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There are huge earnings reports and invested in presentations coming up over the next few days and in this week’s video we have a nicely diversified list that includes both dividend and grow stocks that come from various different sectors in the market and if you’re new to the Channel, i am the gen z investor and every single day we talk to the stock market and discuss any major market news, and we have a recurring series on the channel where every sunday we discuss the top stocks that have major events coming up that are expected To impact the company’s share price going forward, so please hit that like button and subscribe for the daily videos and right now, we’re going to jump straight in to the first stock in this list, which is home depot. The company currently trades for around 280 dollars per share and over the past 12 months they have grown by around 16. They are one of the largest retailers in the world with the current market, cap of 304 billion dollars and they’re trading, with a ford pe of 23.8 and they’re included in this week’s video, because the company reports earnings on february 23rd. We have a revenue estimate of over 30 billion with eps to come in at two dollars and sixty cents and over the last 90 days, analysts are only getting more bullish on home depot’s report we’ve seen 20 upward revisions in eps expectations and zero downward revisions.

So over the past three months, they’re only raising their expectations for home depot’s latest report, and if we take a look over the past four quarters, we’ve seen three beats and one miss and over this next report, we’re expecting 14 percent year over year, growth and earnings Per share and if we take a closer look at home depot stock price over the past year, the company’s been trading sideways from their high. They set back in august of 2020 at around 290 dollars per share. The company is actually down just over four percent. At this current level, so if you’re a believer in home depot and you think the company’s gon na report, a strong quarter that may start setting the share price even higher once again and getting in this week may be a very attractive level for this retail giant And home depot is also one of the strongest dividend growth companies on the market. Right now, if we take a look at their dividend score card, they have a current yield of 2.1 percent. It only makes up 50 percent of their net income, giving them a ton of room to reinvest back in the business and a lot of leeway to continue to grow, that dividend to investors each and every year and what’s, really impressive with home depot. Is that their five year dividend growth rate is at over 20 percent? So, although that starting yield at two percent right now is on the lower end, that annual income is compounding at a terrific rate year over year and averaging over 20 percent dividend.

Growth is absolutely incredible for such a large retail company and going forward over the next five years. Analysts are predicting around nine point. Seven percent per year share price growth and the company is currently rated as a buy, and the current share price of around two hundred and eighty dollars sits well below the twelve month price target of around three hundred and seven dollars per share, leading to a ton Of short term potential upside, and if we take a look at home depot stock, they have been one of the best performing companies over the long term as well. Over the past five years, the share price has grown 132 overall and over the past decade they are up 635, and this is a company that i believe will continue to grow at a nice rate over the long term, because in person retail for home depot stores, I do not see going away, although there might be some decline due to e commerce. The products that home depot sells are really in person. Demand shopping it’s, going to be very hard to decide what you need for your project at home from your computer without going in and seeing it in the store. So i think, as a whole, the in person aspect to home, depot’s business will always be around just due to the nature of the products that they sell in their stores. This is one of the strongest dividend: companies on the market – i own them in my personal portfolio and i’m – very looking forward to the earnings report this week and i may add to my existing position, especially because the company’s trading sideways over the past few months.

So definitely keep your eye on hd this week and now, if we move on to the second company in this video, we have one of the fastest growing growth companies on the market. Right now in spotify, the company currently trades for around 364 dollars per share undertaker spot and over the trailing 12 months they have grown 147 percent, which is absolutely insane and their current market count comes in just above 67 billion dollars, and this company is the leader In the digital music, podcast and audio space, and if we take a look, they’re included in this week’s episode, because they’re hosting their virtual stream on event, followed by an investigative presentation on february 22nd, where they’re gon na outline the future of the company going forward. And some upcoming major events and this company has also been posting some record growth numbers as well. If we take a look at their q4 2020 report, we can see that their total monthly active users grew 27 percent year over year, which is absolutely incredible, and the company’s total revenue grew 17 percent year over year as well, and their gross margin also improved. So, overall, the company is still continuing to expand their business at a very fast rate and every single one of their metrics are improving in the double digit range. And if we take a look at their income statement year over year, total revenue continues to expand over the trailing 12 months. They’Ve generated more than 9.

6 billion dollars in total top line that continues to grow at a massive rate year over year and going forward that massive growth is not expected to slow down. If we take a look at analysts, predictions for the full 2021 fiscal year, they’re predicting 19.7 percent annual revenue growth and for 2022, another 19 increase so for the next few years, we’re still expecting some mass expansion in the total revenue number – and this is definitely an Interesting week to keep your eye on spotify with these two major events in the investor discussion, i think it may bring up a ton of future growth points for the business and mason the share price much higher than where we are today. I don’t think there’s many competitors that can do what spotify is doing and once the company becomes profitable. I think they’re going to be a leader in the audio space for many years down the road, so this is definitely a growth company to keep on your watches. This week, and now, if we transition into the third company in this episode, we have nvidia ticker nvda, currently trading for 597 dollars per share, and the company over the past year has grown by over 88 percent. And if you don’t have enough capital in your portfolio to invest in one full share of any of the companies we went over today. Remember with fractional trading. You can invest with as little as one dollar and most brokerages are offering those fractional shares on their platform.

