Texas, Cameron Piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron CELEBRATE their 9 month Anniversary of dating.

Ah there we go hey okay, so i totally just came by the house today because um well, i figured the hunter. Would let me in i’m gon na be honest. Thank you! Oh my god. Okay, i okay. So i woke up this morning trying to just mind my business watch. My little sports shows it’s also valentine’s day. I know i know, and so i have some stuff planned for the wife, but then i see the video you guys put out today and i’m like um. Well, this is the saddest thing i’ve ever seen: yeah um. How do you guys feel about the breakups, and i don’t like that – you guys prank this and made it. You guys, think you guys pranked me, but anyway, i’ll get back to that in a second okay. How do you guys feel about that? Yeah i mean we lost some people tonight, it’s really hard um to find out about all the breakouts. You know on valentine’s day for, like fans and stuff yeah, i think it’s a lot better now, because they can finally be happy and do their own thing and have their own relationships without having to be like, and i feel like having a like relationship with social Media is really hard. Oh it’s got to be harder right. You guys seem to deal with it pretty well. I feel like, though enough that i think it’s what is it like, an anniversary like seven months, not not anniversary, but nine months, nine months anniversary, i consider that an anniversary one year.

Okay, all right! Fine here, you’re gon na you’re gon na you’re gon na you’re gon na get me on the technicality like that. Sorry, all right, you’re, right, okay, fine! I stand corrected but nine months together to me in youth years, that’s like four years. Okay, so you guys did who who came to you and said like okay let’s go let’s go with simile um who came to you was like piper. I i want to do something else. I’M. Looking to i don’t, know they’ve kind of been thinking about this. Okay a longer time, and they really wanted to just go ahead and i don’t i don’t – i don’t think like especially specifically one person came up to piper. You know talked about amongst themselves right. I don’t think so. He wasn’t like that yeah i don’t think sort of emily just came up. You know i don’t know i figured that was my guess. I can see that i’m wrong you’ve been on me today. Live you have been on me today. Did i make you mad today? What’S the deal – okay, oh my god he is on me today. Come back. Come back! Come back! I really want you here. I really want you because you have an awesome. Um hat. Did you guys go shopping? Did i hear something about the shirt like a birthday? Yeah we didn’t go shopping too. Yes, yes, yesterday, okay, it was our nine months, not anniversary, though don’t say anniversary.

We know not to say anniversary, it was okay. So when we went shopping it was really cringy, because no people would ask if they’re like. Oh, oh, you got it, they were like. Oh, are you going shopping for valentine’s day and then five and then we would all be like oh he’s, like nine months, isn’t an anniversary? No, no! No! No! No! No! No it’s because it’s because it’s, because it’s so it’s i don’t, know it’s like weird because, like they’re probably like, why are they shopping for nine months? That’S? So great, not me, i think it’s great and i think, and then i was like shopping for valentine’s day. Okay, now do you think it would be awkward now that the there’s, the crutches have broken up or no? No, honestly, i think it’s good well, i was no. No honestly, though it’s a legit question i was like. Is it gon na, be i don’t know yeah it’s, just you know everyone’s a lot happier now they actually can, like you know, feel normal and know that the fans aren’t like i know a lot of fans are actually like really sad about it, that’s why they Were so scared to do it because they knew that they were going to bring so many of your guys, it’s hard are devastated for the people watching yeah or i don’t know, if it’s going to get reposted or not yeah i’m, not recording it for no reason.

If uh you’re like a real fan, actually you definitely would be much more happy if the people that you look look up to are happy yeah and i’m, just letting all of you guys know they are happy now and they will be. You know your happiness. Your happiness comes from your idols, amazing friends, right now, that’s well, yeah, i mean sure i agree. I agree with that. Um, okay, um, the song. Thank you. That was very that was very nice. Um wait. Can we plug some stuff? I like to plug stuff, when i talk to you, because i don’t know like normally i say like as many times as i can. Henry paparazzi gave me henry paparazzi gamer, okay, now that i’ve said that um, your song, my songs, yes and i’m – really really excited for everyone to hear it. I’M actually really really excited, because i have some special like or one special person coming to like for the premiere and i’m really oh that’s right. Do Music, Music with them and we’re gon na have an amazing, premiere and yeah okay, so yeah, because i you know, obviously i got to meet hyper raquel fan page 103. Last time i think i remembered it right yeah. My name is that’s right, heroic, smiley. Sorry what well, i think, i think, she’s something something 103.. I think i got that right. Yeah, her name is miley hi miley. By the way i um so okay um, we get to meet the new fan and hopefully i’m gon na get to like interview yeah totally that’s.

I mean yes totally, okay, why? Okay, sorry to be like frank, i don’t know that was really good. Now you can do voiceover work. We now know if they do yeah there. We go pets, three higher that’s, three. Yes, yes, hey there, you go um, okay, uh, so let’s, say merch new merch, uh right! Yes, new merch is coming new, merch, really really amazing. Okay, so we got merch, we got the song on the 26th uh. Yes, we got the fan coming um. There were some big breakups today and it wasn’t a prank. Now you know people were devastated. Yes, i know – and i really um i didn’t – want that for the people or for you guys for the people for the members. They are people, though i didn’t want you guys to be like upset or anything like that, but we needed to just like get it off of our chest, and you know no, not now that, like you know, everything is said and done. I feel like everyone’s a lot happier, i think so too, and and i actually i got to talk to like both other people and honestly, everybody seems happier and really at peace with each other um. I was going to say you got on the video though, and you guys pranked us, yes, that wasn’t cool. That was cool because i was devastated. Well, i didn’t know what was happening: i’m looking at the wife we’re, trying to figure out what’s going on i’m, like how did this happen? I didn’t even know watch the videos yeah well yeah.

I set my alarm. Actually, i really did because i normally don’t get up to like 12 o’clock frank. I felt bad for the people yeah the people, the people we they are people, they are people they’re, not aliens. Some of them could be aliens, you never know but i’m like hey. What planet mars or something but uh, you never know the world’s big and crazy um. Okay, i think i’ve bothered you guys enough. I’Ve probably said goodbye like five times it’s cold outside um. I had to come over like i said because i was devastated and then i was happy be part of the party. Well, i just have to be. You know. I know i love the squad. Y’All know it and so um also. I want to shout out, while i’m talking to you, piper’s galaxy runs my henry fan. Page. Oh, i know piper’s gal. Yes, she follows all of you guys in the piper. You already follow her actually yeah. You did for her. You said something to her earlier and i just wanted to say that i was gon na say hi to her on camera, because i told her i would – and here i did it man of my work, all right, guys, listen! Thank you! So much and uh i’ll heck i’ll, see you next time or when the song comes out. Yeah butterflies thanks for watching the paparazzi gamer make sure you turn on the notifications subscribe.

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