Safaree, Erica Mena, Love & Hip Hop: New York Tahiry Jose Breaks Down Crying Over A Peasant Salad

Okay. So where do i begin i’m in dominican republic? In my own country, where my parents were born and raised i’m so upset right now, so we worked really hard right to go on vacation to go to a different country to vibe. My parents are both dominic and born and raised. We like really break our backs. You know we, you know, my parents migrated to the us to give me a better life and i come to a resort Music and i sit at a dinner table and i get a menu and i’m staying at sanctuary in capkana and i get this menu right Because the covet you don’t get a menu, so you have to like download the menu and the menu says. The first item on there says peasant salad present what the is a peasant, salad, i’m confused sanctuary capgana wherever the i am that i bust my ass to come here to eat. So y’all could give me a salad that says peasant salad, so my dumbass is looking at them like. Okay, so y’all got mad commas in between salads, where i can’t tell what this has. What did y’all miss an l or something? Is it pleasant, salad and the salad says peasant salad? So do you think i want to eat here? Do you even think i want to stay here? I had a whole moment that at 2021 you still come out. I mean racism is so alive and we know this, but we work so hard to come to us to like a place to an establishment to a resort to eat a peasant, salad, the salad that y’all eat is a is it a peasant, and then people want To tell me it’s a campo salad, they call it campo, celebrate our dishes, our traditions, where we come from a peasant, salad and that’s.

What i call it on the menu. So i had a whole moment and i could not eat Music i couldn’t eat. I could not, i don’t even want to be here: Music peasant, salad. Nana speaks to the waitre, the waiter, whose name was jacobo jacob, who is very nice and pleasant. He says: hey um. What can i get to, i said: did you guys miss a letter here? He said no, i said, can you tell me what this means and he says i said it from like you know the culture like we come from el campo, uh the country and i was like why not call it country, salad and he’s? Like i understand i said i need to, i need to see your manager, not because he could change anything, because i needed to see what he looked like and, of course he was dominican i’m. Not i didn’t want to speak to him for him to change anything. I just wanted to understand Music matter of fact. There was nothing to understand because i know he was a working man and people have to be their family Music, so these come here to d.r and they and they savor and enjoy our dishes. That are traditional dishes, but that side is called peasant, and this is where i choose to i’m i’m. This is where i come to spend my hard working money, proud of my country, so shout outs to uh the sanctuary capgana that on the menu they have something called peasant: salad, Music, no it’s, not crying over the salad, because i can eat that it’s a principle It’S the fact that we come here and we feed these places and we get the owner rich who’s, probably a european who has many dominicans working under them, and the that happens.

There’S discrimination that probably happens under this rule and got the nerve to call this out of the peasant salad, Music, the menu is goopable, and i – and i promise you that i i was really i was thinking i was saying i thought i was seeing things for Somebody to say, oh, you know, no, it does say peasant and i’m like well, this peasant means – and he said, a poor person – i’m, a country person and i’m like yeah, but why is it called peasant? Why can we call it something else? Music, my phone says cleanse like eat a salad shut up. My phone says alarm, it’s time to eat a salad i don’t want to. I don’t. I have a problem with it being called a peasant salad. So if you guys don’t get that points and y’all is different, different different it’s got ta, be different: Music uh love. Let me see i’m, not even gon na, because i don’t even wi fi is so weird right now i don’t even wan na. Why am i triggered because it’s bad it’s wrong what the the people are? So weird Music people are so weird like people are so weird there’s? No way i want to sit somewhere that calls the sound of the peasant salad Music, like what the is wrong with y’all. A peasant salad. Oh here welcome, have the peasant salad, then there’s other people that say well to hear you.

Can’T change want to hear me who cares you’re, not the only one that’s been to that place. You hear it happens all the time um. Oh uh you’re, not the first person to have a problem with that word so i’m supposed to say the should. I not say a thing because i’m, not gon na change the world. Well, i am expressing myself and yes, if i change one thing i’m happy and if we all got together, we will fix certain things but everybody’s thinking. Oh, what can i do? My voice is small, no speak up and that’s what i’m doing? Speaking of i have a problem with me sitting in a restaurant, where i spend my heart and money and they say oh here i have the peasant salad, the i eat every day. That comes from my country – oh yeah, absolutely i’m living here. Yes, i Music am unbelievable and i’m going because i got ta go speak to the general manager. Thank you, bye, Music. I could not believe what i just read. What no! I really could not believe that i’m sitting somewhere in 2021 and i have to i – can order a peasant salad and when you read the ingredients this we eat what i’m out man.

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