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So we talked about this stock in descending triangle formation, we’re looking for that breakout and when it breaks and holds that nine dollar level that’s. When we’ll see the full breakout happen. This week it tested that level twice breaking out but having a false breakout. So it’s still consolidating here, but i do expect this full ascending triangle to break out and i’m still targeting that 11.12 range on the full breakout. This setup is still my favorite setup in the entire market. It’S getting a great volume spike right now, and i do expect that breaker to be playing out very very soon, hitting those price targets of 11 to 12, with upside for even more so watching this one closely and i’m. Looking to keep adding to my position on all dips, so the second play from last week was tattooed jeff, ticker, symbol ttcf. So we talked about this one as a longer term swing trade about a month or so leading into earnings earnings. The earnings date is not out yet, but we are expecting that to be mid to early march. So when we get that earnings date, i do expect it run up to start leading to earnings, as this is a very hyped ticker overall. So many people love this company as a trade as an investment, and a lot of traders are going to be wanting to get in to play their earnings as there’s, going to be high expectations for beating expectations, announcing new products, announcing any partnerships so very close, and A watch should have a very nice earnings run.

My target on this is still about 26.50 to 27 and we did get a very, very nice dip towards the end of the week back to that support level at twenty three dollars loving this as an entry here and i have been adding heavy on all red Days for that swing run up into earnings, so the last stock we talked about in last week’s video was romeo power, ticker symbol rmo. So this is the ev battery producer heavily beat down by that price target by goldman sachs at 12, which, in my opinion, is likely hippies, so they can get shares cheaper. There was also news out that goldman sachs was also buying on this dip. So there you go manipulation at its finest, but the stock has been a falling knife. Lately we did get news on friday about rmo working to increase their battery production and to improve their fuel cell technology. So this is stock that i’m still buying on every single red day, averaging down happy to be buying at these prices, with already 250 million dollars in contracted revenue. So far, ahead of all these other battery companies for the evs – and i see this stock having a great reversal at some point now – this is not confirmed reversal yet or anything, but this stock’s one of the most undervalued stocks in the entire stock market, just comparing It to its competitors, so this is an absolute steal at this price and i’m still buying on every red day.

For that long term swing trade and my overall price target is 24 for the long term and the short term price target. I see the stock recovering back to that 20 range, all right, so getting to the stock picks for this upcoming week. First off we’re going to be talking about fubo tv, ticker, symbol fubo. So this is a stock that i was buying a super heavy buyer right at the 30 range for that swing, trade and it’s, getting back down to a great buying price for the upcoming catalyst that i have still a very, very heavy short flow which we’ll be Taking a look at it, a second and just after cooling, off a bit after it’s run, i believe that fubo is ready to go on the next run up all right, so let’s go ahead and take a look at the technical setup for this play after the Recent run that we saw from this stock from about 30 all the way hitting a high of about 55 then consolidated for a bit and now sitting around at 42.. This is getting to a very attractive price, with a neck support sitting at forty dollars. It’S nearing support here and it’s also nearing that support of the 200 moving average on the four hour chart all right now, zooming in taking a look at the past 10 day price action, we can see that fubo has been in the falling wedge formation, pretty much Going down day by day, very, very slowly, downtrend now in these falling wedge formations, this is a very high likelihood for a breakout very soon, because no stock can be trending down slowly forever.

You’Re going to see that breakout out of the falling wedge when we first do see that breakout, i see the stock going back to that 50 range very, very quickly. I’M gon na break above 50 would send this to 55 and then after 55 that’s, where we can see the stock back at highs at 60 dollars for the potential run up up to the catalyst which is earnings. So fubotv is expected to announce quarter four and full year, 2020 financial results on march 2nd. Now this is a very heavily shorted stock. As of right now, sitting with about a 38 short float, the recent run that we did see from 30 up to 55. A lot of this run was fueled by shorts covering, and i see the same scenario playing out running up to that earnings date on march 2nd now. Overall, this is not a trade that i won’t be looking to hold their earnings just because it’s always a gamble to hold any trade through earnings could have a big positive move or it could have a big negative move, but with this trade i’m looking to play The run up maybe sell a couple days before earnings playing that full run up expecting that short squeeze leading in my overall target for this would be. The first target would be back to 50 if it breaks 50, then 55 and overall, if we see heavy buying. If we see a lot of aggressive buying leading to earnings, i think there’s a pretty good chance that we could see this stock get back to highs around that 60 range, so that’s.

