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So tonight i believe it’s going to be a little heavy, but this is the perfect time to talk about black lives matter, because what we need is unity, Music. Oh my gosh, it looks like everyone’s showing up when you can breathe. You guys look amazing. I am so thankful that you guys are here, along with my sister tamika and i’m, so appreciative what’s, up y’all, hey to me. 2020 has been a year when i saw what happened to trayvon martin to sandra bland. When we watched a knee on the neck of george floyd for eight minutes, i knew that i had to get involved and it is time that we allow our voices to amplify the messaging of no more black lives matter. They ask: why is that a statement that even needs to be made explain to me, please? Why is the black man dying at the rate of an endangered species? You see we’ve allowed this land of the free to lock up and cage our morality. So now we can casually see the casualty of a black man the same way. They see a video game where the ghost monster kills. Pac man eric garner, got choked on camera. What happened to justice for that man and we seen what they did to sandra bland on that dash cam, but black lives matter, it’s us making a statement to inform the nation that a black life cannot be taken without somebody being held accountable, that’s right, you see.

We are no longer allowing you to tell a mother that the life that came out of you is insignificant, then tell the cops that killed a kid that we are proud of. You, um that’s. Why i stand here the way dr king took a stand before me with more than a dream. No, he had a plan for glory and equality. That’S right cause. The fact of the matter is, they can’t say all lives until black lives matter and so freedom. God bless you hey! Thank you so much mike my son lennon, my brother here who has absolutely taken the fight of freedom on his back, along with my sister tamik and i’m, so appreciative your activism is important and we need you. We have such influence on what people wear what people decide to listen to, and now i want us all to have influence on the fact that our black lives matter. I am going to pass the mic to one of my inspirations, someone that i have stood beside on stages and someone that i have cried next to in jail cells, passing the mic to my sister tamika. Thank you. Thank you. So much it’s heavy right, but you know uh being a part of the movement, can also have smiles and love. You know we’re in a critical moment, people are waiting for us to see. What is it that we’re going to do? Dr king didn’t have cell phones, he had to wait to make a call back to coretta scott king to his family.

Today we have all the resources and yet for some reason many of us feel so afraid to actually use our voices. I came from the projects. I had a father to my child, who was murdered over 18 years ago, and i know that all of you have similar stories whatever you’ve been through. Your voice is exactly what a young person is waiting for in order for them to transform their lives. Thank you. So much after hearing tamika and my son speak talking about our people. It really touched me: we have to be able to communicate without violence. We have to be able to talk to each other and just hash out our differences. Oh yeah, i did a great job thanks. We appreciate that it feel good to actually be here and witness yandy use her voice for change, she’s on the front line, she’s sacrificing a great deal, and sometimes i fear for her safety but i’m – extremely proud that my wife is out there helping create a better World for our sons, my daughter and our family. I appreciate y’all because i don’t be understanding like cnn and stuff, so i just follow. Y’All y’all just break everything down cause cnn don’t break it down for me right and don’t break it down for me, either Music jack. How you doing over there you know today definitely has been emotional roller coaster. For me, we just want to send our condolences to our guide job yeah, my cousin.

He just found out that his homeboy in dallas got killed today. You know stuff like that happen when we’re in the street heavy you trying to rap or you trying to do whatever the blessing is really meant for you to get up out there and help somebody else, and you know what i’m saying. But you know we praised that boss street, you know what i’m saying that kill you. It puts you in jail. You know what i’m saying when you talk about police brutality and we talk about the things that’s happening in our community. We can’t not talk about black. On black crime, we need to call each other higher. You don’t know what tomorrow’s going to bring. You know. You don’t know the impact that someone is going to leave. We have to do everything in our power to push forward to show from the inside out that our lives matter – i felt like i just been surrounded by fire gunfire today – makes four people in 60 days and, however, they may have expired. You know it comes back home, it’s home and on this trip they asked us who would we like to accompany mm? Hmm and i prayed about it and it’s like as soon as i finished, praying god said, take your oldest son so that y’all both can go and take that time to get out this fire. All i think about is our kids. You know what i’m saying and what they got to go through.

They got to live in this ugly world and they so precious. You know what i’m saying we just got to be there for them and teach them. You have to start loving that neighbor back in the days you can leave your house unlocked cause. Your neighbor got you when we took the neighbor out of the neighborhood that’s when he lost now everybody we just from the hood. We got to put the neighbor back in neighborhood. Don’T, say this: your hood! If you want to help rebuild your yup, give back make it. You can’t, be claiming the hood yeah you ain’t, trying to make the hood better. Yeah let’s use our platform that’s right to help we don’t get to go back to who we were yes, people around us don’t get to go back to what they used to do anymore. Yeah, hey man, yeah. I said i want to provide for my people: Music, don’t, the black lives matter. Movement means everything to me, especially because i’m raising black children. I don’t want my son growing up in a world like this we’re saying, vote, we’re, saying black lives matter, we’re saying help the culture we’re saying you know, stop chilling, we’re saying all this stuff, but we got to really put ourselves out in the battlefield to make It actually make sense. I stayed for my people always, and i said you know what i got to be more active, even if it’s, just using my voice right, we woke up a lot of people came and wake up.

Let’S do something and then my ancestors did too much in the past for me just to be bs and now it’s real. For me, i got kids, you know what i’m saying i’m a black man. I know black lives matter. You know what i’m saying. I know what i’ve been through. We ask you to get the knowledge and try to help bring people along to help to include them in the fight for civil and human rights, because it’s a fight for each and every one of us.

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