Right now and although nvidia has seen such terrific performance over the past year, if we take a closer look at the one year chart, we can see that from their high back in early september 2020. The company is only up four percent. So over the past six months, they’ve really been trading sideways with not a lot of movement, so i think the company still may be at an attractive level. If you want exposure to this high growth tech name and if we take a look, their current market cap is at 367 billion and they’re trading on the high side with a ford pe above 61.. And although this company does pay a dividend, it is extremely tiny. Only up a 0.11 current yield, so i really ignore it when i’m discussing nvidia, because of how tiny that dividend really is and if we take a look they’re included in this week’s episode, because they share their latest earnings after market close on february 24th of this Week we have a revenue estimate of 4.82 billion on earnings per share of two dollars and 80 cents and over the past 90 days, we’ve only seen a ton of increases in eps expectation, 30 upward revisions and only two downward. So overall, analysts are getting more bullish on nvidia’s latest report and we can see over the past four quarters: they’ve beaten, eps expectations each and every time and year over year, we’re expecting 48 growth in their total eps number and for the next few quarters down the Road, we can see massive expansion in earnings down the way and if we take a look overall, this company’s total income statement has been very impressive year.

Over year. Total revenue continues to grow with a massive expansion in the trailing 12 months up to over 14.7 billion dollars and taking a look at their net income over 3.8 billion over the last year as well. And now, if we take a look at the company’s future growth expectations, we can see that for the 2022 fiscal year, they’re expected to grow their total revenue by over 20 percent, with an average estimate of 19.8 billion dollars and their overall growth is expected to come. In at 22 per year for the next five years in the future, so still a ton of upside and a lot of room for this company to climb even higher than where they are today. I think nvidia is a leader in their industry. I think the chips that they produce are top notch and again this is the company where their products are so ahead of their competition. I think they remain a market leader for very long in the future and the company’s total revenue is only expected to continue to expand and grow each and every year, going forward and by the fiscal year end of 2022 we’re predicting total revenue to be at close To 20 billion dollars and if they can hit that mark i’m expecting the company’s share price to be much higher than where it is today and the company reports their latest earnings this week. So definitely take a look at the report and if any fluctuations happen in the share price, it may lead to a great buying opportunity for this big name company and now on to stock number four.

We have square ticker, sq, currently trading for 276 dollars and over the past year the company has exploded up 217. Overall, they are a leader in the fintech space, with some of the strongest and most popular digital payment apps on the market, and their current market cap is at 122 billion dollars and they’re included in this week’s episode, because they also report earnings this week after market Close on february 23rd, we have a revenue estimate of 3.11 billion dollars and eps of 24 cents and over the last 90 days we have seen a ton of mixed results. Coming from these, analysts we’ve seen six upward revisions, but also 16 downward revisions. In the eps estimates, so really some mixed results coming in at what analysts are expecting over this latest quarterly report. And if we take a look over the past four quarters, they have three beats and one miss and we’re only expecting a four percent year over year. Growth in the eps from the same quarter back in 2019 and really going forward over the next two to three quarters: we’re, really not expecting much expansion in the total earnings from square so that’s, a very interesting expectation from a company, that’s, absolutely exploded. As of late they’re, not really forecasting a ton of growth going forward so over this next report, if the company actually shares sub par numbers – and we see a dip in the company’s share price, i think it can be a very attractive level to jump in and Buy but if we take a look at their income statement historically over the past five years, they’ve done nothing less than post spectacular numbers over the past trailing 12 months.

They have 7.6 billion in total revenue, and that comes in with a profitable net income of over 310 million, and we can see historically, the company did the correct path of what most young growth names do. They were posting some massive net losses. Then, each and every year they improved and now hit profitability of over 310 million, which is a great sign to see and going forward. We’Re still expecting a ton of future growth from this company down the road around 40 per year expected growth from square over the next five years in the future, so analysts still have a ton of future growth coming from this leader in the fintech space and overall, I do like square, i think, they’re, one of the strongest growth companies on the market. They have a ton of strong features in their apps and their entire industry is only expected to continue to grow for long into the future. So definitely keep your eye on this company this week. I think if they report anything less than a spectacular quarter, we may see a strong decline in share price leading to a great buying opportunity. And now, if we move on to stock number five in this video, we have another high growth name that really gets overlooked in the market, and that is snap ticker s and ap, currently trading for around 65 dollars per share. Over the past year, the company has exploded up 265, which is spectacular.

