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Click the like buttons below now on to the video welcome to today, we’re going to look at silver and we’re, going to look at fractals, elliott, wave white cough and cycles just a bit of a run over here we have a weekly silver chart, um log Format going back to the 1960s, i think okay, let’s have a look at fractals it’s quite interesting. Here we have a sharp uptick, a minor pullback and a near recovery to the highest of the uptick. This pattern here: okay, that’s, very in a bulk trend – that’s similar to this similar to that similar to this okay, that’s, an uptrend so we’re an uptrend here, let’s call that an uptrend um and a downtrend that’s similar to that. I guess no topping pattern it’s similar to that now, as we see here this one here went boom boom boom about you know from there to win up about the recovery 61 to 100. Okay. So if we do that here we go bang bang, bang 6100, so it’s gon na tickle, up between 40 and 50., okay, that’s, all right yeah between um i’d say about 40 and 46 47. This window here the other times that we, you know, got up there and went sideways for a bit waited till i moved. Okay did some filling in let’s, look to have wait and see what happens just the fractals. Obviously the bearish fractals didn’t really recover that well and just collapsed.

So these are a pump ups, the cell. This is the last drive up and then obviously supplies hit the market. Here it was a drive up and the demand carried it higher. Okay on the outer wave, what do we see here? We obviously had five waves down one two, three, four, five, a oop all right. You know sorry wrong: the wrong butt, yeah it’s, an a that’ll, be the b yeah. Oh sorry, wrong button area and obviously the c can be extended. Okay c can do anything it’s normally an a so here we got an a b c. So c can be a short wave up or a long waiver. I don’t think it’s a new rally because this low takes at the prior low. So this is more of a an abc apple and it may get a stronger pullback. So this will be a one and a pull back for a two for a bigger rally. So this is the initial wave up. It could run up anywhere between where it is now to all the way up to 45 50 bucks and then watch out for a topping okay wave in the wyk off world. We’Ve got our little sideways pattern here. As you can see, there came down sign of strength, phase a phase b is the neutral phase. There’S some ball up. Bear traps shake out here and we’ve got signs of strength here back up to the creek and really to advance forward.

So we don’t know if it’s going to do wobbling around here and continue higher or it’s just going to go straight up from here. But in the current environment, with um shortage of silver fundamentals, the money printing forecast of the dollar and the need to sell u.s government debt, i would suggest that silver has got more of an upside than it has of a downside. Let’S say sideways threat could be pretty confident: okay, that’s the fractal, just the elliott wave uh what’s, the other one cycles, all right, i’ve got a cycle down here. This is for the two two three eight weekly cycle. As you can see here, it fits pretty well lump there lump there lump there sort of here lump there lump there, but then the trend dies out a bit and we get a cycle uptrend here, but we get lumped there lump there cycle top the airline. When i say lump i’ve been suck on top and now we’re in a current environment of a cycle type but as you can see, there’s um room to move okay. So how did i find these cycles? I go down to a cycle. Finder spectrum pretty fancy name, but what i want to do is i want to run period time frames through this price and i want to find which sine waves fit this tri section, and to do that, i use the bar tails statistical score. So here i’ve run because i’ve done a bit of scanning.

I run cycle range for daily 350 cycles: that’s 350 it’s, a sine wave of 350 periods to 2 000 it’s. A range 350 to 2 000 range design waves i’m, using a multiple six, so it’s, 2, 000 times 6, which is 12. as you can see down here. These are 12. There it’s supple data set 12 000, so i’m. Using my scan and maximum data set is 1200 and 12 800 okay, so my weekly one i’m scanning the range of 50 periods to 500 multiplied by five, so that’s 500 times five and i scroll down to my weekly and there we are here’s. My weekly cycles. 50 to 500 sample size, 2, 500, that’s, 32 and a half thousand weeks maximum i could do. Is that so i’m, pretty much doing all data, so let’s sustain the weekly here. The the red line is bartels. So, ideally, what you want is high amplitude amplitudes on the left. You want this to be high. That means the sine wave is well formed, the higher the amplitude. That means it’s swinging like a normal sine wave whoops, and you want the bow towels to be low about our low bar towels means price is highly correlated to the sine wave it’s doing a test on, and these read numbers up here are the range i scan For example, i scan 50 to 500, and this is when the height of the amplitude is the highest. Now these i’m looking at these ones here, so i got a 211 a 208 ish and a 238.

It says 240 is the top of that point there, but i’m, just looking at the lowest bar thousand three thirty eight, these ones here it’s got a higher bar tails than that so it’s not that attractive. If you look at that that’s um 329, you might look at that and then we’ve got statistics down here for each score, see how you got 210 240 they’re pretty high in the statistics. So this is what we want to look at and the daily charts. If you take, for example, it looks like 238 238 weeks multiplied by that by five you’re, going to end up around 1100 days. If you look up into the daily data, you look around 1100 days. You can see. These cycles are working well on the daily as well, so the weekly and daily sign waves are working together. So i go back to the data so back to the chart i load in my 238. I think it was 329 as well. I said we’ll put 329 in there, i’ll put that up to there i’ll say 329 weekly. Is it up here here we are that’s what 329 look at that maybe creep along to 332 or you put 330 in there. Nice big number, okay, but i’ve, got highlighted here. The pink one’s, the best one, so i’ll run there. What it looks like yeah i like um, i like the pink one, better big one fits. If you can see the pink one working, the pink one is the 238 weekly it’s fitting the data better.

Okay, the 210 get rid of that we’ll go back to 210 and 238. The two weekly cycles – 238 weekly cycle, looks like the winner, but it’s all about sample sizing and testing whoopsie daddy, but it gives some color right. Okay, now the cycle just confirms it’s, just like any other pattern, is that um we’ve had bullish. We’Ve got a bullish move here: okay, call it seasonal because a bit of a bullish move here, but not that great now we’re getting a big move up here. It is cyclical it’s happening fundamentals. Are there and that’s sort of our time range and obviously we might have a bit of a bear pattern here. We have to see what happens with the trend with our demand supply patterns, but if you’re looking for longs it’s still attractive and down below, we have our dpo, which uh is our cycle into our d training price oscillator. So we’ve got 238, okay and dpo says half of the 238 119. So here we have our cycles and you can see the blue line versus the red line of the blue line is when the it’s above that and equal to the trend of the cycle and the red line is when it’s down. So, as you can see, we’re in the blue line and it’s just a graphical way of showing, we probably have a bit more work here before we can confidently say that the cycle’s over okay, just a graphical way of showing that, if you’re bullish and you like The ball cycle: the fundamentals like the demand and supply patterns that this is a little bit more a little bit more to go.

Okay, so that’s how we do cycle analysis at that works well now. Obviously, we can see here with the silver cycle that this cyber silver cycle has been inherited into this price data, all the way since 1972 so ignoring. It is up to you, but i like to work with the cycles and the trends and be aware when another demand and supply cycles in phase. So thanks for watching that’s basic cycle fractal alley, wave, um wyck off work with the silver price chart.

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