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So i took a couple of days off thinking about stock because last week what had happened was something that i actually haven’t come across with directly the short seller attack as well as um. A lot of support from many of you guys, but at the same time i did get sort of sort of attacked in my comment section, so i realized i have to be a little bit more careful in what i say, but i do want to reiterate that I’M, not a financial advisor. I definitely you know. Don’T have the answer to everything i’m actually running this channel, so that i study more about the companies that i’m interested in as well as the segments that i’m interested in, so that i can improve my investment skills. So this weekend i actually thought it was a very good idea for me to revisit my portfolio. You know what exposure do i have in which segment and so on so today i want to actually share with you guys my findings and also the holdings within my portfolio divided up by segments. So this is the pie chart that i’ll be talking about the first segment, the bigger segment by blue. It is my exposure to semiconductor industry, which is my favorite industry, so semiconductor industry is the segment that i’m i’ve been most interested in, because i really think it is a foundation to the whole. You know other industry like ev data center, ai everything, so one of my favorite names is nvidia, although recently the stock price haven’t actually gone up terribly much, except very recently when the cryptocurrency went up because its gpu is high in demand and recently they did announce That they want to make a gpa specific for crypto mining, so i’m, hoping that will get reflected on.

However, right now nvidia, you guys know that um acquisition yeah it is getting a lot of opposition from different competitors they’re voicing that out, so they are being investigated by different authorities so i’m, not entirely sure. There is a little bit of cloud over um acquisition. However, i’m acquisition or not, i do still think nvidia – does have great future ahead. In terms of you know, data center business as well as i think the car segment should see a lot of growth in the future, as well as maybe crypto mining as well. Although that may be quite cyclical, it really depends on the cryptocurrency price, which of course, i have zero idea about. So, of course, in the semiconductor space i also my favorite name is tsmc. It has actually seen the biggest returns for me within the semiconductor space. Basically tsmc they are the biggest best foundry out there, making semiconductor chips for other companies that design chips, such as apple apple, is their biggest customer, and i also do have, of course, etf on semiconductor, because i realize i’m, not you know the best stock, picker and Also, i do have amd separately, however, i’ve only recently added a position, so the growth is has been just so so so that semiconductor for me. Currently, i don’t have intention to decrease the size of that anytime soon and next highlighted by color red is my exposure to china, tech, so china tech i actually this weekend i took some time to watch the china hustle and netflix, and that was actually very interesting.

So anyone who is interested in investing into chinese names – i highly recommend it i’m, not saying everything that’s been said – reflects on every single different companies of chinese companies because i obviously still do have about 16 exposure into china tech. However, what i’m beginning to see, especially with the whole, like short, sellers, attacking as well as something like you know, mr jack ma incident, i realized. Maybe i shouldn’t go too much into picking different stocks within china, tech so amongst the china sort of tech giants i’m. Thinking of actually moving that across into hang seng tech index etf, which i’ve already talked about in my video here, but my exposure to index etf was very small. However i’m, actually now thinking to actually make that bigger instead of individual investment. So i actually invested into eyeshare hang seng tech index etf that’s listed in hong kong. However, as i researched more about the tech index, i understand that a bank in singapore they offer the etf as well as some securities company in korea. They are also offering the etf, so anyone from those countries – please refer to that, if you guys are interested in it. Basically, the reason why i like the hansen tech index is that it’s, the top 30 tech names listed in hong kong stock exchange and what they do is if newly listed companies or real estate companies whatever. If they are within top 13 tom evaluation, then they get fast tracked into the etf, so that actually gives you a lot of exposure into companies.

They will have very competitive ipo subscription and i realize that there’s no way in hell, i can actually get any decent size in the ipo subscription, because i’m, not a billionaire and within chinatech. I do want to mention that i do have exposure to future and tiger both of them super volatile stocks. It just goes up like this, but it has generally been going up. However, with the valuation sky high, i realize i have to take caution. I have to be prepared for short sellers attack and so on, but we’ve even with ehang incident. I realized that, even though i actually try my best to do a lot of due diligence on this, like china startup companies, i realize it’s going to be very limited. It’S going to be very limited into how much i know a lot of information i realize just comes from the company and some other information that i do want to find out. A lot of them would be not available, or some of them will be only available in one or two articles within a chinese written articles, chinese language articles. So one of the things i actually researched even more over the weekend so not quite a break, but i actually tried to find more about ehang and so on, especially with like the series c funding and some of the investors that i’m not aware of but seriously Funding, i only found one chinese article, and that was extremely brief, and digital segment is the next in the pie chart about 13 of my portfolio, basically it’s square and paypal.