They have a current market cap of over 94 billion dollars and this is a social media company that is actually growing in popularity over the past six months and this week the company is hosting their investor day, presentation on february 23rd and if we take a look, Snapchat has been expanding at a massive rate quarter over quarter and over their latest earnings report. They saw a revenue growth of 62 percent year over year and the average revenue per user was up 33. They improved their gross margin to 59 overall and their company reported seven million dollars of total free cash flow in the quarter. A very strong improvement over the 69 million outflow in the same quarter last year, and if we take a look at their financial statements, we can see that total revenue continues to grow year over year. Exactly like what this growth company is expected to. Post with mass expansion over the long term, and if we take a look at their net income, the company is still losing money. But in the right trend they lost 3.4 billion dollars back in 2017, but each and every year they’re actually losing less and less money. As time goes on, but if we take a look at their balance sheet over the short term, this company’s financial position is extremely strong and can maintain those big losses. If we take a look, they have total current assets of 3.3 billion dollars and total current liabilities of 667 million.

So they have a nice current ratio above four and very safe over the short term, and if we compare, they have total assets on the balance sheet of over five billion dollars and their total liabilities come in at around 2.7 billion. So not only are their total assets well above the total liabilities, which is a great sign, but the actual cash and investments they have on hand are more than enough to pay off the entire amount of debt on the company’s balance sheet. At this point in time, which is a very strong sign so overall, we want to see snapchat kind of turn profitability over the next two to three years, but their balance sheet is able to sustain them as they continue to grow and burn capital each and every Quarter and overall, if we take a look at snapchat, their performance has been absolutely spectacular and, after their investigative presentation, good or bad results, we may see some fluctuations in the share price. So definitely keep your eye on this company over this next week. If you’re interested in a social media platform, that is not really the instagram or the twitter of the world, they are still a smaller name, but they still have a ton of future growth ahead of it, and we may see mass expansion in their share price over The long term as well and now, if we move on into stock number six and the final company we’re gon na, go over in this video, we have pepsi ticker pep, currently trading for 132 dollars per share and the company’s actually down around 7 over the trailing 12 months they are one of the strongest dividend, paying consumer brands in the world with the current market cap of 186 billion dollars.

And if you watch my latest video, i talked about pepsi because i actually bought more shares in my personal portfolio as well. I now own ‘ shares of this company with a market value of over five thousand dollars, making them the third largest holding in my dividend. Portfolio i’m, a big bull on pepsi, and if we take a look, i bought the dip because from the high they set a year end 2020. The company is now down over 10 and the fundamentals of the business have not changed so to buy such a strong company on a major downtrend was a great addition for my personal portfolio, and you should definitely keep your eye on pepsi over the next few weeks, Because if it continues to downtrend, it may lead to a very, very attractive price for this big name: dividend giant. And if we take a look, i love this company because they are so well diversified across both snack foods and the beverage industry and under the pepsi umbrella. They own 23 different brands that all generate over 1 billion dollars in annual retail sales that’s. Just incredible there’s, not many companies in the world that can generate one billion dollars of annual sales and pepsi owns 23 billion dollar brands, which is just absolutely insane and just shows how well the company is diversified. Over 2020, they generated more than 70 billion dollars of revenue and, if they own 23 billion brands, that just shows that this 70 billion is not tied to only one or two main products that drive the business forward.

Pepsi has such a wide product mix that if one or two names start to decline, the overall business will not be impacted in such a harsh way. Their products are sold in more than 200 countries all around the world and they generated more than 10 billion in operating profit in 2020 and, of course, what’s really impressive about pepsi is their dividend history right now their shares have a current yield of around three percent, Which is an average yield or slightly on the high side compared to where the market is right now and they grow that dividend averaging nine percent growth over the past seven years and what’s extremely impressive is their 49 consecutive years of dividend growth that just shows over The past half century, through every recession and depression, not only have they continue to pay that dividend to investors, but they grow it each and every year as well, which is absolutely insane, and that just shows how strong and how well rounded pepsi is at as a Company and i love to own these big solid names in my personal portfolio, so i just bought more shares of pepsi over the past week. I think going forward. I may even add to my position again over the next few days. If the company continues to decline in share price just because i think pepsi is going to be around for decades, i think getting into a major name on a massive decline is exactly what you’re supposed to do on the stock market is by the dip.

So, thank you for watching everyone that was the sixth and final company we’re going to discuss in this video. We do this series every single sunday just to inform you of what’s going on over the next few trading days like we saw, we have some big earnings reports, a couple investor day presentations and we also went over a company that’s on a major downtrend. That may be worth a buy at these current levels.

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