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Today, to summarize it for what i saw just pure butt, cheeks man, i didn’t see anything good happening, at least in my options i mean you can see it right there everything’s red, except for a blue apron, which is ironic because it’s a color blue, but i Mean it’s only up one percent: everything else is down so much like chewy. I should have sold it friday, we’re down 40 percent. Now crm should have sold it friday. We’Re down 29 apple should have never bought it in general, down 27 costco costco just been shooting me in the foot for like the last month down 14 nokia. Nobody cares about nokia, but again down 21 aci, for which one that is uh that’s albertsons down. Seven percent uh crown holding down three and a half kroger down eight open; no, no! No! This is uh. I forget which one this one is but down three and a half walmart down four. It was just a bad day and that’s all just today, it’s down that much so that’s, like the numbers that is down today, is what you would expect in like a month. Maybe a quarter for most of these at least like how much is down percent wise it’s a options were not the move. Clearly, as you can see, but one thing that helped me out was my actual stocks went up so let’s look at those today instead, because i don’t even want to click any of my options: i’m down like four grand today, not a beautiful day, um so cote, They went up, five percent went up 442 dollars, we’re up 4.

5 k, now it’s getting prettier and prettier it’s. Still i i mean i think it’s still going to be a double digit stock here very shortly. It once was back when i first started watching it. I think in 2017 2018, so i expect it to happen if not it’ll get bought out and happen that way. Zom uh love, hate relationship with it. Recently, it’s like it’ll, go up at some point in the day and then it’ll go right back down or go down some point in the day: it’ll go back up, but for the most part, it’s just chilling in that two to 250 range. You know it doesn’t want to go any higher. Hopefully it doesn’t want to go any lower, but you know we ended at 216 today. What else we got uh kirklands still bittersweet about this one. If you don’t know, then, is in one of my videos, but up 244 dollars up a little over five grand now so that one’s doing very well, then we got uh spirit airlines. They went up uh a dollar 23. um today’s return is 313, though, and we’re up a little over three and a half grand now so that’s beautiful and then marathon oil. This is the one i was down for the longest time. I was down like two two to three grand and they, finally, you know doing their thing. You see just recently this past week. They were doing their thing.

They went from about 9 12, all the way to 10 40. So about almost 1.50. It went up in a few days actually and they just had their earnings today. I believe not too long ago, so their estimated was down 20 cents a share, but the actual is down 12 cents. A share, so it’s still bad, but they did better than expected. So i guess it’s gon na go up. Maybe who knows i don’t know um. I thought i saw. I had a dividend coming let’s take a look yeah, so march 10th. I get another dollars and forty six cents, nothing crazy. You know just eleven dollars and at fifty cents, that’s like um that’s, like a very fancy lunch in my books, but i can’t complain. Dividends right now is better than nothing. I mean i’m not going to be able to retire with that, but the fact that i’m. Finally, up in this i mean i’m up 200 on top of that, like the fact that i’m finally up um, i initially bought this. When was it, i was just on this. Here we go again, so i initially bought it. I sold it then so i sold it and then i rebought it and then i got stuck forever so i bought it at 1184.. Last year, almost exactly a year and a month ago i had bought it, and then i bought more to average down which was stupid at the time because only went down, you know a dollar eighty ish, and then i bought some more average down.

This is where i should about way more 625 and then i was like okay at that point. I’M scared to buy any more because this, this bad boy might go bankrupt and i’ll lose all the money. So i just stopped there and was just hoping and hoping that eventually i’ll go back up and sure enough february 22nd is a day that i went back positive and so we’re just going to hold it. I think every stock i hold now actual shares of stock are finally all up now. I think marathon was the last one that i was holding up, never mind, amc, nobody cares about it anymore, but they went up almost fifteen percent today, so we’re only down sixty dollars. I can’t even count it because all they got seven shares if it ain’t a hundred shares. I don’t even count it and even a hundred isn’t, that much depending on what it is like spirit since it’s a 37 stock 100 is significant, but, like 1300 of cody that’s more, my range of i like to have thousands of shares that’s. Why i do options instead? Now, because you know i can’t have thousands of shares of a whole bunch of stuff, because i don’t have the money to do all that and it’s like uh. You know it’s a slow mover, but options is fast moving. So the money you know i just want to make a quick buck that’s all i care about, even though you know i hold my stuff way longer than i need to, but that’s besides the point um american airlines.

