Texas, Cameron Journaling for Connecting with Yourself, Your Divine Guidance, & Your Intuition

We finally thawed out a little bit uh. We had five days of snow on the ground, which is absolutely unheard of for our neck of the woods. So we are actually thawing out from the freeze and while there are a lot of people who still are under boiling oil alerts to boil their water before using and still some who don’t have electricity we’re on the mend, which is a good thing. And with that gratitude and looking at being mystical today, you know often i’m asked you know. How can i get in touch and better in touch with my intuition? How can i know that it’s there? How do i? How do i access it right and one of the best ways to access your intuition is by journaling? I know we’ve talked about meditating and mindfulness, and the great thing about journaling is that there’s, so many additional benefits right there’s, the great journaling can bring to you. Peace and freedom, it uh when you journal, you cannotice and witness the things that trigger you about yourself and other people, which is always helpful right, it’s, always good to know. Um there’s actually even been studies that it proves that um journaling expands your um, your iq right and out of the university i think of victoria. They prove that journaling expands your iq. It also expands your emotional intelligence right when we journal. We take a moment to focus in our present and if, for no other reason, that’s an amazing gift in itself right the thing about journaling is, i think, a lot of people think it’s, like oh it’s, the woo you know and journaling is where you really take Time to it’s a safe place where you can be honest and authentic and perhaps see blind spots or anger or unforgiveness that you hadn’t seen before you know the fact that it builds your compassion and your awareness of your emotions right.

It helps you be a more whole person and when we’re utilizing the stream of consciousness journaling, where you just you know, write whatever comes through um there’s, amazing, powerful images and messages you can receive from your divine support team and your ancestors. You know julia cameron talks about doing the morning pages. You know three pages stream of consciousness. Thinking i mean writing and just non stop, even if, like all you can write, is i don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to say when i first started my journey that’s, what i i started doing every morning and all this amazing guidance started coming through, and i knew it was me tapping into universal wisdom, but it was also me being in that allowing state you Know how often are we not in the presence of allowing in our life? Well, journaling will get you that right. So if you’re wondering how do i tap in or how do i, you know, have a conversation or i’ve lost my intuition, i don’t know where it’s gone. Oh me, oh, my oh it’s not gone anywhere. You you’re the one that stepped away, but always you know, go back to journaling it’s, a beautiful spot to be present to who you are and to develop, who you are right, um. The one thing that i really love about journaling is that it really shows me some of the spots where i’m afraid maybe spots to that i’m, not actually excited about expanding right.

We all have that right, there’s, also a psychologist and researcher out of the university of texas here in austin, and he did a study and said that when you journal it strengthens your immune cells and they did a study where um they took some journalers. They took a control group and a group of journalists and 70 percent 76 of the journal, people who journaled healed in 11 days from a procedure. You know from the same procedure right people had all the same procedure. The control group 58 had not healed, so it’s like if you’re wondering how to connect with yourself and you’re, wondering where is my divine guidance, pick up a pen, some paper, you know if you write by, if you journal by hand, it activates some very unique neural Pathways in your brain and has you learn quicker, so the haptic studies are in journaling’s a good thing check it out if you’re not try it out and if you’re, if you get stopped the other thing that journaling helps is self discipline so see. If you can do it regularly, like julia cameron, recommends right see if you can do it regularly and see what shows up well, that’s, our mystic monday. I hope you have a really great week and i hope that um, you pick up the journal in a pen and see yourself see you next week have a really beautiful week and stay open.

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