What i’m watching for don’t hesitate to take some profits along the way, but this is setting up very very nicely for the next run, up with the catalyst coming soon all right. So the next talk i’m looking to play this upcoming week is ison incorporated ticker symbol. Isun, so this is stock that has been very beat down recently. It’S a solar energy stock and solar energy had a very rough week overall, but it’s, currently trading for about 16.61 cents. Now let’s go ahead and take a look at the technical setup and the thesis on this trade. So this stock has been down trending for a very long time for the past couple weeks, but it is starting to find support and starting to find a reversal range right at 15. Acting as support now, i could see this stock having a very nice reversal off this level because of a couple of things i’m talking about in just a second, but i could see the stock having a very nice reversal, running back up to 20, plus very, very Soon so the reason i’m liking this trade. So much is because it’s another one of those big short squeeze plates, so it almost has a 40 short float, and this is a tiny company. It has about a 100 million dollar market cap, with only a 1.7 million share float, which is very, very small and can get squeezed very easily. If buyers buy this up, the shorts will be forced to cover as it’s just a small company.

This stock will move very very quickly with shorts, covering the stock does have the potential to go wild and that’s. Why i’m expecting this stock to make a very, very quick run up to 20 plus and if not getting back to high as 30 25 around? That range very, very possible because of this tiny market cap, the tiny float and the high short percentage of this stock, all right. So now taking a look at the business model of this company and what this company does recently ison went public because of an acquisition and a deal that went through. So the peck company acquired ice on energy and is now trading under that name for isun, and is why recently, this stock has just come on the market and has not gotten much attention yet. So some of isun’s products include ev charging. Some smart study assets, including benches that are solar, powered and get solar energy for that city. They also include carports, photovoltaic solar array and pv solar plus storage. So overall is a renewable energy company focused on ev charging and solar energy, something perfect. That is great for the current environment. These stocks have been running up after cooling off recently. I think iceland gets a ton of attention very very soon and has a massive run so taking a look at some quick numbers, the project backlog in the third quarter of 2019 was just 16 million in the third quarter of 2020.

Now this has more than gone up 300 percent and is 56 million in the fourth quarter of 2020, was 60 million dollars for the project backup. I also think there’s a pretty good chance overall, that we could see some government contracts contracting for some park benches for some carports to start getting that solar energy. Also, those ev charging stations could be huge when ev charging does get hot again, which is a sector that has cooled off massively but is bound to get hot again, it’s kind of like the gas stations of the modern age, any competitor in the space is gon Na have a ton of room for growth, so overall it’s up to you how you end up playing this stock? If you play this stock at all, but this could be either a trade or an investment, whatever you prefer, but i’m. Looking for that 15 level to hold as a support level where i’ll be looking to add more and my short term target for this, trade is looking for 20, with a ton more upside, especially on a short quiz. If this stock does get going, i personally think we see a massive run from isun all right, so the last docker we’re going to talk about this video that i’m looking to play this upcoming week is sun works, incorporated ticker symbol, s unw. So this is another. Pretty small cap play not as small of a cap as we saw with ison, but this market cap is sitting at about 380 million dollars.

The stock price is right at about 16 per share. Let’S. Take a look at the technical setup for this play, so this stock. Recently, on a massive run, when solar energy was hot as a sector, it has to hold off a ton since then, and is now trending down a lot forming a bull flag and finding support right at about 15 per share. Now i would have a stop loss if it drops below 15 waiting for a re entry when it does find support, but if it does hold 15 i’m looking for a breakout out of this bull flag, slash descending triangle, whatever you want to call it looking for That breakout here and the targets i’m looking at would be first off would be twenty dollars. Second target would be twenty two dollars and a break above that we could see upside back to highs. Now, just taking a quick look at what this company does, it is more focused on solar panels. Some include agriculture, commercial and industrial, which will take about forty six percent of the revenue next up residential solar panels for housing. This is going to take up about 28 of the revenue, and then they also have the public works for government facilities, solar panels for that powering up those that takes about 26 of their overall revenue so i’m. Looking at this stock as more of a short term trade looking for that breakout out of the bull flag and after this pullback and solar, i could definitely see this sector getting hot once again, with a clean energy sector as well, very healthy pullback, and we could See it continue to run from a lot of these plays for the targets once again: i’m.

First targeting twenty dollars. If we break above twenty dollars, i would then be targeting twenty two dollars for the profit taking area all right. So there we go the top three stocks for this upcoming week. Let me know your thoughts down below. I would greatly appreciate it if you subscribe and like the video does help me out a ton. Also, if you’re interested in joining the private discord chat, the link is down below as well every time buying seller stock. I send an alert to the group answer any questions you have.

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