million dollars, so they have a ton of cash on hand. I bought in a dollar 18 a share, and i love that i’m in the same company of one of my investing heroes, renaissance technologies, as well as 27 other institutions like blackrock, vanguard, fidelity and goldman sachs. The next biotech stock we’re going to be talking about is neos therapeutics, articular, symbol, n e o s. Now these guys develop central nervous system focus products that are used in three adhd medicines. As someone who had adhd as a kid, i can tell you that there is a huge demand for these types of products. They are also developing other coughed and cold type medicines in their pipeline what’s, exciting about this company. Is they just announced that they’re having a special meeting to discuss a possible merger with a y t? U another biotech company! This could be a great catalyst for the share price to really jump.

I bought in at a dollar fourteen a share and i could see a big jump soon. Niels is held by 47 institutions, including a few of my favorites there’s. A lot of hype around the stock lately and i’m excited to see what returns we see in the near future. Now, before we get to the next stock, i’d really appreciate, if you all pause the video and subscribe and turn on those notifications, i’ve netted over fifty thousand dollars. So far in the first two weeks of february, with my penny stocks so make sure those notifications are on, so you can get in as soon as i post these videos if you want to get in the same time as me check out my patreon page. Follow me there for even greater profits, i’m, confident that, by following my trades in real time, you’ll make a ton of money, but please remember i’m, not a trained financial advisor and these videos offer entertainment purposes. Only now, let’s move on to the next company called neovasc. A ticker, simple, nvcn, i’m, probably the most excited about this stock out of the three. There have been a ton of hype around this company recently and for good reason. These guys develop devices that help fight heart disease. This is huge as cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally. The potential for their products is massive and neovasc is in a great position as they just raised 72 million dollars after they raised over 70 million dollars.

Their market gap is still below 60 million. So they’re, due for a jump, i love that almost 25 of all shares are held by insiders, because it shows that they truly believe in the company. There are also 25 institutions holding at almost 20 percent of the total stock value. Neovasc has about 50 patents right now, and another 50 that are pending it’s also been in the news that mark cuban has invested in a company that now provides a license to neovasc, which will also help with momentum. I could easily see the stock going 10x before the year is up and long term. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the stock hit 100 a share. I think there’s a huge opportunity here, but please remember investing penny stocks is risky and i usually just invest a small percentage of my overall portfolio. The best way to get rich is to invest for the long term and etfs like arc funds, which i talk about in my other videos. The market is booming right now, so making money is easy, but please remember that most penny stock investors lose in the long run, make sure you invest those penny stock profits and the safer funds. I honestly want what’s best for you, because it’s a lot more fun. If we all get rich together be safe, guys and check out my patreon for access to those real time trades. Please remember these videos. Take me a lot of time to create so sometimes you’ll see the prices jump a little or a lot before.

I finish the video and get it online. The only way to get in when i get in is to follow me on patreon. You can see my trades there in real time i’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments and remember by investing together in smart companies.

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NASDAQ:NEOS, Neos Therapeutics, Stock market, Nasdaq, Stock Is Bigger Than TESLA or Apple