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It is so great to see you thanks for joining me on nyz floor talk, hey it’s, good, to see you it’s been a while it’s it’s nice to be back to chat. Yes, it’s great to have you on again: it’s definitely been a while, but a quick note to our viewers. This interview is for informational purposes. Only the nysc doesn’t recommend any investments or investment strategies, all right, so jay it’s actually been about a year since we’ve had our first conversation and that’s when coronavirus was making headlines. So give me give me a comparison between last year. This year i mean it’s it’s a year later, it’s crazy, uh, first of all, happy anniversary and uh. Secondly, it is crazy how much things have changed. Yet you know when we first talked. We were coming out of a nice rally from october to february and we’re at all time highs, and where are we now coming out of a nice rally from october to february almost percentage wise, the same about the uh two percent difference? You know to our advantage. This year, but once again at all time highs – and you know instead of worrying about the virus and the unknown of that there are. There are a few things that have us worried, but there are a lot of differences too it’s uh, it’s crazy. What this year has brought us? Okay, so lots going on on capitol hill new administration, the vaccine rollout.

How is this impacting the market? Yeah? I mean the vaccine roll out, thank goodness that’s that’s, the big news for everybody, but uh yeah. There are a few things uh to factor in uh. You know with the new administration you’re gon na get a lot of change and people investors. They focus on those pockets of change, so you’re going to see big spikes in certain sectors that become hot, like electrical vehicles, pot stocks. Those are the sectors where people are running into and out of and you’re seeing a lot of volume and volatility where you haven’t before historically the beginning of a president’s term. Uh is actually the worst year of the four years the president’s in office, uh we’re off to a good start, 10 new highs. Already in the s p 500 this year, that’s a positive um. The vaccine rollout seems to be moving well, stimulus could be coming, but there are some cautionary tales uh. You know the rates are rising a little faster than people anticipated and then their uh inflationary fears. When you see lumber making all time new highs. Uh gas prices are starting to rise if you’ve filled up your tank lately, food prices at the supermarket they’re rising too. So there are some cautionary tales, but overall uh with an accommodating fed and janet yellen is secretary treasury who tends to be dovish uh. There are some positive things coming out of the administration as well. Okay, so there’s definitely been a lot going on on capitol hill.

Recently um and now we have some hearings that are coming up as it relates to the activity in gamestop recently um. What do you think’s gon na come out of that yeah it’s gon na be great political, theater, uh, you’re gon na see people get up in front of uh. You know congress and they’ll get their sound bites and uh that’ll be fun to watch. But what are we going to learn? They’Re going to be two things that come out of it you’re going to look at uh the clearing issues that have been raised. You know it’s still t plus two two days to clear and settle trades that’s. Something that’s been in place for years and with technology with all the advancements you know, this should uh be something that could change and that could be a positive change and then um a lot of new investors into this market, and that is, i think, the greatest Thing to come out of it, but investor education is going to step to the forefront uh. You know you have these new investors, but do the tools exist to teach them the risks and the downsides of you know what goes on in this market uh. You know this last year, if you started investing in march, you don’t understand those risks. You don’t see the downside, so there’s going to be a lot more uh positives that could come out of this, but it will be the interesting political, theater that’s for sure all right, well, jay, woods, it’s, always great to talk with you.

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