I believe they did this. Some news came out, but i’m up at 38 dollars, there’s some news about it: american airlines group stock, outperforms competitors on strong trading day yeah, i don’t, know why it went up or down or whatever i know royal caribbean had their earnings called a day as well. I don’t know what happened to them, but i just seen that they had one and then, of course we got to look at oh ask. If one usws, i mean we’re still up almost 110 bucks now, but you know it’s it’s pulling a zom for the most part. Like you know, i did that little run and now it’s kind of just chilling in this 2 to 250 range. I think that’s exactly what zombies at right now too. So this one’s at 212 and zom is at 217, so yeah they’re pretty much best friends right now. Can i move it. I can’t move it on here, but i would have put them right next to each other because that’s where they belong, but anyways as i was saying, let’s look at the main, the main culprits right now so bitcoin you know it’s been going off. It looks like it’s calming down now you know staying about steady he’s passed. I think this was friday to now so it’s about even 54 to 56 000 range. I don’t know what’s going to happen with it, but i got my .008425555 uh bitcoins. I guess he can’t even say bitcoins fraction of bitcoin and i’m actually up 33.

33 and i bought it when it was at 42. I think i thought it said it somewhere here i bought it. When is that like? Oh no, there, it is forty thousand seven hundred. So i bought it right when it was peaking the first time around the super bowl. I think it was and then it started going down – and i was thinking that’s why i don’t buy this kind of stuff on the hype, because it goes down right when i buy it, but thankfully it went back up and i didn’t get burned so i’m. Probably just gon na hold on to it see what happens. I mean it’s only like three to four hundred dollars. I had in total in there so i’m, not gon na do much with it. Anyways so might as well just leave it there, but everyone’s favorite doge um i saw on the weekend. I think it was saturday night. It kind of did a little thing. It shot up this isn’t saturday. I think it was like right here: yeah, 10 p.m, and then it shot up. It was at six cents, i’m, pretty sure i saw it at six and then i was like. Should i stay up and see what happens because it was at 2 a.m and i was like man. Let me go to sleep. I don’t, i don’t, think anything too crazy is going to happen at 2, am and sure enough it didn’t it went back down, but even doge is staying pretty steady in the 5 to six cent range right now, um it gets dangerously close and even touches the Four cent range recently, but people are steady buying it up, so i don’t think we have to worry too much right now about you know dipping down to the four cent range but, like i said before, i think i would buy it in the low three cent Range if it ever gets down there again and i’ll buy at least two to three thousand dollars worth if it does hit that range right now, i’m.

Up about four point: six: five grand a thousand and nineteen percent um i’m, a happy camper! I mean at one point: it was at eight grand or a little bit over that and then you know it went down. I was around the super bowl time, of course, but you know i still got high hopes on doge, especially with elon musk backing us up on it, and you know to the moon, is the only only stop for us really we’re just waiting to get there, but Since i mentioned him, you know i seen on his twitter. Let me see if he posted anything in the last time. I checked it. Metaphoric um yesterday he said at 3 27 pm dojo for doge. Mount dogemore is what lil doge said um. I didn’t really read any of the comments, but of course you know they’re going to be hyping it up now, it’s, always nice. When you know he just says something randomly about doge just out of the blue it’s like oh, i haven’t mentioned it in a while now, so let me go ahead and say: doge real, quick on twitter see what happens and it’s, usually for the most part, his Most popular tweets so 200 and let’s say 90 000 hearts. Nothing else is even getting close. Okay, this one did. I don’t know what that one’s. All about, though, see like this one beat it but that’s, because it’s got dogecoin in the name: 290 we’ll go to the next one.

That gets it. Okay, that don’t count this one. Okay, i guess because it’s got kanye in it, but like here we go 556. 000 bought some dogecoin for lil x, so he can be a toddler hodler but clearly is holder, but i read it as it was type so it’s, always nice. When you know you got a big public figure, that’s, especially you know popular on social media and with the younger generation and is in it actually understands memes and stuff, like that, so it’s nice to have that kind of support, backing up a coin that you’re invested In and it’s crazy because tesla stock has actually been going down recently, i think the past week or two it’s been steadily going downwards, so it seems you know all these guys that used to pump tesla and talk tesla up slowly either transitioning or getting overpowered by Other people, i feel like they’re transitioning, the dogecoin or some of these wall street vet post stocks, these meme stocks, these uh social media stocks, whatever you want to call it but that’s all. I got for you guys today, i’m, actually using a new mic that i got and i don’t know if it’s, even any different than the current mic or the previous mic i’ve been using in my videos. If anything, it might be a little bit louder for my voice that you’re hearing it because it’s a lot closer than my other mic used to be.

But let me know if you can tell a difference if you’ve heard any of my other videos, because i use the same mic and all the other ones, but this is the first time using this one. So compare it contrast.

What do you think?

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