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We are gon na get here to the stock market, uh we’re going to look at things. Maybe a little bit differently is i’m going to just bring you one extra thing that comes in off of our level: 2 membership, our trend in momentum, conditions for you to see actually the condition of the stock market uh. When we look at that, so let’s switch over to the charts here we were on silver but we’re going to go to spy. So i added some arrows in here – and i showed this on the live event that we did on tuesday. I put it in future. Speak on wednesday uh, because there are some significant things in here. I want you to look at you’ll notice, the four black arrows pointing to the downside. There is some commonality in these cyclical rhythms and you can see in here on the bottom if you’re new to this, these are the cycle brackets on the bottom. What they essentially tell us is the money flow, the rhythms in and out of the uh individual symbol that we’re looking at it’s it’s, a very visual way to do it, and what we do is an art form – and you can see this in here if you’re Really mechanically minded: this may be a challenge for you uh, if you’re very artistic, then this will be very natural for you, but we’re looking at these rhythms in the market. Now, what i’m looking at here as when i look right over here, is that we’ve been talking about this yellow corrective zone that you see there’s one right over here here here here and here all of those are declining phases in the cycle rhythms, where there’s a Nesting each one of those what’s a little bit different about the ones with the arrows as right over here, is that each of these had a decline and then a move up for about two or three weeks.

And then the real correction sets in this was a decline to move up for about three weeks and then a three week correction. It was the shallowest of them all with only about a six percent decline and uh this one over here. You could see didn’t really have that dip, but this one did a small dip, a move up for a couple weeks and then two waves of a big correction in here so that’s, where we are essentially right. Now, as we look at this we’re gon na see uh that the risky period that we’ve been talking about the next basically three to four weeks is at hand right now, and the the stock market has begin to teeter a little bit. And while there hasn’t been any dramatic selling, the same exact thing that happened right over here is also happening. Right now, a break, a move up for a couple weeks and then a downturn of course covid19 hit here. 35 drop we’re, not looking for we’re. Looking for more for a seven percent drop that we see here down to about 366, now we’ve upgraded this a few times as the price gets a little bit higher, so uh, seven percent down 366 that looks pretty normal to us. That would be about a 250 point drop in the s p 500, which is actually very small in one of these corrective periods. Of course, it could be worse, but we’re not really looking for that so we’re entering into this risky period with some very similar formations going on in here, and that is really what we’ve looked at on our short term patterns, also where we look at the daily Chart and those have warned us that there’s a correction likely coming and that would be into the mid march period, with maybe the first two weeks in march, being the riskiest time period.

So that is what we’re looking at right now. This is the weekly cycle chart on the s p 500, which points to the fact that we’re in a risky time right now for what looks like to us, as will be a modest correction. Something that i want to bring to you right now is something that comes off of our daily snapshot. This is put out daily. This is from yesterday uh and uh those members that are level two three and four actually get this. So if you take our level 3 special that we have going on right now, this will be in that package. The sir daily snapshot great amount of technical information that you get every single day after the close. So this is what we’re, looking at from yesterday for the s p 500 for the short term charts, and these are daily charts and for the inner for the near term charts. These are inner date, charts all of the trend. Conditions have been powerful, so this is from november 4th of 2020 that’s how long this has been pointing up since the last change of february 3rd right over here the momentum. So this is the trend condition. This is the momentum condition since february 3rd. So this is the last 16 calendar days. This has been pointing upward. You know what the market’s been doing. The reversal scout, which i showed an example of that when we looked at the gold and silver has been in this upward motion, uh up since february 5th.

So you can see that for the last couple of weeks the reversal scout has been pointing upward, but for the near term our intraday charts there has been a weakening going on so over the last three days. What’S going on is the s. P. 500 has gone neutral for the trend neutral for momentum and actually the reversal scout has turned down so there’s, some little indication there of the market, starting to stall and certainly for short term traders, it’s giving you this kind of information. And if you see what the market has done today so far on friday, here we are at the midday point uh. The market uh has given up its gains and that’s because it’s we’ve had these signs in here that the market was weakening a little bit of teetering uh going on in there uh for the stock market. So, that’s a a look at that information as we’ve looked at the stock market, the spy which we think has got risk a little bit of uh indication how good the the momentum and trend indications have been uh, but now a little sign that that is now Weakening it’s got a long way to go to really change before those uh daily uh conditions, turn neutral or down uh, but um as we’ve seen markets that go into corrections. That could happen pretty quickly and that might be what is happening fairly soon. So there are those indicators right over there.

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