Both of the names that i really do, like the stock price have gone up a lot because of the pandemic, as well as the cryptocurrency recently. So these are the stocks that i definitely do want to keep. However, lately the valuation of everything have gone up: sky high, so i’m, actually a little bit cautious in actually adding more money into any of these names and next by green. Actually, this random coloring is actually very well done, because green is like the green energy and so on. So next segment is ev, it’s, basically tesla 12. I actually when i look at the pie. Chart alone, i actually do feel like. I should actually increase the exposure into eevee. However, right now yes, everybody’s a bit over excited about ev. So in terms of valuation, i do think they’re quite high. So if we see market dips bigger dips than we see right now, then i’d like to actually increase the ev segment exposure, and next is a freelance that’s around 12, as well, basically 5r, as well as up work. The return on those names have been great. For me, especially because i actually went into those names before the exponential rise in the stock price, these i think, are keeper and one channel that i refer to a lot on these two names are family investment by dr alex co so definitely do check his channel Out because i really enjoy his views on the different names of stock as well as he gives a lot of you know updated news every single day, so very useful channel to refer to, and next is tech giant, basically there’s.

Those are like the super giants. You know, and i actually see them as sort of cash nowadays they are the first to come back after the pandemic crash. However, lately you know the super growth. Small cap segment is really the trend. So if i do see some good opportunities, then maybe i might actually shift around. However, right now, yes, i’m happy with the position and about seven percent. So next segment is spat, play that’s about six percent. Oh my portfolio and i have no intention to increase that further and all the names of this spec play that i do have exposure to. They are the ones that i’ve actually invested in at below 12 or actually in the case of psth. I actually invested at around 21 so right at the beginning, i do feel very cautious playing the rumor, so i i try not to do that expect either you go in early or i’ll, just leave it and right now, at this point in time i don’t want To actually go into any other spec because i realize spec play has gone a little bit crazy this year, everybody that seems reasonably well known in different industries. They raise capital for spec and right now i just can’t decide even like softbank spec that i got into. I realized they later have you know latin america spec when they haven’t even done with the first one, so i’m, just gon na stay out of there and the next segment signify by green and blue.

They are actually my biotech exposure. The green one i don’t want to name a name because it’s quite a random uh play by me. I actually went in quite randomly not studying so it’s a very bad example of investing. However, it went down and then it came back up now, i’m thinking. Maybe i want to just have that under ark g etf – and i do actually talk about rg tf – why, i think it’s one of the better etfs to invest in and next by pink is index etf, it’s, very broad index etf. I treat them as cash, and next is software segment that’s just two percent, basically palantir palantir. I do think it has a good gross story, especially it has strong backing by the us government military as well as it’s expanding further into the private segment as well. However, i don’t fully understand its product. You know a lot of us. You know we may believe in volunteer. However, we don’t fully understand it. I certainly don’t fully understand it so that’s. Why i’m, just keeping it at about two percent and next is actually south east asia play. It is basically c limited, it’s, an e commerce giant within southeast asia. It is two percent. Currently, in my portfolio i wish i had actually put pretty more money at the beginning. However, i didn’t, but the price have gone up so much that i do feel a little bit cautious and within southeast asia play video and so on.

That may get listed sometime soon so i’m also waiting for that to get sort of expand. My exposure into southeast asia, which i do think, has a lot of promise a lot of growth because it’s young and large population size, as well as the growing wealth of the middle class. So so far when i’m. Actually, looking at this pie chart, i actually do want to grow more into eevee when there’s market dip or when there’s more market dip as well as battery. I do want to study more into battery because that’s the future as well as i want to increase my southeast asian exposure and china tech. I do want to actually put more money into etf rather than individual stocks. So those are my initial takeaway. I get from revisiting my portfolio, so i hope you guys also do that as well and if you guys want to share what is yours, you know portfolio breakdown. Do let me know in the comment down below and i’ll definitely come back with other interesting investment ideas.

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