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I feel wonderful. I want to give you guys a quick update on global news that has happened during the last 24 hours. My name is dan i’m, a former hedge fund guy former wall street guy. Please see the below description area uh to as to who i am would appreciate if you guys subscribe to my channel and press that thumbs up like button today. Currently is 10 34 a.m. Tokyo, japan time it is february the 23rd uh, meaning that it is u.s eastern time zone february, the 22nd 8 34 p.m. I’M. Gon na give you guys a quick breakdown. Guys markets are moving a lot today, uh, especially in the tech sector, especially with bitcoin. Also, business news, political news, etc. So let me give you a quick update as to global news what’s going on. Let me give you a rundown here. So, first of all guys, looking at the dow jones today, dow was up today, 0.09 s, p was down 0.77 nasdaq was down 2.46 and tsx composite canada was up 0.18 uh. Looking at europe, we see euro stocks. 50 was down 0.37 percent. Ftse 100 uk was down 0.18 percent dax germany down 0.31 cac france down 0.11 ibex, spain down 0.48 uh looking into asia here, uh japan is closed for the uh holidays. Here, uh and we’re gon na see uh hang seng. Markets are gon na open up just in just a little bit here: uh csx, i’m.

Sorry asx, australia is up today. 0.26 percent and msci asia emerging markets are down 0.86 percent. So guys i’ll talk about this in other videos today. But the big news today is number one: the nasdaq was down 2.46 today getting hit a lot. The reason for this is again more worries about inflation yields, uh inflation going up and interest rates going up. This is hitting the highest tech, uh and the growth sectors. The small caps and the tech stocks, and together with that uh bitcoin, is moving together with it. So bitcoin is actually down quite a bit more than 10 percent from the highs it’s down and currently it’s trading at 52, 961 i’ll do a separate video on this. Later, on, uh now let’s move on to economic news of the day here, so in terms of economic news here today we see that uh european equities are continuing to extend their losses, major european borders traded lower. On monday, following the us markets in germany, we see the business climate improves in february rose to 92.4 in february, up from previously revised 90.3 uh. Otherwise, guys most of the news is just regarding market inflation, news in hong kong, the inflation rate remains at a nine month, high it jumped to 1.9 in january of 2021, first rise in cpi in several months and we’re, seeing turkish business morale the strongest since 2018.. Uh, otherwise guys it’s a pretty quiet day overall, uh we’ll give you guys an update later on as to what’s going on with other markets in separate videos.

Now let me talk about what’s, going on with coronavirus and let’s look at daily new cases that were announced today, looking at daily new cases announced today worldwide. As we see, this is for february twenty first, three hundred twelve thousand seven hundred and thirty four uh looking at daily new deaths they announced today again for february. This is the 21st 6347. The numbers continue to come in a lot lower, which is great. However, this is the 21st meaning that this is numbers that was taken together on the 20th, which is saturday yeah. So i have a little bit of doubts. I mean this could be numbers that were just a weekend effect, which is the reason why we’re down. So i won’t spend too much time on this we’ll go into this on more detail tomorrow. When i get the updates from uh. Actually the day after tomorrow is when we’ll start getting the updates from monday now moving on to uh, you know vaccine tracker news today. Overall guys, the vaccine tracker news is wonderful. All over the world. I mean this tracker news, it’s, just amazing how quickly the us and the uk are stepping up on this uh. Currently, right now in the uk, 27.24 of the population has been uh gotten the one at least one dose of the vaccine in the us it’s around nineteen percent, so that’s, wonderful news, overall um, otherwise guys markets continue to sort of uh focus right now on uh Right now, uh, i think the big, the biggest news of the day, probably is bitcoin.

You know elon musk, again uh. He was saying in a sort of a speech that he thinks that uh bitcoin may be overvalued, uh temporarily so that’s getting some um that’s. Getting some attention right now: uh, otherwise guys it’s, pretty quiet. I mean i’m looking around here there wasn’t that much news in market wise, uh gold is up today, so grill that’s great i’ve, been you know, advising i’m buying gold for a while, instead of focusing so much on uh the bitcoin space in the nasdaq space, which Is what the whole market’s been focused on uh, so the precious metals are starting to make a comeback here and then in terms of uh byte administration news, the byte administration is uh in terms you know revising the ppp small business loans to reach smaller minority firms. Again, president joe biden is launching the changes to the main usaid program for small businesses, so this is becoming more and more. I think uh of a a bigger issue for providing aid to these smaller business companies, instead of just the big companies i’m. Also, just looking at this breaking news right now, softbank would buy about 25 percent of adam newman steak and we work for 480 million under a new proposed settlement. Here again, this was a highly contended uh contentious settlement agreement, which previously he was going to get adam newman, was going to get, i think, something over a billion dollars and now it’s, looking like they’re going to buy 25 for about 480 million that’s, still not a Good that’s still pretty good a chunk of chump change here, uh, otherwise guys uh main news.

I think we’re affecting the airlines here, boeing, seven, seven dozens are grounded after denver engine failure. Here we’ve seen u.s plane, manufacturer boeing has recommended grounding all of all its 777 model aircraft which have the same type of engine that suffer failure and shed the debris denver on sunday uh, so guys, that’s about it on political news, wise it’s, pretty quiet, uh sort Of the same stuff going on here and there i’ll report later on with separate videos what’s going on with the precious metals what’s going on with bitcoin etc. So hopefully you guys look forward to that thanks guys for watching. Please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t, subscribed already and also press the thumbs up button, and i would appreciate if you guys, afford my channel or recommend my channel link to any of your friends and family thanks. So much guys safe, investing, safe trading and i’ll.

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